Intesol is manufactured especially for those who are troubled with stomach related upsets.

This is manufactured with a comforting support to the intestinal track. This is mainly achieved by the powerful ingredients that are present in it. The manufactures including a group of expert doctors, pharmacists, and naturopaths have helped in the making of such a relieving product. This has helped many people who are suffering from gastro intestinal track diseases. The herbs were selected considering the relieving and calming effect.

Intesol has helped to deliver the right profound anti spasmodic and carminative benefits due to the presence of peppermint oil in it. The premium quality peppermint when added to the English lavender oil and chamomile will help in relaxing and relieving stress physically and mentally. This is manufactured with the right dose that is required for bringing in all the required changes in upset stomach. This is manufactured along with an enteric coating that will only act on the targeted system. This is designed such that it will give actions in lower intestine for the maximum benefits. These 60 softgel course of Intesol has reported less negative effects. It is manufactured with so much care such that it will benefit maximum number of people who trust it. Doctors even prescribe Intesol for those who were suffering from stomach upset before- in order to prevent the recurrence. This has helped many people to travel freely around the globe without worrying or stressing on stomach upsets. These supplements which have main ingredients like chamomile flower extract, lavender flower oil, sodium copper chlorophyllin and the pepper mint leaf oil has helped to relax the smooth muscles to provide relief from the occasional intestinal discomfort. As these all are natural supplements, the time taken for the results to show will take a longer period than usual medications.

Metagenics Intesol For Stomach Problems

Intesol is manufactured especially for those who are troubled with stomach related upsets. This supplement promotes relaxation. It has a great benefit in relieving the stress level.

A Note On Intesol- The Manufacturer – Metagenics

Intesol was manufactured by Metagenics which was founded in 1983. It was with immense hard work and after detailed study; each medication was introduced to the market. This has helped many people to get relief from many diseases. They have experience in this field for about 30 years. They have helped a whole lot of people to live a healthier and happy life. This is a perfect blend as it is made considering the present life style. Their research based medical foods has helped address each patient’s health needs and has also helped to gain the best health with least side effects. However, Metagenics has helped a lot of people world wide to such a level that it is regarded as one of the best professional brands.

The Ingredients That Are Present In Metagenics Intesol

The main ingredients that are present in Intesol are –


All the ingredients in were studied in detail and were selected as the components of this product from Metagenics.

  • CHAMOMILE FLOWER EXTRACT: The chamomile refers to a group of daisy like plants. Chamomile is basically an old age medicinal herb that has been used in Egypt, Rome and Greece since years. This herb has been a great benefit for asthma, fevers, colic, inflammations, nausea, and skin disease. The main healing elements that are present in this herbal plant contain volatile oils that include bisabolol, bisabolol oxides A and B. The main purpose of adding Chamomile flower extract is because it is a verified herb that has been used since centuries mainly for relaxing sleep aids, for treating cold, fevers, anti inflammatory disease and for stomach ailments. This plant also has the therapeutic activity like anti spasmodic, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti allergenic activity. This herb has been used to relieve morning sickness, speed healing of ulcers, reduce inflammation and help in facilitating the right bowel movements. This has been reported to be used for treating diverticular disease, various irritable bowel problems and gastro intestinal problems. It is also useful for treating Inflammatory Bowel condition like crohn’s disease. Apart from its intestinal benefits, it has a great impact in other systems and parts and has helps to recover from them.
  • PEPPERMINT LEAF OIL: Peppermint is otherwise called as menthe piperits which is a herb that has refreshing odor and flavor and has a cooling sensation. A detail research has shown that peppermint is toxic to some harmful organisms and the action is more than expected. These have been a great benefit especially for fungal diseases. Further studies have proved that peppermint has the ability to improve the function of liver, by increasing the flow of bile. It has also reported decreased cholesterol level and has always provided the refreshing feel in one’s body. The main reason for selecting peppermint oil is because it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium and fiber. This additional supplement of the essential minerals and vitamins has helped in curing many diseases.
  • ENGLISH LAVENDER FLOWER OIL: This plant is scientifically named as Lavandula Angustifolia whichemits which has a pleasant aroma. It is basically the flower and its oil that are used to make the medicines. In case of Intesol, it is the oil that is used to create the blend. The main areas where lavender oil is been used is for restlessness, nervousness, insomnia and depression. It has also been used widely for treating many intestinal and digestive problems – abdominal swelling, bloating, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, flatulence and stomach upset. The basic mode of action is that it has a sedating effects that helps to relax the muscles. So in case of Intesol, the main purpose is relaxing the intestinal muscles and to create a better flow. English lavender oil that was added to it has helped in creating the supplement better in action and in supporting the intestinal system in the right health required.
  • SODIUM COPPER CHLOROPHYLLIN: This is basically a green to black powder which is prepared by combining the chlorophyll by saponification process and by replacing the magnesium with copper. The chlorophyll that is present is used basically to control the body fecal and urine odor. It is been used widely for treating the constipation and gas- bloating and flatulence. Several studies have been conducted to rule out the exact mechanism of action. The control of constipation has mainly benefited older people. However- though it is natural, its use has not been recommended during pregnancy and during breast feeding. It has added the appropriate recommended amount of sodium copper chlorophyllin in it. Sodium copper chlorophyllin when combined with the other ingredients of Intesol has helped in better action in the intestine so as to restore the functioning.

