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Best Kegel Exercise Device For Men & Women From Bestforlife – Pelvic & Vaginal Exerciser

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Bestforlife offers you best kegel exercise device for both men and women. This intelligent device is the best personal trainer that strengthens the internal pelvic muscles. This patented MPT and FPT is a physical therapy exercise device that when used regularly can benefit you good.

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Benefits Of Kegel Devices: Best Kegel Exercise Device Reviews

The best kegel exercise tools, weights or devices do not come cheap. They are not made out of cheap quality plastic. They actually assist your body and boost your health internally.

Bestforlife kegels exercise device benefits your body in many way, including –

  • reduced incontinence or SUI – stress urinary incontinence
  • better control over urinary and bowel functions
  • increased strength within 2-3 weeks of time
  • cost effective solution from Bestforlife for incontinence sufferers
  • increased libido that leads to better performance in bed
  • prevents premature ejaculation in men and enhances orgasm in women
  • best kegel exercise device for both men and women
  • saves you good bucks a year
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • natural way to boost the pelvic muscles


Bestforlife offers you best kegel exercise device for both men and women. This intelligent device is the best personal trainer that strengthens the internal pelvic muscles. This patented MPT and FPT is a physical therapy exercise device that when used regularly can benefit you good.

Side Effects Of Exercises using Kegel Machine Exerciser

Till now there have been no reports of side effects from Bestforlife kegel exercises. However, I must add that people tend to misunderstand the pelvic muscles. If you are not using the right muscle area for your routine, then no product is going to help with bladder control. Commonly mistaken muscles are upper leg, back or abdominal muscles.

Practice pelvic floor muscles by controlling the urine mid-stream. Consciously stop it a few times to confirm the pelvic muscle. You can also check it by simply lying down and insert a single finger to the rectum. Now contract the muscles around it. Consult the medical practitioner for more info.

Also, few users have used “worked out” more than advised. Performing kegels more than recommended is not going to help. On the contrary, it can weaken the pelvic muscles leading to further inability to control your bladder.

Kegel device for men and women

How Does This Electronic Kegel Exerciser Devices Work?

Dealing with Stress urinary incontinence? Unable to hold your pee or stool? Suffering from premature ejaculation? Then, here is the best kegel exercise equipment for you. Bestforlife is one of the top rated electronic kegel devices that enables you to “hold” yourself saving you from embarrassment.

Healthy exercises work naturally and help in toning the internal muscles. In recent times, there are many kegel exercise devices that have hit the market. What is the best kegel exercise device? From vaginal cones to biofeedback devices, some look like a medical device while others resemble a sex toy.

These best kegel exercise equipment’s come with many benefits. Many women use them as a pre-natal care. FPT or Female Personal Trainer, the device strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that surround the birth canal. Kegel devices help in curbing any complications during child birth. It strengthens the muscles and reduces lower back pain usually seen during pregnancy phase.

But that’s not all. Best quality kegel exercise products can work in increasing the libido as well. If you are looking for a quality kegel device, then Bestforlife is recommended for you.

With Bestforlife kegel exercise machine, you will have

  • strong PC muscles
  • less delivery and recovery time
  • strong muscles with healthy bladder control
  • reduces lower back pain
  • increases physical intimacy

Maximum Pelvic Trainer For Men: Best Male Kegel Exercise Device

MPT for men OR Maximum pelvic trainer – a kegel exerciser for men – is a better product than low quality Geisha balls or male pipe thread to boost your virility. MPT from Bestforlife is a kegel male trainer that helps with many health benefits.

Weakened PC muscles can cause premature ejaculation not to mention if ignored can lead to erectile dysfunction. This can very much affect your sexual life. Another common symptom noticed is incontinence that can be put you in a fix especially during important meet or presentations. Imagine impromptu bladder burst during a PowerPoint presentation? Ain’t a pretty picture, eh?

Featuring the patented device from Bestfor life!!! It is basically a physical therapy equipment that works by applying progressive weight resistance. There are maximum pelvic trainer videos to help you out. Best way to do kegels instructions are available in the website as well. You need to insert the MPT kegel exercises equipment to your anus. You can use lubricant for smooth insertion and comfort.

