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iReliev Tens & Ems Portable Muscle Stimulator – Et-7070 Strength & Recovery Reviews

iReliev ET-7070 – Portable Muscle Stimulator

Meet iReliev TENS and EMS portable muscle stimulator ET-7070 that is a state-of-the-art device designed for beat pain and improve muscle performance. This complete guide covers everything that you need to know about iReliev ET-7070 iReliev strength & recovery tens & ems system – features, functionalities, reviews and so on.

About iReliev ET-7070

Injury is inevitable. No matter how careful we are, life always surprises us. So let’s be prepared for the unexpected. Athletes and performers are always under lot of pressure. They have to stay fit and active at all times. The strong minds at times have to go through unpredictable muscle ache or pain in the nerves. This can disrupt their entire routine putting a halt to their performance.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical nerve Stimulation and EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation.

iReliev Tens & Ems Portable Muscle Stimulator

The iReliev TENS & EMS portable muscle stimulator is an innovative way of cutting down any muscle stress easily. It features therapy modes that massage away painful areas and assist in delivering excellent relief. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical nerve Stimulation and EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation.

The iReliev TENS & EMS portable muscle stimulator is an innovative way of cutting down any muscle stress easily. It features therapy modes that massage away painful areas and assist in delivering excellent relief.

iReliev® strength & recovery dual channel TENS & EMS improves the muscle performance while cutting out pain from your body.

The main job of TENS is to chuck out any pain while EMS boosts the muscle vitality. Prescribed by doctors and used by physical therapists, iReliev ET-7070 comes with 14 pre-programmed therapy modes making it a versatile unit to use.

Features Of iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit – iReliev pads

As we age, so does the muscles. Muscle degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis etc. are few of the health conditions seen in elderly people. iReliev pads is one of the best products that can actually help in improving such health conditions. Though healthy lifestyle and medications are part of such health issues, iReliev TENS & EMS Portable muscle stimulator can benefit people dealing with arthritic pain.

The iReliev pain management system comes with default programmed modes that trigger massage like pulses in the affected area. With muscle contraction and relaxation techniques, the circulation of blood improves. It blocks the pain receptors and releases the endorphins that are natural pain reliever.

Prominent Features Include

  • Innovative unit designed for elderly and athletes
  • Versatile product that delivers safe and effective massage sensation in the affected area
  • iReliev pain relief system improves blood flow that relieves pain and improves performance
  • Strengthens the muscles and speeds up recovery from any sprain
  • iReliev comes with 14 day return policy
  • Different performance modes
  • Adjustable intense levels
  • FREE shipping to any location in USA
  • Absolutely portable and fits any part of your body easily

The iReliev ET-7070 iReliev strength & recovery tens & ems system comes with 7 TENS modules and 1 arthritis TENS mode. It also has 6 ems muscle performance modes. The dual channel versatility and 25 levels of intensity is a fantastic feature. It helps you to adjust the intensity independently. For instance, if your left leg and right leg need different intensity based on the pain, all you have to do is set adjust the intensity output.

The timer offers you 5-60 minutes of therapy. You have the liberty to choose between 12 preset times based on your daily routine. It is lightweight and quite easy to carry anywhere. Use whenever and where ever you want. You might be watching TV or doing your daily chores. Simply wear it on your waistband with the clip and holster provided with iReliev® dual channel tens unit.

With the size of your credit card (3.5” x 2”), iReliev et-7070 pads can easily fit to your pocket making it easy to carry it anywhere.

How Does iReliev TENS & EMS Actually Work?

iReliev pads comes with TENS and EMS modes with TENS P8 especially designed for arthritic people. They trigger impulsive massages on the affected area (mostly the knee area) to provide relief from chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Different modes of iReliev tens have specific functionalities. You will be provided with iReliev TENS and EMS manual with the system.

For instance,

  • P1 TENS MODE – is designed for chronic pain. The continuous tingling therapy blocks the pain receptors and gives optimum relief.
  • P2 TENS MODE – is specifically designed for people having acute pain. It relieves muscle twitching or spasms by trigger comfortable level of pulsing sensation in the affected area.
  • P1 EMS MODE – gives a warm up to the muscles prior to your exercise. The rhythmic massage automatically increases the intensity to a strong one. However it is comfy enough to assist in healthy muscle movement. The time is already preset to 10 min a session.

You have the option to choose between 2-4 small electrode pads or go with 1-2 large iReliev pads. This type of iReliev ET-7070 TENS + EMS unit is called as dual channel. It gives you tremendous flexibility in a sole unit. The product is FDA cleared for its effectiveness and safety.

With the high quality batteries you will get approximately 15 hours of use before calling for replacement. 15 hours out of batteries means you will be getting 30×30 minute of sessions. The LCD clearly indicates the battery symbol so you can see when you are running out of juice.

How To Use iReliev Tens Pads?

You might be slamming the keyboard at office or taking a morning stroll but if you want to keep up with your muscle strength, iReliev tens pads will work great for you.

  • Open the battery compartment and insert the 3 AAA batteries provided. Close it.
  • Connect one or two lead wire cables in the respective channels.
  • Connect the cables to the respective pads. You can choose between 2-4 small pads or 1-2 large pads.
  • Remove the electrode film from the iReliev electrode pads. Place the electrode pad on your skin.
  • Turn on the device by pressing the ON button.
  • Choose the mode and select the time.
  • Press select mode to choose between TENS and EMS.
  • Select mode until the mode flashes.
  • Select the channel to regulate intensity Press ON/+ to increase and OFF/- to decrease the intensity
  • If you want to enable/disable auto-lock feature, press ON and OFF keys simultaneously.
  • The device turns off automatically after the therapy session is done.