The other ingredients that are present in Intesol supplement are –

  • Gelatin,
  • Rice bran oil,
  • Glycerin,
  • Purified water,
  • Silica
  • Enteric coating (methacrylic acid copolymer, polyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80 and sodium lauryl sulfate).

Note – It is completely free of harmful ingredients and are gluten free and chemical free.

Though all the ingredients that are added to create Intesol are natural, it doesn’t signify that it will be completely safe always. The safety dose will change from person to person. However, a prior visit to a doctor is the best move you should do before in taking the medication or any products that is new to your body.

Good Or Bad? Reviews Of Intesol- By Customers

“This supplement was recommended by my doctor to me. I have been using it along with other metagenic products under the inspection of my doctor. I have been suffering from digestion problems for the past 13 years and two months of use of Intesol has changed my life. Though I don’t know the mechanism of action of Intesol, it worked good for me than any other drugs”- Afande from Oman

Cautionary Notes While Having Intesol

  • Do not use, expiry dated Intesol
  • This product is not meant for treating any disease completely
  • Do not recommend the product to a third person directly.
  • Though you wish to recommend, do mention specially that it should be consumed only after consulting a physician
  • Do not start or stop the medication without a doctor’s advice.
  • If you are already under medication for intestinal trouble, do not add Intesol along with other medication without a health care professional’s concern.
  • Do not keep the bottle open for a long period of time

Treatment With Intesol

Intesol is a supplement with mostly natural products. Treatment with it has brought a significant change for a person who has used it. These entericoated tablets support the gastro intestinal tract. The herbs that are used have been antispasmodic and will also provide carminative effects to your body. This supplement promotes relaxation. It is been a great benefit in relieving the stress level. This also supports a healthy colonic motility. These have been a great benefit to relieve the problems and the symptoms related to IBS. These have been a great relief for hyper motility issues.

Importance Of Having Intesol

Stomach upset can be a very pathetic and dangerous condition. It can indirectly affect your mental and physical strength at the same time. If you are regularly having stomach related problems for a long period, you have to get it treated as soon as possible. It will surely help you to bring changes to your stomach and intestine related problems.

A Safer Step

In this present life style, there are many diseases that can occur at anytime. It may not be serious ones always, but it can affect one in 100 people. So, before having a drug or a medication, it would be better to find out if it’s safe for your body to have it. This can be ruled out only by your doctor. So consulting a doctor before having a supplement or medication is a safer move that you can do to your body.


Intesol is a soft gel which has to be taken orally. No other form of administration is encouraged.

Dosage Of Intesol

One soft gel of Intesol should be taken three times daily before meals. These are entericoated- hence should be taken before food.

Benefit Of Having Intesol

If you are troubles with intestinal problems Intesol will surely bring a change to your present conditions in a better way. Stomach and our brains are connected directly. So when all your intestinal problems are solved, the stress level in your brains will be reduced and it gives a stress free life.

Purchasing Intesol Online

There are many online stores that promote the marketing of Intesol. You can purchase it through,

Your Order For Intesol: If you are planning to order Intesol- one bottle of it will contain 60 soft gels.

Storage Of Intesol

It should be in a safe shelf – preferably a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Keep it in an accessible height of the patient- not in lower levels so as to avoid consumption by pets and kids. In such accidental consumption- do seek a medical emergency.

Missing A Dose Of Intesol

If you miss a dose of Intesol, you can have it the same moment you remember if it’s not time for the next dose. If it’s already time for the next dose- do not double the dose and have it together. If you have missed a dose of it less than two hours, then take the dose and have a four hrs gap for the next dose. If the missed dose is more than 2 hrs then ignore it and have the next recommended dose. Do not take more than the recommended dose in a day.

