Iron Chelate

Health is wealth. If you are looking for an overall well being surely Prothera’s Iron Chelate Is your choice.

Introduction On Iron Chelate

This is a perfect Iron supplement which helps to maintain a healthy body. For every need of Iron supplement one can trust on prothera’s Iron Chelate. Along with the Iron Chelate one can also have a regular diet to improve the health conditions. It is manufactured after a lot of studies and research by a group of experts from prothera including scientists, physicians, naturopathIsts, pharmacologists etc.

Importance Of Iron Chelate In The Body

Iron is an unavoidable element which is always needed in a balanced amount in the body. The alteration in the iron level can result in many problems which at times are not shown all of a sudden. The necessity of balanced Iron content in the body is high. Iron is found in hemoglobin which is the main element in red blood cells. This is responsible for carrying oxygen from lungs to all the cells in the body. The decreased iron content can lead to trouble in carrying oxygen or oxygen binding which can result in severe damage to the cells. It can even lead to chronic diseases in the body and also results in anemia. These problems can be overcome by regular use of this Iron Supplement.

Iron is also essential in the body in creating energy. It is involved in the production of ATP or adenosine trIphosphate. This adenosine triphosphate is responsible for providing energy to the cells. So this Iron supplement from ProThera will avoid minor fatigues in the body.

ProThera Iron Chelate – For Maintaining Iron Levels

Iron Chelate is very good for maintaining your iron levels in the body. The consumption of iron rich ProThera’s Iron Chelate Is helpful in providing healthy hair follicles, skin and nails.

The deficiency of Iron can lead to many health issues like loss of hair, skin damages, nail diseases etc. So the consumption of iron rich ProThera’s Iron Chelate Is helpful in providing healthy hair follicles, skin and nails.

Iron is available in many forms. Some forms are easily absorbed some are not. For this, ProThera has manufactured Iron Chelate after a lot of study and researches. So they have made this Iron Supplement in the form of ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelate. This is an amino acid chelate which is an easier way to absorb than any other forms of Iron. Each ProThera Iron Chelate supplies 30 mg of potential Iron.

Iron is needed for many vital functions in the body. Iron is a part of many proteins which are essential for our body. Body’s iron is mainly found in hemoglobin about 65 to 80 percent. MyoglobIn which is the vital part of muscles needs iron to transport oxygen to the muscular cells. Usually iron is stored in excess in the body. When there is a lack of iron in the body it is taken from the reserve and utilized. This depletion of Iron from the reserve can end up in many health issues like iron deficiency anemia, fatigue etc.

Ingredients In Iron Chelate

1 bottle contains about 100 capsules of Iron Chelate. 1 capsule contains about 30 mg of Iron. Iron is present as ferrocheal ferrous bisglycInate chelate.

Other Ingredients present in the ProThera’s Iron Chelate are –

  • Cellulose,
  • Vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water),
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide.

Note –

  • This Iron Supplement is wheat free,
  • Diary or milk free,
  • Gluten free,
  • Soy free,
  • Yeast free,
  • Preservative free,
  • Corn free,
  • Free of artificial colors
  • Flavors,
  • Egg free,
  • Shellfish free.

ProThera has designed this Iron Supplement after a lot of studies and research on the iron absorption and the easiest way of absorption. The study and research lead to the add on an Ingredient- amino acid chelate which has a high amount of absorption to the body. Thus Iron Chelate is supplemented as ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelate. This is the highest absorbable iron available as a supplement. This makes the Iron Chelate one of the most preferred health supplement in the market.

A Note On The Manufacturer Of Iron Chelate

Iron Chelate is manufactured by the company called ProThera. ProThera is the leading health supplement manufacturer in the US. This is so due to their innovation, creative ideas, strict and firm scientific foundation and sound medical research. The ProThera health care expert has specialized in the formula and has always led to the compensation of the iron deficiency in the body without creating much of trouble in the body.

Prothera is a registered health supplement manufacturer with GMP 9000 registered facility certified by NSF International. The detailed researches on various chemical compounds have been going on by the ProThera so as to bring out the best health supplements to the needed.

Certification Of Iron Chelate

Prothera manufactures Iron chealte with GMP 9000 registered facility certified by NSF International.

Importance Of Having Iron Chelate

Iron Chelate is very good for maintaining your iron levels in the body. There are many forms of this Iron supplement available. But the best among this is Iron Chelate which have most range of absorption. Prothera introduced Iron Chelate in the form of bio available Albion chelate. This Iron Supplement is manufactured by a group of health experts Including scientists, naturopathIsts, health care experts, pharmacists and researchers after conducting many studies. They have prepared this Iron supplement through a special process in which the iron binds with the amino acid called glycine and this bonds completely to form Iron bis-glycinate. This is the most absorbable form of iron present. It supplies 30 mg of elemental iron amino acid chelate. The iron present In the Iron Chelate capsules of prothera is the most absorbable one available in the medical stores. Iron is present in each capsule as ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelae. The process of making this Iron supplement is unique and this special process has successfully registered the Iron supplement from prothera called Iron Chelate. People who have reduced amount of iron level in the body will be more benefited with this product.

