KidsWellness Immune Formula is here ! Runny nose, frequent colds, recurrent flu, stomach bugs are all part of the life when you have kids at home. Are these diseases inevitable? Definitely not! Kids have a really inexperienced immune system that is vulnerable to any disease attacks. By strengthening their natural immunity these disease episodes can be lessened.

If you notice, not all kids have these frequent sicknesses. Some have a better immune system since theirs could work faster. Immune system very well can be boosted for the kids’ benefit. The same is applicable also for adults. The KidsWellness Immune Formula is one short cut to a strong immune system in children that helps them fare better against the common sickness, and also promotes faster healing and lesser intensity of the disease.

What is KidsWellness Immune Formula?

KidsWellness Adults and Kids Immune Formula is an immune strengthening herbal formula. It is made from herbal extracts of 7 different plants, each of these extracts have its importance in the immune boosting process. Being a herbal formula reduces the chance of any side effects as well.

It can be easily incorporated into the daily diet. This Immune formula can be used for therapeutic purposes as well as a preventive measure against the common diseases. This formula is suitable for both adults and kids.

KidsWellness Adults & Children’s Immune Herbal Formula

KidsWellness Adults and Kids Immune Formula is an immune strengthening herbal formula. It is made from herbal extracts of 7 different plants, each of these extracts have its importance in the immune boosting process. This can be used along with the treatment for any disease and also as a preventive measure against any infection, cold, flu, cough etc.

Benefits of KidsWellness Adults & Children Immune formula

  • The primary benefit of KidsWellness Immune formula is to strengthen the immune system.
  • This can be used along with the treatment for any disease and also as a preventive measure against any infection, cold, flu, cough etc.
  • Fir kids, Immune Formula can be used as a measure to prepare them for vaccination. Many children suffer fever after vaccination and this herbal formula can prevent such cases.
  • It can be used prior to any travel or trips where you or the children might be exposed to all sorts of pollutants and germs. Having this herbal formula in the system makes the body in a better state to prevent any illnesses.
  • Providing this herbal formula at the commencement of flu, cold and other diseases can help reduce the intensity.
  • This Immune herbal formula can prevent the secondary infections or other complications that might come along with a single disease.
  • It can speed up the recovery process as well.

Importance Of Immune System Boosting

Immune system is our primary defense system. It is this system that keeps us healthy and less prone to diseases. But the strength of the immunity differs from person to person and the main criteria would be the age. People who are at the either ends of the age bar have weaker immunity than others.

Just having a strong immunity is not all. The immune system has to work properly and in a healthy manner. Diet is the primary source for immune strengthening factors. Our body must know what is good and what is bad. It should also be able to recover faster and not make any mistakes in identifying the problem.

The KidsWellness Immune herbal formula helps in this regard by strengthening and improving the functions of the immune system to have a healthier body.

Although Ashwagandha is considered one of the most powerful immune booster and immune-modulator, it is not safe to use by children who are too young. But the Adults and Children Immune formula can be used by children who are as young as and younger than 3 yrs. Moreover, the ease of administration is easier with this Immune formula than ashwagandha.

KidsWellness Adults & Children’s Immune Formula- Holistic Pediatrician

Holistic pediatrician or pediatrics promotes the use of holistic treatment for children. It is also a door that educates the parents in boosting the immune system and preventing the diseases than having to go for treatment. This KidsWellness Adults and Children Immune formula can be part of this Holistic pediatrics as it is both curative and preventive against many of the common diseases that are caused by weak immune system.

Ingredients of Immune Formula

  • Echinacea angustifolia root extract can encourage the immune system to reduce the symptoms of common cold, flu, cough, infections etc. The active ingredient is believed it to be alkamides that can affect the immune system. It has been using in traditional medicine to treat the snake bite infections and also as a pain reliever. Sore throat, headaches are also cured by this herb.
  • Echinacea purpurea root can stimulate the body immune system to make more and active cells that can fight the infections and the diseases. It is also capable of producing anti-cancer cells as well. It is one of the closest cures for common cold and flu. It makes the body consume the invaders and destroy them. It also inhibits the enzyme secretion by the bacteria or the other germs.
  • Goldenseal root has anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties. It can reduce pain and is particularly effective for digestive inflammations. It also has antibacterial effects and can reduce the fever. The excess mucus and respiratory congestion is also relieved by this herb. It can help cure so many diseases that is also said to cure anything and everything. The positive effects of Goldenseal is said to increase when combined with Echinacea extract, a fact that makes this KidsWellness Adults and Children Immune formula a great success.
  • Pau d’arco bark is found to fight against bacteria, virus, inflammation, fungus, tumor etc. All these ability is by enhancing the capability of the natural immunity of the body. It contains lapachol and betalapachone that are responsible for all the benefits of this herb.
  • Burdock root can address digestive related issues, detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and improve skin health and hormone balance. It can cure the skin allergies, acne etc. IT can improve the level of vitamin C and E significantly that boosts the immunity. These vitamins are antioxidants that can prevent inflammation and also speed up the cell repair process.
  • Astragalus root boosts the immunity and support all the major internal organs. It has antimicrobial property to help with cold and flu, it can heal the wounds and provides better oxygen supply to the cells. It is also effective against seasonal allergies.
  • Olive leaves in palm glycerin: Olive leaves have disease fighting ability that can cure and prevent many of the common allergies and diseases. People who are susceptible to cold and flu can highly benefit with this herb.

Immune Formula Dosage

This Adults and Children Immune formula is given according to the body weight of the person. The herbal formula comes in a glass bottle of capacity 2 oz or 4 oz. The cap has a convenient dropper attached to it.

The dosage is 3 times per day or more if needed to a maximum of 8 times. The maximum time period it can be used in 3 weeks at a time. It can be used at the onset of the disease. Under severe conditions, administer the herbal formula every 2-3 hours, but keeping in mind that the maximum is 8 times. The dosage is,

  • 5-15 lbs – 10 drops
  • 15-25 lbs 20 drops
  • 25-35 lbs 30 drops
  • 35-45 lbs 40 drops
  • 45-55 lbs 50 drops
  • 55-65 lbs 60 drops
  • 65-75 lbs 70 drops
  • 75-99 lbs 80 drops
  • 99+ lbs 100 drops

The serving size would be, 50 drops equals 2.5 ml and 100 drops is approximately 1 tsp.

Caution And Side Effects Of Immune Formula

  • Caution is called for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • People with chronic illness should not take this herbal formula.
  • It is better suited against milder, common diseases. Doctor’s advice must be sort for before starting with this formula.