Overdose Of Intesol

If you accidently consume a double dose at a time, it would be better to visit the doctor and rule out if everything is fine. Do not wait for any sign or symptom to show. In such cases, it may not be helpful for you always.

Adverse Reactions For Intesol

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness are the common adverse reactions of Intesol. However the ratio of people who have reported with adverse effect is less.

Possible Interactions Of Intesol With Other Drugs

There isn’t any severe interaction reported. However, do not consume it along with emetic drugs. Avoid alcohol while consuming Intesol.

Intesol- After The Expiry Date

After expiry date- a supplement like Intesol does not promise any action or safety for you. There are many people around the globe who store many unwanted medicine at home and use it only when required. This has more chance for the medicine to be expiry dated ones. You will be in a safe track if you dispose it in the right method.

Disposal Of Intesol That You No Longer Need Or Are Expired

Though the left out Intesol is no more useful for you, a carefree attitude should be avoided while disposing of the products and the contents. Throwing Intesol into the track should be avoided. Do not flush it in the toilet. It is indirectly affecting your health, unknowingly. The best solution is to return the medicine or the expiry dated supplements to a pharmacist or to a hospital.

Availabilty Worldwide- International

If the availability of the product is not possible in your nearby stores- you can place an order through online websites that will help you in supplying the product.

Intesol – During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

Most of the medications are not suited during Pregnancy and breast feeding period. Since it is a period where two lives are at play at the same time, it would be better to avoid supplements or medications during such crucial period.

The Natural Methods That Can Be Used Along With Intesol

More than medications or supplements, there are a number of natural methods that can be adopted to benefit easily and cure stomach troubles.

Having Hot water will help a lot in reliving intestinal troubles.

Ginger which is a natural product, is another natural method that can be used along with Intesol

Lime water aids in indigestion problems.

If you wish to have a permanent solution practicing certain yoga asnas will surely bring in a change.

Intesol FAQ

Are the ingredients of Intesol present naturally in our body?

No, the chamomile Flower Extract, peppermint leaf oil, English lavender Flower Oil, sodium Copper Chlorophyllin are not present naturally in our body.

How will I know if my body requires the help of Intesol?

If you are frequently prone to have upset stomach and in intestines, or if you are frequently troubled by indigestion problems- bloating, constipation, diarrhea- administering Intesol will give a great difference in the intestinal processes.

Is it safe for everybody to have Intesol?

Natural products are reported to be safe for most of the people. However, a small percent are left behind who are against the safety of natural products. For those who are allergic to the ingredients of Intesol, safety cannot be promised for them.

Can children take intesol?

Doctors do prescribe Intesol, but it should be consumed only after a doctor’s concern. The dosage and the frequency of administering Intesol will differ according to the child’s age, weight, height and other systemic conditions.

When will I notice a change in my body after using Intesol and how long should we use Intesol?

The result of using Intesol, especially when it’s a natural product will require a lot of time to show the result. However, a three months’ course has helped many of them to see improvement in their conditions. To stop and start a medication, a professional health care provider’s consultation is a must as they can judge how long the help of Intesol is required in your body.

How long will one bottle of Intesol last?

One bottle of Intesol will last for 4 weeks.

Is it safe to have Intesol if I am taking other medication(s)?

As the ingredients are completely natural and have not reported any side effects, one can have Intesol, as the interaction with the other drugs are not reported much. However, the studies are still going on regarding these subjects. But one has to realize the fact that the ingredients though natural can be a cause of allergic reaction to a few people.

Will I get addicted to Intesol if I use it for a longer period of time?

Intesol is a natural blend of ingredients that are used for stomach and intestine related diseases. It is totally free of ingredients that will leave an addictive affect in those who are using it for a longer period of time.

What should I do if I think I have been injured as a result of using Intesol?

If you or your friends or relatives have experienced any sort of unusual symptoms or has shown any dangerous signs or symptoms while using Intesol, you should immediately contact your nearby certified doctor and take any immediate treatments required.

Who Should Avoid Taking Intesol?

If you are already under treatment with different groups of drugs, do not replace those drugs with Intesol. To add on additional benefits, do not add intesol with your drugs that has been prescribed for your stomach and intestinal troubles. Do take a doctors concern while replacing your drugs or while having any drugs along with the prescribed medications. If you are reported allergic to any of the ingredients that are present in intesol- avoid it totally.

Can Intesol used for any non medical uses?

No, Intesol is only used for medical purposes. However some of the the ingredient that has the quality of aromas has been used widely in soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and for decorations. Do not attempt to use Intesol for any non medical purposes.


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