Most of the people who have iron deficiency problems including antiqueness, anemia etc can be controlled by this Iron supplement. The regular Intake of this Iron supplement has shown much better results and improved body conditions. Women are more likely to have reduced iron levels in the body. There are even some systemic conditions in which body will have reduced iron levels. These can lead to many serious health hazards. Iron Chelate capsules are not a substitute to any other medicines or a treatment option for any diseases. It improves the systemic conditions and improves the iron level in the body. It also helps in increasing adenosine triphosphate levels. This will provide energy to our body for every metabolism and system functions.

Treatment With Iron Chelate

Iron Chelate is not at all a substitute for any medicines, or for any systemic treatments. It is a health supplement that is very important and necessary in day to day life. People who have Iron deficiency and related disorders can consume this Iron supplement. Regular consumption of this Iron supplement can have a good change in the body. People should consume this Iron supplement only after a consultation with their health care practitioner.

A Safer Step- Appoinment With Healthcare Professional Before Using Iron Chelate

It’s strictly advised to consume Iron Chelate capsules only after consulting a health care professional. If the body has enough Iron, then the excess is stored. This stored iron is reused when there is decreased consumption of iron through diet. In such situations the body requires this Iron supplement. But if one takes excess amount of iron, it can lead to toxicity which is will result in serious health hazards. So the intake of this Iron supplement must be done with utmost care. Your health care professional will determine the dose and duration of the drug intake. Do not self medicate in any conditions. Always have an appointment with your doctor and have a discussion about the changes and improvement in the body after taking this Iron supplement capsules.

Dosage Of Iron Chelate

Dosage and duration of consumption of Iron Chelate should only be determined after consulting a health care professional. The manufacturer advises to consume 1 capsule of this Iron supplement with food. Dosage may be altered by your health care professional in some systemic conditions or during pregnancy. One should never alter the dose which is advised by your health care professional.

Your Order For Iron Chelate

One can readily buy Iron Chelate bottles from One can specify the amount of capsules needed and specifying the nearby location of delivery makes it easy for purchase.

Storage Of Iron Chelate

Always store the Iron Chelate capsules in a dry and cool place. Keep the bottles away from reach of children. Do not keep the bottles open. Keep the this Iron supplement bottles away from direct sunlight.

Missing A Dose Of Iron Chelate

If you missed a dose, check for the time of consumption for the next dose, if the time duration has already crossed 2 hrs, then skip the missed dose and have the next regular one. If it’s not too late to have the next dose, you can have the missed dose right away. Try to have the capsules in the right time and with less number of missed doses so as to have the right effect of Iron Chelate Capsules. Have it in the right dose at the right time on each recommended day.

Overdose Of Iron Chelate

It’s always better to consult a health care professional immediately in case of overdose with Iron Chelate capsules. Do not wait for any symptoms or conditions to worsen in case of overdose with this Iron supplement. Try your maximum to keep away from children. Children who accidentally consume this Iron supplement have been reported. To avoid such incidence, try to store in a safe shelf- away from reach of children.

 After The Expiry Date

Avoid the use of Iron Chelate after expiry date. The guarantee of the use of the product, effectiveness or the safety behind this Iron supplement is not recommended. If you are already delivered with expiry dated Iron Chelate- It would be better to return them to the place of purchase of this Iron supplement.

Disposal Of Iron Chelate That You No Longer Need Or Are Expired

Importance should not be given only for consumption; disposal too is an important issue. Avoid throwing of the medication to the trash- this can leave a chance for your pet or young children to consume. And on the other side, the trash is more likely to be taken to a landfill which can lead to environment pollution which can indirectly affect the environment balance and your health. Do not flush the unwanted medication in the closet or in the sink. The best opted method for disposing the unwanted medicine is to return the medicine to the pharmacy or to your physician.

Iron Chelate – During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

It’s always better to avoid the consumption of Iron Chelate capsules during the pregnancy and breast feeding. Even though there are no known adverse reactions reported or studies it is always better to be safe by avoiding this Iron supplement tablets. Always consult your health care practitioner or gynecologist before consuming this Iron supplement tablets.

The Natural Methods That Can Be Used Along With Iron Chelate

One can have many natural methods to improve the iron content in the body. About 30 percent of the total population are affected by iron deficient anemia. There are many food sources with sufficient Iron content. Chicken liver, and red meat has the highest amount of iron content. Other rich sources of Iron are boiled lentils, braised beef chuck roast, pork, turkey, seafood, beans, spinach, eggs, tofu, raisins, fortified cereals and whole grains.

