Insinase is a nutritional supplement which is used for the regulation and support for the proper healthy function of insulin. Insinase is a tablet manufactured by Metagenics.

Metagenics Insinase – To Control Blood Sugar Level

The regulation of the blood glucose level in the body is very important for a healthy life. This is due to improper diet intake or lifestyle changes or may be due to the lack of insulin production. The body has a tendency to have excess glucose level which is even life-threatening. The body usually has enough insulin or can produce it to maintain the body blood glucose level. But in some cases, there will be difficulties in the body insulin production that lead to severe diabetes. In such situations, we need an additional supplement of insulin. But it is not at all a supplement for controlling blood glucose but it has the capability to modulate the healthy insulin and provide the proper function of the insulin.

Insinase from Metagenics is designed to support the healthy function of insulin in the body. This happens due to the components present in the Insinase called selective kinase modulators, RIAA and acacia. These have the capability to support the normal function of the insulin. Insinase is designed after conducting a lot of studies on more than 200 herbal extracts and their action on the insulin metabolism. it is designed by a group of experts which includes naturopathists, researchers, scientists, and pharmacists to develop a unique formula for proper insulin function. The development of the product is helpful for a healthy insulin function and blood sugar transport by modulating kinase signaling within the cells. it is a vegetarian and gluten free product. it features selective kinase response modulators which have been used to conduct studies in FMRC or functional medicine research center SM and it has helped to show an improvement in the action of insulin and lipid parameters.

Insinase from Metagenics is designed to support the healthy function of insulin in the body. It is 100% natural herbal supplement which provides a boost in healthy life. The Insinase has the capability of shutting down the resistance of insulin in the body.


Metagenics have conducted a lot of studies and research on the selective kinase response modulators or SKRMs which shows their power to modulate kinase signals in favor of good health. The product is designed and developed to modulate the kinase signaling within the cells which improves the insulin action and its proper function. This kinase signaling modulation also helps for a proper balanced blood sugar transport and metabolism. The Insinase features a balanced kinase signaling which has the capability to maintain healthy blood sugar level in the body and in the regulation of triglycerides. A lot of studies and researchers developed Insinase through ExpresSyn process. This ExpresSyn process is a method to improve the clinical performance of the nutritional supplements through a lot of clinical studies, researches, safety evaluations, the clinical research and study about that supplements in the human system. The intake of Insinase regularly has shown a lot of improvement in the proper function of insulin.

Indications For Using Metagenics Insinase

Anyone can take Insinase as it helps to boost the performance in insulin activity. it can be consumed by anyone who has no allergies to any ingredients in the product. It can provide a stable blood glucose level. It also helps the body to regulate the glucose level in the blood by boosting insulin. Avoid giving it to your children and to your pets.

Safety Of Metagenics Insinase

Insinase is designed and developed by a team of healthcare professionals including scientist, naturopaths, pharmacists, doctors, researchers etc. It is a blend of many natural contents which are produced with good care and perfection. Insinase has 3 certifications for their unique and best manufacturing practices which ensure high-quality products. The key ingredients are formulated by ExpresSyn process. This process provides a high efficacy, bioavailability and high level of safeness. This product from Metagenics has been constantly studied and reviewed clinically by FMRC. It’s always better to consume only after consulting a healthcare professional. It is better to avoid Insinase in those who take anticoagulant medicines.


Studies Conducted Clinically With Insinase

Scientists and doctors have conducted a lot of studies about the ingredients in Insinase. Clinically studies were conducted to study about the influence of insulin in adipocytes. They conducted studies on patients and found out a positive change on them. They conducted a long term clinical study on patients about the influence of Insinase in the body. Regular blood sugar and cholesterol levels were monitored during the clinical studies. The studies about Insinase clinically showed, the reduced TG/HDL – cholesterol ratio and maintained level of blood sugar level.

Insinase Ingredients

3 tablets of Insinase contain –

  • A proprietary blend of 540 mg of RIAA or reduced Iso –Alpha acids,
  • Acacia bark
  • Heartwood extract or acacia nilotica.

Other ingredients present in it are –

  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • sodium starch glycolate,
  • silica,
  • stearic acid,
  • croscarmellose sodium
  • coating (coating is deionized water, hypromellose, maltodextrin, polyethelene glycol and sodium copper chlorophyllin).

Insinase does not contain –

  • wheat,
  • gluten,
  • corn protein,
  • soy,
  • dairy products,
  • nuts,
  • tree nuts,
  • fish,
  • crustacean shellfish,
  • artificial sweeteners
  • preservatives.

Insinase is a gluten free product. Insinase is a vegetarian product. RIAA is one of the main botanical iingredients. Reduced iso alpha acids are extracted from hops. It is the flowers that provides beer. It has a very bitter flavor and has a hard pungent smell. It has a good reputation as a sedative, a digestive aid, an anti inflammatory and an antibiotic.