The product – male kegel device -should reach the centerline and remain in that position. Make sure you do not put any effort to further the insertion. You need to contract and release the pelvic muscles in such a way that the device moves upward and deeper to the anal canal. You can actually feel the product move up and inward during the workout.

The kegel exercise device will offer biofeedback by sensory stimulation. Based on the contraction, the MPT moves upward (i.e. inside by 1 1/2 inch to 2.5 inches). You can actually feel the movement by the receptors in anal mucosa.

This male top rated kegel exerciser is made out of quality stainless steel that can heat up quickly. So make sure to wash the male kegel exerciser using only warm water for better benefits.

With MPT kegel exercises for men, you will have

  • no more male menopause (absolute drop of testosterone)
  • proper erectile health
  • excellent bladder control
  • able to hold the sperm longer (unlike premature ejaculation)
  • a fit body with promising PC muscles

Female Personal Trainer For Women (Vaginal Exerciser) – Best Kegel Exercise Device

After having a kid or two, or as we “mature”, the performance in bed tend to fade away. There is less stimulation and if you talk with your better half, you might know its true. Ask yourself if orgasm is something that only your husband enjoys? Do you achieve orgasm? If not, you have every right to.

Surprisingly, many women after a while think that healthy sex is not necessary. Sadly, they just move on and accept it as part of aging. Not many are aware that weak PC muscles can also be a problem that can cause poor intimacy levels. Take a moment and think about it. Inadvertently though, it can disrupt your life in many ways.

Here is a good Kegel device…your own female personal trainer!!! The best kegel exercise machine from Bestforlife can help you efficiently. Here is something you probably don’t know. The pelvic floor muscles are attached to the vagina and clitoris. Oh, by the way they are your sex muscles. When you excel in handling the pelvic muscles, you are in many ways finding the answer for more pleasure in bed – for you and your spouse.

Women who are pregnant can benefit a lot with this best kegel exerciser. In fact many medical practitioners recommend the product to pregnant women. It prepares the pelvic floor in dealing with the stresses during later stages of pregnancy.

In fact, kegel exercises benefit women dealing with vaginal prolapse. It can cut down abrupt urination or defecation preventing awkward moments.

So how to do vaginal kegel exercise? For starters, you can use a vaginal lubricant such as Sylk USA (since its all natural). This will moisten the area and provide great comfort during exercise making it much more effective.

You can find a chair, recliner or couch to rest yourself. Listen to your body and respond accordingly. It will tell you how far forward or back you may have to sit. Let’s say for instance. A woman dealing with weak pelvic muscles might want to lean far so as to control the FPT. DO NOT LIE FLAT BACK AS YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO MANEUVER THE DEVICE CORRECTLY. Once you are able to control the vaginal exerciser, you might want to sit up straight.

There are methods to even detect how to know if you’re doing kegels correctly. Talk to your medical practitioner if you are finding it difficult to trace the right muscle. This kegel exercise device from Bestfromlife comes with two unique shapes on both sides. It is to implement two different levels of exercise for a healthy vagina. There are three different sizes for you to choose from.

  • Standard FPT – suits 8-90% of women especially if they had vaginal delivery and are sexually active
  • Small FPT – works best for post menopausal women
  • Petite FPT – for women with small vaginal canals or dealing with chronic pelvic pain. It is also recommended for women with age over 60.

There are many feminine personal trainer videos. You can even find instruction manual online for better benefits.

This maximum pelvic trainer comes with 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If at any case, you are not satisfied, return and get your money reimbursed.

Do Kegel Exercises Really Work?

Just like you keep your body toned by healthy workout, it is vital to keep your pelvic area healthy as well. Stating the obvious, it is an essential part of your body and is equally important in maintaining a proper health.

Kegel device from Bestforlife wrap around the vagina/anus in the shape of eight. When you workout in sync with them, the pelvic organs including the bladder, vagina, rectum, uterus etc. benefit greatly. This will help in controlling the timing of your poo-poo not to mention making your sex life simply awesome!!!

There are many kegel exercise reviews available online. Users have found the product absolutely helpful. Check out the kegel biofeedback reviews section to know what users say.

