Kansa Wand

The Kansa wand is a device for massage. It creates an alkaline effect on the skin, opening up lymphatic nodes and clearing your pores. Its a perfect tool for all skin types and it helps heal skin conditions faster with the right kind of oil. The effect of a professional massage with the benefits of Ayurveda in a simple device which needs no batteries or maintenance.

The Kansa Wand is a device crafted to give you the best massage ever. A Youthful, Rejuvenating massage experience is not possible at your home and yes it feels professional. What better Is the benefits of Ayurveda. May it be a facial massage, body or foot massage, the kansa wand has its own way of making the experience special.

The Kansa wand has 2 parts, the handle and the Vataki. The vataki is the heart of the kansa wand. IT consist of a metal shaped like a bown fixed to a wooden handle. The bowl itself is made of a metal called kansa and this the name. The Kansa metal is 80% copper and 20% tin. There may be a small percentage of zinc in some preparations. The unique combination of these metals give the vataki a golden hue. But it’s not the looks that make the kansa wand special. It’s the medicinal properties associated with the preparation.

The kansa metal has been used in Ayurveda by kings for its medicinal property. The metal is known to change food from acidic to alkaline. Modern science has proven that alkaline food and water is known to benefit overall health. Kansa wand has the same metal and with touch to the skin, it’s known to remove the acidic nature of it and convert it to alkaline. Our skin produces a lot of gross waste which is released by the lymphatic nodes under it. These are usually toxic and oily, not to say acidic too. With contact of the kansa wand and a massage, the pores open up releasing the oil from your skin, giving it a alkaline feel. The massage itself enables your skin to tighten and gives you facial lift. With constant use of up to a week, you will see significant changes to your skin.

The kansa wand is available in different sizes. You could use it for your face, foot massage and also your entire body. The effects are life changing and people who have used it will vouch for the same.

If you have ever experienced the Jade roller, you would find the kansa wand to be its big brother / sister. The Jade roller is effective in helping oil absorb to the skin, but its massage effect is minimal. Yes, they are good but the Kansa wand is a lot better.   The Kansa wand massage helps the skin stretch, opens pores and also gives you a meditative effect. You look forward to the next massage. You see the difference and it becomes a part of your routine.

There are specialized oils which can benefit your face and body massage which goes well with the Kansa wand. The Kansa wand treatment alone, without any oil is just as beneficial but with the oil, you have a therapeutic effect. The Manjish elixir or the manjishtadi oil, the Kesaradi oil are good for face massages. The Rujahari and Himaruti for Foot and body massage can help you heal and rejuvenate.

Kesaradi Oil and Kansa Face Wand

    The perfect oil with the perfect device for a perfect facial and a complete face lift. Try the kesaradi oil to get a more softer, supple skin with even tone. A massage with the Kansa wand takes things to the next level. See the difference in as little as 4-5 days. No chemicals or artificial content. 100% organic and You will not need make up after a week. 

    Benefits of Kansa Wand Facial and the Kansa Face Lift

    The  kansa face wand is an Ayurvedic Face massage tool designed to help lose aging, reduce wrinkles and give your face a lift. Its effect is medicinal, with that said, it has detoxifying effect, reduces heat and increases circulation, while opening up pores. The overall effect is a perfect skin tone, balanced skin health and a more neutral skin.

    To enhance the effect of the massage with Kansa Wand, add Iyura Kesaradi Oil, a medicinal oil with 16 herbs to your face. 2-3 drops of the oil is all you need for a full massage of your face. Look 10 years younger in just a week. Thats what most people say.  

    Kansa Wand – Before and After Image of Yogesh

    Check out the reviews by Yogesh. She used the kansa wand for a week. The difference is notable. The skin has toned up, the spots are nearly gone and the overal skin health is smoother and supple. She used the Kesaradi oil with Kansa wand.

    Sandra L

    Sandra has been using the wand for a week now and there a small difference in her skin. the tone has improved a lot , the black spots and darker shades are disappearing , the wrinkles are much more lighter and there seems to be an overall shine to her face.

    These are just some of the few examples of how Kansa wand is making a difference. Read more reviews here.

    Kansa Wand Foot Massager

      The Kansa wand is perfect tool for a foot massage. It helps detoxify the entire body. With the right oil combination you will feel a difference in your overall health in a few days. It not only keeps your feet smooth and light, it benefits the entire body by detoxifying it.

