Intenzyme Forte

Biotics Research’s Intenzyme Forte is a special formulation that contains proteolytic enzymes‚ extracted from both animal and plant sources. These special enzymes help to improve hormone production‚ blood circulation‚ and digestion. In addition, it also helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and boost the immune system.

Our body needs enzymes to carry out even the basic functions. These are essential proteins required by the body to perform various functions such as digestion, chemical reactions, and others. There are special enzymes that help to treat serious conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Such enzymes are called proteolytic enzymes and are produced by our own body. At times when the body is unable to deliver the right amount of enzymes, we have to supply them internally. Biotics research has formulated Intenzyme forte for the same purpose.

There are special enzymes that help the body to digest complex food into absorbable nutrients. Similarly, many enzymes trigger chemical reactions in the cells, muscles and other organs. Enzymes are not only helpful in carrying out various bodily functions but also help in warding off many ailments. In this article, we will have a detailed look on Intenzyme forte that contains a special cluster of enzymes.

Intenzyme forte ingredients list

Key ingredients of Intenzyme forte listed one by one in detail


  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves digestive health
  • Prevents bloating, constipation and fatigue
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Supports healthy growth
  • This enzyme also to break down sugar, fats, and proteins


  • Powerful enzyme found in pineapples
  • Helps to break down proteins into smaller compounds called as amino acids
  • Fights against infections
  • Helps to prevent indigestion and constipation
  • Helps to heal injuries and stimulates tissue repairs
  • Prevents swelling and inflammation in the joints
  • Helps to detoxify the body
  • Protects the bone health


  • A common enzyme found in the tropical papaya fruit
  • Fights against infections
  • Natural remedy to treat inflammation
  • Helps to break down proteins into amino acids
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps to purify the blood
  • Fights against cancerous cells
  • Helps to heal wounds

Trypsin and Alpha-Chymotrypsin

  • Both enzymes are essential for the body to carry out various functions
  • Aid in digestive processes
  • Converts proteins into peptides and amino acids
  • Helps to reduce pain and swelling related to arthritis along with bromelain enzyme

Superoxide Dismutase

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  • One of the most powerful enzymes of the body
  • Prevents damage to the tissues
  • Helps to body to carry out chemical reactions
  • Fights against free radicals that cause cancer and cell damage
  • Prevents swelling and inflammation
  • Protects the nervous system by preventing damage

In addition to these enzymes Intenzyme Forte, contains other enzymes‚ such as catalase. This enzyme helps to produce DNA; and lipase ( aids in the breakdown of fats). This supplement also contains amylase‚ a fellow enzyme that helps to break down starches and other sugars during the digestive process.

Other ingredients include:

  • Stearic acid (vegetable source)‚
  • Cellulose‚
  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable source)
  • Food glaze.

Benefits of Intenzyme forte

  • Intenzyme forte is a wide spectrum nutritional supplement
  • Has an effect on a variety of physiological and biochemical processes
  • Controls and regulates the inflammatory processes
  • Supports protein metabolism pathways
  • Hormone processing
  • Aid in digestion
  • Prevent food sensitivities and allergies
  • Boost immune system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Has the capability to prevent excess mucous formation
  • Highly recommended by healthcare practitioners since 30 years
  • Safe, reliable and effective
  • From a trusted brand name” BIOTICS RESEARCH”
  • All natural ingredients

Nutritional and supplement facts of Intenzyme forte

Serving Size: 1 Tablet – Amount Per Serving / % DV

  • Pancreatin 4X (porcine) – 100 mg
  • Bromelain (from pineapple) – 50 mg
  • Papain (from papaya) – 50 mg
  • Lipase (porcine) – 10 mg
  • Amylase (porcine) – 10 mg
  • Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin (porcine) – 100 mg
  • Superoxide Dismutase (from vegetable culture) – 10 mcg
  • Catalase (from vegetable culture) – 10 mcg

Why use Intenzyme Forte™ from biotics research

Inflammation and its effects cause tremendous havoc on the body. According to research, experts claim that inflammation and its aftereffects can be related to the onset of various ailments. Most of the chronic health issues involve some level of inflammation and related markers. Inflammation is caused due to several factors such as physical wounds, wear and tear, diet patterns, environmental issues, genetics, and allergies. Many natural remedies and conventional drugs effectively treat inflammation. Ginger is one of the common remedies that comes to mind to treat inflammation naturally at home. However, sometimes we need something that works precisely and effectively. Intenzyme forte from biotics research is a potential remedy that contains special enzymes from both plants and animals.