ACACIA is the second ingredient. It is available from a group of natural herbs, shrubs, and tree. They are mainly found in Australia, Africa and southern Asia. This is mainly used in the treatment of a toothache, diabetes, throat infection, gingivitis, skin diseases and colitis.

Both the ingredients act as selective kinase response modulators or SKRMs. it is a 100 percent natural product designed to act on kinases. Kinases are present in each of our cells. They act differently in each cell. These help in signal transporting, conductors etc and have a direct effect on each cell’s behavior. When there is good physiological and healthy atmosphere, these kinases act together in a web like fashion called as kinome. This will ensure a proper, normal and smooth functioning of each cell in our body. Any abnormal problems can result in this communication and result in many health problems. So we need these ingredients which are rich in Insinase to overcome the breakage of kinases. This provides a good result in the health aspects of a diabetic person by balancing the blood glucose level.


Uses Of Insinase

  • It helps to balance the blood glucose level in the body.
  • It boosts the activity of insulin.
  • helps in maintaining the triglyceride level.
  • Insulin helps to boost the body energy level

What Makes It Better

There are many products which support insulin action in the market. But other pancreatic supplements contain preservatives, artificial ingredients etc. But does not have such added ingredients. It is 100% natural herbal supplement which provides a boost in healthy life. It can be consumed without any serious side effects and any problems. It is manufactured after a lot of studies and researches. This makes it an outstanding health supplement in the market. The herbal formula has been developed by meeting all standards during manufacturing. The recent demand in online stores shows the importance of Insinase in the day to day life. The ingredients in this health supplement has been selected and developed by ExpresSyn process. This process ensures a perfect bioavailability of the drug, its quality and its activity. This method of production of Insinase will provide a perfect blend of its ingredients. This product is not intended to treat any disease completely. Do not replace any of your medications with Insinase without informing a doctor.

Mode Of Action Of Insinase

In diabetic patients or in case of metabolic syndrome, the kinase activity will get damaged. This kinase signaling is affected in the fat-storing cells or adipocytes. Adipocytes are the cells which are very important in blood glucose metabolism. It is so important that it is involved in glucose utilization and in insulin signaling.

The Insinase has the capability of shutting down the resistance of insulin in the body. This makes an improvement in the action of insulin and results in the balancing of blood glucose level.

The action on kinase was found out after a long study and research by a team of health experts including naturopaths, pharmacists, doctors, researchers, and scientists. We have known that insulin resistance occurs mainly in the obese people. High triglycerides or blood fats are seen as the first sign of insulin resistance. Patients who consume it have a decreased homeostatic model assessments scores which is a measure of insulin resistance and reduced blood triglyceride levels in the body.

The blend of RIAA and Acacia has shown a reduced triglyceride/HDL – cholesterol ratio. That is, the ratio of triglycerides and high-density lipoproteins and good cholesterol. The reduced fat will definitely provide a reduced blood sugar level. This combination is very helpful in many cases. The Metagenics has formulated Insinase after conducting studies on more than 200 natural substances and they found out the influence of insulin responses in adipocytes. This will provide the ability to inhibit inflammation causing NFkB or nuclear factor kappa B.


Dosage Of Insinase

It is advised to consume 3 tablets per day or as directed by the healthcare professional. The dosage should be determined only after consulting a healthcare professional.

Mode Of Administration

It is strictly advised to consume only orally. It is not at all advisable to consume it by any other method. One can swallow the Insinase tablets along with water. If people find difficulty in swallowing, powder the tablets and mix in water or with honey and consume it without storing it in diluted forms.


It is advised to store in a cool and dry place. Insinase bottle should be kept away from sunlight. It should be kept safe from the reach of children. Always keep the bottle safe without keeping it open.

Insinase – Can It Be Used Regularly?

Insinase is a 100 percent natural and herbal product. There are no known Insinase side effects due to consumption. It does not have any artificial ingredients. The Insinase is to be consumed regularly in recommended dose from a healthcare professional. The better result is achieved by regular consumption of the drug. It is always advised to consume only after consulting a healthcare professional.

Buying Insinase

Insinase can be bought from online stores as well as from retail medical stores. It’s always better to consult a healthcare professional before taking. It is readily available in

Offers For Purchasing Insinase

There are many offers available in online stores for purchasing Insinase. The offers differ in each online store. Always compare the rates before you buy Insinase. You can visit for more details .

Expiry Date Of Insinase

Each and every bottle is printed with an expiry date. If you are planning to take Insinase after a long duration from an old bottle- please ensure if the products are not expiry dated. After the expiry date, the better mode of disposal of the supplement is to return the medicine to a pharmacy. Do not flush or dump it in your waste bins.