    A foot massage can help you heal your body. Thats no gimmick. Its the truth. A foot massage, a foot bath and foot detox pads are all forms of detoxification which are considered as powerful as any other detox methods. Foot detox, specifically is effective for heavy metal detoxification. With the Kansa wand, its possible to get rid of these chemicals naturally, over a period of time. With the right oil (himaruti oil), the foot detox becomes a far more effective and faster process. The kansa vataki wand for a foot massage is not only able to deliver more pressure to your feet as opposed to your hand, but is also more effective because of the metal involved. The ability to take out the acidic content in your feet , open up pores and penetrate it to give it an overall effect makes Kansa wand a choice for many foot therapists.

    Kansa Wand FAQ

    What is a Kansa Wand

    Kansa Wand is a device used to massage your face body and foot. Its made of a special metal called Kansa. It’s a form of Brass with 80% copper and 20% tin. Traditionally these metals were used to make plates, glasses and other utensils for kings. It is said that what is stored in a Kansa container turns Alkaline. Food and water loose their acidic form and become alkaline, retaining its taste but adding nutrition to the food. The same metal is now used in a kansa wand with a wooden handle. The wand is used to remove acidity in the skin while massaging it at the same time

    How do you clean a Kansa Wand

    If you are using the Kansa wand in a Boutique or for multiple people at home its important that you clean your kansa wand regularly, preferably after each use. The wand can be cleaned with Tea tree oil after each use. An occasional cleaning with Clay is recommended (preferably once in a week if you are using it regularly and for multiple people). For regular use , just put a drop of tea tree oil on the kansa metal and rub it with a soft cloth. Occasionally rubbing the kansa wand on green grass is known to improve the effectiveness of the metal.

    Does Kansa Face wand Work

    There is only one way to know it. Its to use the wand for a week and see the difference. Ayurveda in general is slow but effective. It takes up to a week to see the difference but the entire process is holistic and satisfying. People who have used a range of products for their face have vouched for the kansa wand massage. They find it far more satisfying than any other massage techniques. Add it with the right oil and it could work miracles

    What is Kansa metal made of

    The kansa wand is made from Kansa metal, which is a form of brass. The mix of 80% copper and 20% tin is common but some metal has a small amount of zinc to add to the luster. The metal is known to have various benefits and is recommended in that proportion in Ayurveda. Changing the proportion will not balance the kapha, pitta which is the primary principle of Ayurveda.

    What are the benefits of Kansa wand massage?

    While the initial benefits are only outward, the entire process is satisfying if you look at it from a larger perspective. The Kansa wand which is usually used for the face (in this case) will remove the acidic/acidity in your skin and create a more basic or alkaline effect. It also helps tighten the skin if done in the upward direction. Proper technique Is mandatory for the massage and using the kansa wand in the wrong direction is not usually recommended. There may not be any adverse effect in the short term but in the long run you may see problems. Apart from the aspect of beauty, the entire massage experience gives you a balance of kapha and pitta which is essentially grounding your body naturally.

    Why does the kansa wand turn my face Black – Explaining the Graying effect of kansa wand

    While you massage your face with the kansa wand, there are occasions that your face turns grayish or black. Do not panic. This is natural and its not a defect on your kansa wand. There are only one answer to that situation. Your skin is acidic. It may be because there is some left over makeup on your skin which is reacting with the wand or your skin is acidic because your lymphatic nodes are opening up. Its actually a good sign for people who have a highly acidic skin. It means you know the kansa wand is working. When this happens, clean your skin with luke warm water and apply 2 -3 drops of Kesardi oil (for day) or Manjish Glow elixir(at night). Leave it overnight. You may want to avoid make up for the next few days and continue your regular kansa wand massage. A notable difference will be seen in a few days.

    Is Kansa wand effective for Cellulite conditions?

    A massage in the cellulite area with kansa wand and the right oil will benefit your cellulite conditions. Cellulite remedies are usually temporary. With the kansa wand you can see long term effect for cellulite and its natural. A massage 2-3 times a week will see significant results on your cellulite conditions. You may have to wait a month to see noticeable results.

    Kansa Wand Set of 3

    The complete kansa wand set which contains 3 wands of 3 different sizes. You can use the kit for face, body and feet massage. Save up to 20% from total cost at Ayurveda experience. The perfect kit if you are into regular foot, face  and body massage or if you run a massage parlour. Excellent accompaniment for people who do facial massage or facial in general.

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    You may opt to buy your kansa wand from any vendor but the Ayurveda experience website has some of the best kansa wands which are tested and come from the best sources. You can be assured that these wands are of the right quality. There are other vendors on Amazon, and other websites which may claim to have the same product at a cheaper price. These wands are nominally priced at Ayurveda experience and if you get it any cheaper, beware of the quality. There are a few scams on the Kansa wand since it became popular on instagram and Pinterest so you may want to be cautious. Always check for return policies (which ayurveda experience has) and also other terms and conditions.