Hemp Seeds & benefits

Hemp is actually a high fibre seed which contains essential oils and amino acids with proteins that strengthen your immunity and removes the toxins from your body. There are nine essential amino acids which the body cannot produce and which must be taken from supplementary sources.

It contains –

  • Omega 6 to Omega 26 fatty acids that are beneficial for curing arthritis,
  • Diabetic neuropathy,
  • Allergies,
  • High blood pressure and various other ailments.

By extracting the seeds, you get Hemp oil (like flaxseed oil, sunflower oil) which can be used for various purposes such as cosmetics, soaps, paints etc.

Right now, textile industry is reaping huge profits than any other companies in the world. Due to the porous and durable nature, clothes made out of hemp fibres keep you cool in hot weathers and keeps you warm when the atmosphere outside is windy. The clothing material softens with regular use and still retains its durability.

Hemp Hearts Protein Supplement

Hemp or Cannabis is loaded with tons of proteins much like soy or other beans. Regular use of protein powder revitalizes your energy and helps you build up your muscle mass and strengthens your bones.

Go Vegan Hemp Seeds

Omega 6 to 26 are fatty acids found in meat. So for those who are vegan or on raw food diet, can have hemp oil or hemp milk which will provide you with the same amount of supplements you get from meat. Give it a try by crushing hemp seeds as a topping on your puddings/deserts. For more recipes, check our website.

Hemp Milk

A nutritious and tasty replacement or cow’s milk, Hemp milk bestows the body with vital nutrients without providing any harmful side effects. As it is made from blend of hemp seeds and water, the outcome is a beautiful creamy texture with delicious taste though some may define the taste as bit “nutty”. Unlike cow’s milk, hemp milk helps the body to digest easily without increasing your cholesterol level that usually happens by consuming dairy products.