The enzymes present in Intenzyme forte are effective in breaking down aberrant proteins that are often present when there is an inflammation in the body. The proteolytic enzymes in Intenzyme work effectively than any natural remedy. Proteolytic enzymes are an excellent and highly effective remedy that helps to cure systemic and localized inflammation. It also helps to prevent discomforts such as muscle soreness. Taking this supplement on an empty stomach is the best way to consume rather than with or after meals. If you consume along or after meals, then it will aid in your digestive process alone.

Customer reviews

Intenzyme forte has mixed reviews and most of them are highly positive. Many nutritionists and naturopaths recommend this product to their patients due to its highly effective nature. Most of them suggest that, this remedy works without any side effects and offers a wide spectrum of benefits to the body.

Intenzyme Forte has helped me with my chronic tightness – I am taking this supplement since few months and I feel a lot better. I feel like the pain and muscle soreness is no more to torment my life. I am a weight lifter and I always have this calf pain and cramping. This supplement has greatly eased my pain and I can move around freely. However, I have noticed that the results are consistent only if you take the supplements as per the dosage. The pills are small, flavorless, and easy to swallow.

I feel like systemic dosing is the best way to achieve highly positive results. When I take this product on an empty stomach, I feel better and get effective results. This product works great for GERD chest pain. I have had acid reflux issues and chest pain most of the times. My chiropractor recommended this product to me and since then I have found relief.

This is an excellent product recommended by my healthcare practitioner for helping with my fibromyalgia and swelling. This works every time and without any side effects. I recommend this product to everyone.

Dosage of Intenzyme forte

The recommended dosage is one tablet thrice a day when taken as a dietary supplement. You can also follow the dosages directed by your health care practitioners.

Side effects of Intenzyme forte

There are listed side effects on the manufactures website. For more queries regarding side effects, it is better to consult your healthcare provider. Most of the customers who used this product say that it does not cause any side effects and is easy on the body. Intenzyme forte is not an FDA evaluated product as it belongs to dietary supplement category. Moreover, this product intends to manage various conditions and does not promise to heal or cure any problem.

Is this product safe?

Intenzyme forte is a product from the most trusted dietary supplement manufacturer “Biotics Research”. They have a wide range of dietary supplements formulated and manufactured with highest quality and care. They have a specialized research and development team that creates innovative supplements, discovers clinical nutrition‚ and analyzing the benefits of new ingredients. Biotics Research make use if all natural ingredients and therefore all the products supplied by Biotics Research are effective and safe.

Precautions while taking Intenzyme forte

Keep this product out of reach of children and store this product in a cool dry place. Consult your doctor before starting any dietary or nutritional supplement. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, do consult with your doctor. If you are suffering from any chronic medical condition then have your doctors’ say.

How long will a bottle of Intenzyme forte last?

Each bottle of Intenzyme Forte by Biotics Research contains approximately 100 tablets. If you follow the recommended dosage correctly then the bottle should last for over a month.

Does Intenzyme forte work or is it just a scam?

Intenzyme forte works and this product have been on the markets for more than two decades. This is one of the best selling products of biotics research and many nutritionists vouch for this product. Intenzyme forte is one of the best supplements that contain actual enzymes. The list of enzymes includes pancreatin, bromelain, papain, lipase, amylase, trypsin and alpha chymotrypsin. These enzymes support numerous protein metabolism pathways and overall immune system. This product works by supporting a wide range of physiological and biochemical activities. Accoridng to customers and feedbacks this product works and has high ratings for its effectiveness.

Where to buy

Intenzyme forte is available with licensed healthcare practitioners and with online retailers. You can buy this supplement for discounted prices from It is also available at To crack best deals you can visit and get your bottle right away.


Intenzyme forte is one of the best dietary supplements that works effectively and comes at an affordable price. This product is worth buying, as it is the best choice recommended by healthcare experts.