Bestforlife Kegel Exercise Device Reviews

Kegel electronic device from Bestforlife has been well-received among audience. Few users in their FPT feminine personal trainer reviews claimed they were finding it difficult to use for obvious reasons. But post workout, they find it indescribable. The results have been positive. People are more in control of their bladder and feel they have won over one of the most difficult situations in life. Both FPT and Maximum pelvic trainer reviews note happy sex life post PC workout.

There are few downsides. For instance, you can do kegels only behind a closed door alone – no kids, not during lunch break or areas where people might have easy peep. Kegels device also call for full concentration which means you cannot drive your car while “exercising” or in a car parking area. Though portable, you probably don’t want to explain it to the airport security – “Err, sir, that’s for my vagina…!!”

On the downside, Bestforlife MPT and FPT do cost a few doubloons. Money does not grow on tree but then quality is a crucial factor when you are putting something in your body. Made out of stainless steel, the kegel exercises equipment reviews claim that it is absolutely safe. This is one of the reasons many medical practitioners recommend the product. An easy alternative to surgery or traditional methods of treatment, bestforlife delivers good results than other means available.

MPT Kegel Reviews

“The MPT intimated me. It was unable to imagine where this thing goes. But somehow I found it easy to use. The results were equally easy. I feel like a man not wearing diapers which was something I am terrified about.” – Jake, December 5, 2014.

Smyth, April 6, 2015. – “I have dealt with my problems for years. I thought there was no help and I just have to endure it. Doctors, medicine and surgery but still nothing. This was a last ditch effort I just had to try and it worked.”

“Getting to use this product is quite tough but the results are better than expected. I tried doing kegels without the device but the result wasn’t effective.” – Lee, May 8, 2015

“I do not have any kids but the situation is so critical that when I sneeze I have to go home and change. But now, my problem is gone completely.” – Jessica H, May 11, 2015

FPT Kegel Reviews

“I got the FPT about a year ago, was dealing with overactive bladder for years. The worst part is that I do not have any children. I started to leak a bit but then wanted to control it. I did not want to wear pads all the time. So I started researching and tried the kegel balls. But they did not help me. I came across FPT and thought to give it a try. It has helped me so much. I don’t leak anymore and can hold the bladder for a longer period and will continue with the product. I am glad they came up which such device for women, as many of us have such problem.” – Lisa, January 26, 2016.

Overall, FPT kegel reviews are a bunch of happy people who have benefited multiple from this product. If you or your loved one is dealing with SUI or poor PC muscle, kegel exercise device from Bestforlife is the best way to prevent bladder conditions.

Bestforlife Kegel Exercise Devices Returns

Kegel exercise tools and devices come with 100% money back guarantee. You have 60 day trial period to try out this product from the date of purchase. Under any circumstances, you find that the device does not meet the standards, simply give it back. You will be refunded with the amount within specified period.

Top Rate Kegel Exerciser Discount Codes

Check out April/May 2016 bestforlife promo/coupon codes to get a cut off on the kegel intensifier. Make sure to check out the expiry date before punching on the coupon code during payment.

Kegel Mpt And Fpt Device – Frequently Asked Questions

Are kegel exercise products from bestforlife available in Australia?

Yes, kegel exercise intensifier device from bestforlife is shipped internationally as well including countries like Australia, Malaysia etc. The shipping charge may vary as per the country.

Can kegel exercise device be harmful?

No, kegel exercise is not harmful in any way. The only problem occurs when you overdo the job than what is recommended. Too much usage will lead to weakening of pelvic muscles. Also, make sure to find the pelvic muscle. Read side effects for more info.

How long will it take for kegel exercise products to work?

Bestforlife claims that people notice difference within 2-3 weeks. When used as recommended, you will feel more in control of your bladder.

How effective are kegels device from Bestforlife for uterine prolapse?

There have been positive reviews for bestforlife vaginal intensifier. Consult the doctor and if your doctor has advised kegel exercise, using FPT will definitely help you.


The final verdict – bestforlife kegel MPT and FPT device are brilliant. The shape of the device is aprtly designed to hold them between your body without irritating the senses. Quality is widely spoken of and the results are absolutely impeccable. Reviews say a lot that people have received many health benefits which is the core essence of building this device.

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