If the intensity does not increase, make sure that the electrode pads are placed properly in the body.

iReliev Pain Relief Products

ET-7070 TENS + EMS Combo Muscle Stimulator is one of the prominent products by iReliev. But there are other products as well that deliver excellent relief from pain and improve muscle strength.

TENS Back Pain Relief System

A wrong mattress or a bad position in office chair can trigger back pain. Get rid of lumbar or low back pain by electronically stimulating the muscles. This TENS device comes with built-in electrodes that trigger electrical impulses that are absolutely harmless.

Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System

You might be travelling or a homemaker. But unexpected pain in your body can disrupt your entire day. With 2” x 2” electrode pads, this is one powerful system from iReliev that can be placed in your waistbelt. This unit comes with clip-ons that can be hooked in your pocket or belt. The intense impulses block pain receptors and alleviate pain in any body areas.

Mini Wireless TENS Pain relief patch

This wireless TENS technology is simple as it sounds. It does not need any prescription to order. This system is absolutely drug free. It contains tiny electrodes that can be virtually used anywhere anytime. A hands-free product, it does not come with any lurking wires. Simply snap the electrode film and attach the pad to the painful area. Period!!!

iReliev conductive back wrap

It comes with soft compression for those who are dealing with severe back pain. Prolonged hours of sitting can disrupt your spinal alignment not to mention lead to back ache. Looks like a waist belt, the iReliev conductive back wrap is simple to use. Before use, make sure to wet the integrated silicon electrodes with water. Wrap it around your painful area for utmost spinal pain relief.

Other sections of iReliev carries replacements, refills and spares that you might need over prolonged use of iReliev products.

iReliev vs Purepulse – Which Is Better

iReliev and Purepulse basically carry the same features with only slight modifications here and there. While Purepulse has 8 TENS modes, iReliev has 7 modes. The intensity level, electrode pads, batteries are basically the same.

The greatest strength of Purepulse is its warranty period of three years. iReliev, on the other hand provides only one year warranty.

Purepulse also has a good fan following and has been given 4.7 out of 5 star ratings from users in amazon. This does not mean that iReliev is of lesser quality in anyway.

Both the products have been loved by consumers equally. It’s all about one’s own comfort zone and the results that the brands deliver.

ET-7070 iReliev Strength & Recovery TENS & EMS System Reviews

iReliev TENS & EMS Portable Muscle Stimulator ET-7070 reviews are excellent. Many people have loved the product and given it a thumbs up. Users who were dealing with neck/lower back pain have found ET-7070 very much effective.

It helps in building the muscles which is loved by many fitness freaks. ET-7070 iReliev TENS & EMS portable muscle stimulator provides good relief from muscle spasms, minor fractures etc.

Many therapists recommended iReliev ET-7070, says iReliev TENS EMS reviews. The iReliev TENS UNIT is a great product and many families are using it for few more than a year now.

The con side

A small portion of users claim in their ET-7070 iReliev TENS reviews that it does not perfom well. Even after high setting, the electrodes barely gave much needed intensity.

The best TENS massager unit from iRelive has got 4.6 out of 5 star ratings from amazon users. Now, that’s a pretty good rating when it comes to electronic health devices.

To sum it up, the positive experience of users are much more available than the negative ones. If I had to quote a down side, I have to say that the AAA batteries run out quite quickly if you are using it regularly. This might call for additional expense as you need to shell out couple of moolahs for batteries every time the unit runs out of juice.

iReliev ET-7070 Strength And Recovery Warranty & Returns

iReliv ET-7070 strength and recovery comes with 14 day trial period. The company offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in US. During these two week trial, if you feel uncomfortable, return them within 14 days from the date of purchase. You will be reimbursed with a refund.

iReliev comes with one year Manufacturers Direct Warranty period for replacement or repair.

iReliev TENS & EMS Portable Muscle Stimulator coupon codes

You can find iReliev TENS & EMS Portable Muscle Stimulator discount/promo codes in various online websites. Make sure to punch in the code before proceeding to checkout. It will help you get a good discount on the product you are choosing. Stay updated and vigilant about certain coupon codes. Make sure to check the expiry date before using the iReliev coupon codes.

iReliev ET-7070 Back Pain Relief System Warnings

All the products of iReliev are to be used only after consulting a medical practitioner. If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, DO NOT USE iReliev.

People who are having pace make, defibrillator or any implanted electronic device should NOT USE iReliev.

The device should NOT be used before or after applying topical pain gels or creams as well. This is because such creams might damage the electrode and prevent it from performing optimally.

iReliev ET-7070 Strength And Recovery FAQs

Where can I find iReliev replacement TENS pads?

iReliev TENS pads are available at the official website at an affordable price.

Is iReliev available in costco?

Yes, iReliev Strength & Recovery Dual Channel TENS & EMS is available at

Where can I find iReliev manual / instructions?

The instruction iReliev manual of respective iReliev products are available online and are included with the product.

Is iReliev TENS muscle stimulator available OTC?

Yes, iReliev TENS Muscle stimulator can be purchased over-the-counter.


Final verdict, iReliev is a great product if you are looking to boost your muscle strength whilst cutting out impromptu spasms and pain in the body. The price falls within the budget. However, the AAA battery replacement might be a pain if you are using it everyday. The reviews are very much satisfactory making it a genuine product to rely on.

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