Khella Essential Oil for Allergic Bronchial Asthma

People are leaning on the pharmaceutical drugs to get relief from asthma of any type. Not to mention the other bronchial discomforts or even the common cold.

People are so used to the fast acting chemical drugs that they often neglect the fact that our nature is equipped with all the remedies that we need for our comfort. It is up to us to explore the possibilities and use them to its potential.

Khella essential oil is one such ‘hidden treasure’ of the nature that can relieve the allergic bronchial asthma, whooping cough, breathing difficulty etc. This essential oil also has other uses, mostly related to respiration system. The product that we would see here is Amni Visnaga, the essential oil from Khella.

Khella Essential Oil For Asthma

Khella essential oil is one such ‘hidden treasure’ of the nature that can relieve the allergic bronchial asthma, whooping cough, breathing difficulty etc. It is anti-spasmodic that eases the muscle spasms.

Amni Visnaga Khella Essential Oil

Ammi visnaga is a flowering plant from Morocco. The seeds of this plant contain one of the impressive oil with its medicinal uses. This essential oil is Khella essential oil, which is a popular medicine for respiratory diseases. It is particularly effective for asthma and allergies as this oil can reduce the histamine production in the body.

It is also capable of curbing the other symptoms related to allergies like inflammations and can also thin down the mucus. The oil could be used for steam inhalation, in nebulizers etc.

Khella Essential Oil Uses

  • Khella essential oil is useful for bronchitis, asthma and kidney stones.
  • It is anti-spasmodic that eases the muscle spasms. This helps with the cough.
  • It is mostly steam inhaled to relieve the respiratory discomforts.
  • The oil suppresses the bronchial spasm and can also control the allergic reactions. It prevents the release of histamines

Khella Essential Oil Properties

Khella essential oil has a strong scent. The scent is sweet with a mix of earthy and woody feel. It is slightly astringent by nature. The strong scent of the oil may not sit well with many. It is not used as a topical treatment and neither is it used in its true form.

Khella essential oil is used either mixed with boiled water for steam inhaling or with a carrier oil. A few drops of this oil are mixed with other compatible oils to be used for aromatherapy or external usage. Mixing with other oils also helps in masking this strong scent of this oil.

Using Amni Visnaga Khella Essential Oil

Khella essential oil cannot be used in its concentrated true form. It needs mixing before using it in any form. The dilution requirements change with the condition it is used for and the methods as well.

  • Topical application: Topical application is on the skin for inflammation on localized area. Dilute 10-20 drops of Khella oil per one tablespoon of the carrier oil. It should not be used for a total body massage.
  • Asthma and allergies: For asthma and respiratory allergies, diffusion method is used. Add a few drops of Khella essential oil into the nebulizer diffusers and inhale the vapors directly. Khella essential oil is expensive oil and this method is more cost effective than other methods.
  • Bronchitis uses steam inhalation, by adding a few drops of the oil in steaming water.
  • Spasms: For spasms of the muscles, dilute the oil 10-20 drops per tablespoon and apply at the affected area.
    Amni visnaga Khella essential oil is available in 3 quantities- 3ml, 10ml and 60ml bottles.

Safety And Precautions

Khella essential oil is powerful enough that it can be toxic in a higher amount.

  • Dilution should be a careful step.
  • Overdose can be toxic to the liver.
  • Caution is called for when the person is on any blood thinning medications.
  • The Amni visnaga contains a compound- coumarin that itself is a blood thinner. Having this with a similar drug could be catastrophic.
  • One point to be careful when using for topical application is that the Khella essential oil is photosensitive. So when you use it over the skin and exposed to UV rays from the sun, it can cause skin damage. It is recommended to stay away from the sun for at least 8 hours from the time you apply it on the skin.

The cautions are compulsory when using it for topical application. The inhalation only treatment does not interfere with the medications or over concentration. The basic ratio should be 1:9- 1% Khella essential oil and 99% carrier oil.

Compatible Carrier Oils

Amni visnaga is compatible with a wide range of carrier oils that is capable of masking the strong scent of it. Carrier oil for each purpose varies.

  • Asthma: Eucalyptus, lavender, Litsea cubeba, and ravintsara oils
  • Allergy: Chamomile- Moroccan Blue and Germa, Helichrysum oils.
  • Spasms: Roman Chamomile, Litsea, Sweet marjoram, lemongrass, lemon, Melissa and grapefruit oils.


Amni visnaga is almost a hidden treatment method for asthma. But it is not able to stop the asthma attacks. It can relieve the symptoms that come with asthma and could also be preventive. Use it with care as long term use of it is not feasible with the health.

It sure is an expensive oil, but the benefits make the price looks pale. Moreover, the oil only needs in a few drops to be effective when used with other carrier oils. This makes it look cheaper and lasts longer.