Diabetes is a disorder in the metabolic system. Often, diabetic people tend to avoid bread altogether and have other alternatives for their meals. Do they really have to do that? Not at all, there is no rule that states one should eliminate bread from the meal. They sure can have bread, BUT, the one made of 100% whole grain. Which is good  – White Bread or Rye Bread for Diabetics?

Diabetes and whole grain saga

Diabetes and whole grain could be the oldest story on earth. Internet provides tons of information on this matter and there is really nothing much for me to say on this. I would like to add only one point, that the rye bread could be a lot more beneficial for diabetics than whole wheat bread. Though I was told that this bread is good for diabetics as well as for those who are in the pre-diabetic stage, I am not a big fan of rye bread. I also did my share of research. Here is what I have learned about rye bread and also some facts about the same when compared with whole wheat bread.

Low glycemic bread is the best bread for diabetics

Before we jump to the match between whole wheat Vs rye bread, let me tell you that we can categorize the food as high glycemic food and low glycemic food. It is with regard to how fast the food is absorbed and causes sudden increase in blood sugar level in the body. Obviously, the low glycemic foods are the best for diabetics. Here, both rye bread and whole bread falls under this low glycemic food category, the whole wheat bread has got higher level in this regard.

Both rye and whole wheat contains 100% grain with lots of fiber in it. The fiber here is soluble and makes a mass in the stomach and intestine. This allows slower digestion and absorption into the blood. The main point is the slow absorption into the blood. Rye is absorbed far too later than whole wheat. The fiber in rye also allows managing the body weight, which is also essential for diabetics.

Talk about portion control

Portion control is important in diabetes. With controlled portion one can have any food they feel like. You want to have an ice cream? Taste a teaspoon or two, but you must stop right there. (I have seen my grandma cheating with some ice cream). Here, rye bread makes the perfect portion of carbohydrate for a meal. Having lower carbohydrates and calories than whole wheat bread, you can have at least 4 slices of rye bread for a meal. It is perfect sandwich bread for diabetics. Have it with cheese, grilled and spicy.

Whole wheat Vs Rye Bread for Diabetics

If you are to compare the benefits of whole wheat bread and rye bread, you will see that rye will have extra in the right areas and less where it is relevant. Not that whole wheat is bad; the fact is, rye is better. The only problem would be that the rye bread would not be tasty to all. It has a slight sour, tangy taste. It would need some extra spices to make it compatible for your taste buds.

More fiber: The key to control blood sugar is to provide just adequate amount of carbohydrates with plenty of fiber. Fiber makes the bulk in the stomach. It may be soluble but does not get digested and simply pass through the intestine. Eating fiber is highly recommended for diabetics and that is fulfilled by rye bread.

More nutrients in rye: Whole wheat provides all the basic nutrition that includes carbs, protein, sugars, sodium, and the nutrients like vitamins and omega fatty acids from the wheat germ. Rye bread is more nutritious as it has all these basics in slightly higher level and the phenolic compound lignan. Lignans are useful for body in many ways. If the protein in whole wheat is gluten, rye contains the more important amino acid tryptophan that is needed for brain. This amino acid will also help reduce appetite. Rye also contains manganese that is required for the glucose metabolism.

Better insulin response

The body should respond positively to insulin to help burn the extra blood glucose. Rye bread and its contents promote these positive activities. Our body does not need too much of food. Diabetic patient tend to eat more as their appetite is higher. The best solution is to eat the right portion that has the basic fuel, carbohydrate, top with some protein and needed fat. The rest of the food should be filled with fiber that is not for the body to absorb, but expel from it.

Getting fat deposition in the girth increases chances of diabetes. Weight loss of fat loss is essential here to control blood glucose and also for positive insulin response. Weight management makes life easier for diabetic patients. Not all may have to lose weight, but they must try not to gain anymore. Excess fat can make the insulin act sluggish.

My take – Rye Bread for Diabetics

Eat well; choose rye bread for less blood sugar spikes after each meal. It will naturally regulate the insulin production and its response. Make sure you do some weight management exercises, even if it is walking. This helps burn some calories. Let the fiber do the rest for you. Who knows, one day, you might succeed in getting control over your blood sugar level. Stay healthy and be optimistic.