Always try to consume natural home iron. The other type is non home Iron. Hemet Iron is animal derived and non home Iron is plant based source of Iron. Consuming non home Iron along with home Iron can improve the absorption of Iron into the body.

Always avoid consuming foods in excess that will decrease the iron absorption present in the iron rich foods. Avoid consumption of soy proteins, fiber, calcium, tannins in tea, phosphates in cola and phases found in legumes and whole grains along with iron rich diet. These foods should not be completely avoided, they should be consumed on a regular basis. But to avoid a decrease In the iron absorption these food items should be avoided while having Iron Chelate tablets.

Cautionary Notes While Having Iron Chelate

Never alter the dose and duration of consumption of Iron Chelate. It’s always reported that Iron will be absorbed more in people who have low iron stores and those with high iron stores will not have good iron absorption.

The excess intake is highly toxic and can lead to many serious health issues. Iron toxicity occurs in people who are taking more iron than the required level. The Iron toxicity is most likely to seen in men than women. It is also more in post menopausal women who have a reduced iron needs.

Always inform the consumption of any other drugs regularly to the doctor whom you are consulting. Some drugs can have Interactions with this Iron supplement capsules.

Avoid the Intake of Iron Chelate capsules during the time of pregnancy and lactation.

Better to keep this Iron supplement capsules safely away from children. Avoid keeping the bottles away from sunlight. Keep It In a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the bottles open.

FAQ Iron Chelate

Are the Ingredients of Iron Chelate present naturally in our body?

Iron is present naturally in our body. But in some health conditions there will be reduced iron content in the body. The depletion in the level of Iron In the body can result in serious complications. Thus we require additional supply of Iron In to the body. Thus prothera has manufactured the Iron In the most absorptive form as Iron Chelate.

How will I know if my body requires the help of Iron Chelate?

Always keep updating the levels of Iron In the body. If you feel tiredness or fatigue on regular basis, it can be due to the low iron content. Some people will have reduced iron content which can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Is it safe for everybody to have Iron Chelate?

There are no relevant side effects known due to the consumption of Iron Chelate capsules. Allergy towards this Iron supplement is least reported. But it’s not safe to consume iron in certain forms for every people.

Can children take Iron Chelate?

It’s always better to avoid the consumption of Iron Chelate in children who have no iron deficiency related health problems. But in iron deficient children and in related problems, some doctors suggest having Iron Chelate.

When will I notice a change in my body after using Iron Chelate?

It’s better to consult your health care professional for determining the duration of consumption of Iron Chelate. The regular consumption of this Iron supplement provides an improved result. It will take up to a month to show a change in the body but some people can have result within a week. The duration of consumption of this Iron supplement depends upon current health situation, body physique, seriousness of the illness etc.

How long will one bottle of IRON CHELATE last?

One bottle of Iron Chelate contains 100 vet count capsules. It is advised to take 1 capsule of Iron Chelate a day. So one bottle of this Iron supplement capsule can last up to 100 days. The quantity of capsules can be increased and decreased according to the need of the customer while buying from online stores.

Is it safe to have Iron Chelate?

There is a chance for interaction of Iron Chelate with many medications. The Iron Chelate has a capability to decrease the bioavailability of many drugs. The affected drugs are tetracycline, tetracycline derivatives like doxycycline, methacycline and oxytetracycline, pencil amine, methyldopa, levodoap, carbidopa and ciprofloxacin. The iron will bind to the complexes of the other drug and the absorption will be reduced. There are some interaction’s to drugs like thyroxine, captoprill and folic acid. It’s better to convey all the details about your health, drugs which are taken and health associated issues to your health care professional before consuming the Iron Chelate supplements.

Will I get addicted to IRON CHELATE If I use it for a longer period of time?

No, there is no chance of addiction for those who consume Iron Chelate. Self medication is always danger to the health. Always consult your doctor and determine the amount, dosage and duration of consumption of this Iron supplement capsules.

What should I do If I think I have been Injured as a result of using Iron Chelate?

If you are injured by using Iron Chelate first you have to visit your health care professional and take necessary first aid and treatment. If you like to have a legal move then discuss with your legal advisor.

Who should avoid taking Iron Chelate?

It should be avoided in people who have excess Iron level in the body as excess dose can result in iron toxicity which can lead to serious health hazards. It’s better to avoid the intake of Iron Chelate in people who are pregnant and in lactating women.

Can Iron Chelate be used for any non medical uses?

No. Iron Chelate is only suggested for intake in humans. This product from prothera is truly designed for only to use in humans. Always consult a veterinary doctor in case of treatment for animals.

Iron chelae from prothera is not recommended to replace any other medications that you are supposed to have. In case of replacement, a doctor’s consultation and advise is a required priority. The information in this article is not checked or verified by any higher authorities. Do not use the information for self diagnosing any condition.


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