Insinase – Usage

Insinase is always a supporter of good health. It boosts the activity of insulin in the body and helps us to control our blood glucose level and also the lipid level. But this alone, will not be enough. So we need some combination therapy along with for a better health.

It’s always advised to do exercises regularly. It boosts our energy level. It destroys so much fat and provides you a good mental health also. The diet is the other factor one should have in a control. It always better to avoid fat-rich diets, oily foods, spicy and fast foods. Include a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Take good food so as to provide a healthy nutrition to the body. Include green leafy vegetables in the diet every day. Have argula, kale, and spinach every day.

Include nuts in the diet. Nuts have a lot of ALA or alpha-linolenic acid which improves health. Eat blueberries, broccoli, and garlic in the diet which has a potential to improve pancreatic health.

Insinase Reviews – Good Or Bad By The Customers

Insinase has the best rating and review in the online stores. It is due to the efficiency and its low cost. The natural ingredients in the Insinase make it more favorable to many customers.

‘I have control over my blood sugar level. I have avoided my insulin pump now. Thank you Metagenics for this wonderful product’ – says Edwin

‘My friend suggested this product. I have a very good change in my body. My blood sugar level is in control now. I don’t have any prescription drugs now. I am so grateful to have a wonderful product like this’- says Paula K Rudwoski

“I can feel the difference now. I have been using Insinase for a year. I used to check out my blood sugar level regularly. I am a non-diabetic lady, but there is a chance for the blood glucose level to go high. Now the level is within normal range. It works great for me’ – says Teresa ruth.

‘My doctor advised me to take Insinase. I consumed it for 6 months. Its good’ –says Joe

Precautions While Using Insinase Metagenics

  • Do not store in unhygienic places.
  • Do not self-treat- starting and stopping should be only under a medical concern.
  • Always consult your health care professional for the dosage and duration for consuming.
  • Avoid the intake of excess dose. This can lead to serious problems. One should immediately visit a doctor in case of overdosage of Insinase. Do not wait for any symptoms or problems to occur.
  • If the symptoms worsen, than stop immediately and visit the doctor soon.
  • It is not recommended to use Insinase for your pets even if they show similar symptoms. In such cases visit a veterinary doctor.
  • Do not hand over this medicine to any other person. It can lead to serious problems as the systemic health and conditions vary from person to person.
  • Never give this medicine to children.
  • should be consumed regularly for better results. As this is a natural product it takes months to achieve good results.
  • One should not keep the bottle open and avoid the further use of such tablets.
  • People who take anticoagulant medication should avoid the use of this supplement.
  • It should be kept out of reach of children


How long one should use Insinase?

Insianse is designed by a team of health experts to provide a good insulin function. It’s always better to consume Insinase after consulting a healthcare professional. The duration of consuming can vary with individuals. As each person’s diabetic chart and body’s health conditions vary, the body requires the Insinase differently in different persons. The duration of consumption depends on many factors – especially your medical and systemical condition.

Who should consume Insinase?

Insinase is not an additional substitute for any medicine for diabetes or for insulin production. It is a support for the insulin function in the body. Insinase can be consumed even for people who have blood sugar level within normal range. It serves the ability for an improved insulin function. It can be an additional support in diabetic patients also. Insinase should be better consumed only after consulting a healthcare professional.

Why Insinase should be avoided in patients who take anticoagulant medicines?

It’s suggested to avoid in patients who consume anticoagulant medicine due to the blood thinning effect of the ingredients in Insinase. If those patients take Insinase, it will lead to increased blood flow and can lead to many health problems.

What will happen if there is excess blood sugar level in the body?

Sugar level should be within limits in the blood. If the blood glucose level increases it can lead to the altered body mechanisms and destruction of proteins in the body. This can lead to the destruction of many tissues and damage too many organs in the body.

Is it safe to have Insinase if I am consuming other medications?

There are no reported issues against Insinase consumption with other prescribed drugs. But the Insinase should be strictly consumed only after consulting a healthcare professional. Also check your body values regularly.

Does insianse have any harmful ingredients?

No, it does not have any harmful ingredients. It is a 100 percent natural, herbal health supplement. It does not have any harmful ingredients and artificial products. Insinase does not contain wheat, gluten, soy, yeast, dairy products, corn protein, nuts, tree nuts, fish, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives

Those who are gifted with complete health, take health for granted and one will be concerned about health only when certain unbearable symptoms are shown outside the body. However, a medicine or a supplement alone cannot help a person to be free of disease. A positive approach, patience, and trust are the three other elements that you need to have. Remember, Insinase is a herbal product. It requires time to bring changes in the body and to make the changes to be shown outside the body.