A powder that makes any recipe shine through with its sparkling yellow color…yes, that’s turmeric for you. But is that all what turmeric does? Read on to know more.

The master coloring agent, turmeric is sadly quite overlooked and tagged as just another “coloring agent”. But in recent times, the truth was out that turmeric has many other benefits. In fact, it is one of the most chosen medicines in many countries all over the globe such as India, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. It is one of the vital herbal ingredients in Ayurveda system. Involvement of turmeric helps in building the body system.

Did you know that back in India, the traditional involvement of turmeric included eliminating worms, stabilizing menstruation, purifying the blood, promoting a healthy liver and many more? It was even used to apply as a healing balm for cuts, scrapes, burns, itches, insect bites etc. Unlike the cough drops we use today that contains more flavors without actual potent content, the good ol’ generations used turmeric to cure a cough and other ailments such as asthma, fatigue etc.

A recent study showed that turmeric has the capability to cure cancer. Intrigued?? Dont’ be, its true. In fact, the American Cancer Society has mentioned in their page that upon demonstration with animals, turmeric has displayed some anti-cancer effects. The active compound called Curcurmin in turmeric slows down the growth and spreading of cancers as done in studies.

In this page, we give you everything you wanted to know about turmeric including growing your own turmeric plant.


Turmeric is an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that heals your body from head to toe. Let’s look at some of the ten benefits of turmeric on your health.

No more depression

with turmeric in your body, say adios to your depressive or brooding mood forever. Breaking the latest trends of curing depression, go back in time to the natural ways and welcome turmeric with open arms. A research shows that including turmeric in your daily meal can actually cure anxiety or depression.

Childhood Leukemia

Childhood leukemia can be traumatic as its much pressure for the child. Instead of looking for a sign, start now by including turmeric in your kid’s daily food. Yes, there are many clinical studies that show that turmeric can stop childhood leukemia.

Bowel movement

for those who have the frequent tendency to visit the loo, here’s a solution. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties that can stabilize the bowel movement and restore it to its original state. However, note that just turmeric wont do any good. Its also adapting a healthy lifestyle changes, regular exercise that keeps your body healthy and young forever.

Immune system

dealing with a poor immune system? A pinch of turmeric in your daily diet can work to your benefit. How? Turmeric has immune boosting components that helps you to stay fit all through the seasons without pulling you down with fever or disease. Immune system is the core essence of your body and lack of proper diet can really be challenging your immunity.

Free radicals

Free radicals are all over the place. Be it your home or outdoors, free radicals feast lavishly on healthy areas of your body. Consume at least 2 tsp of organic turmeric a day which will aid your body to combat free radicals. Turmeric contains antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals and also helps to prevent heart disease, cancer and other conditions.

Blood pressure levels

Dealing with high blood pressure levels? Careful as it can lead to many heart diseases. Turmeric health supplements in good doses can help you lower the blood pressure you are trying to reduce for so long. However do note that turmeric are natural blood thinners which means it is better to consult your doctor before consuming turmeric on high doses.


suffering from arthritis pain? Time to indulge in some turmeric induced foods in your diet. Its always good to get involved in some natural remedies to reduce the symptoms or joint pain but will also help in bringing the body to its original health.

Healthy Heart

Human life survives on it which also includes a major portion of love. To maintain a healthy heart, it is essential that you prevent strokes or attacks. When you make turmeric a part of your daily life, it will help in breaking down the cholesterol that blocks your arteries which will negate the use of antibiotic supplements. A proper approach to your health such as eating right, staying fit will keep you off any heart disease.

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No more Alzheimer’s

Age can often be a problem when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Not knowing one’s identity can really be challenging. Its quite confounding to know that a tiny herb can really work wonders on your brain. But its true. Many research show that turmeric can inhibit Alzheimer’s and further use of its treatment.


Another day and another migraine? If you are the one dealing with headaches, a turmeric supplement is one of the best remedies to give you relief from headache since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Simply take ½ tsp of turmeric or turmeric powder which will relieve you from severe headache.


Tired of that pale looking skin? Want a nourishing skin free of acnes or pimples? Get rid of that unwanted skin products that are full of chemicals. Did you know that this trumphet looking herb is considered very auspicious in India. In fact, it is a sign of purity.

Since ages, it has been used in India as part of weddings and cosmetics. Not just a coloring agent, it can be one of the best cosmetic you will ever find to get the flawless skin.

  • Wrinkles – Wrinkles can happen anytime. Apart from age, stress is also a factor. So defeat the sign of again by using turmeric in your life. As per the necessity, take sugarcane juice or buttermilk and mix it with turmeric powder to make a fine paste. Now apply it to your face which will remove the toughest of dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Exfoliate – Take equal amount of gram flour and turmeric powder and make a paste. Apply it to your body and leave till it dries. Now wash off with lukewarm water. Now gently scrub the face and wash it away. You can even try alternative combination of raw milk or yogurt with turmeric powder.
  • Acne – Worried about scar or acne? Go to your kitchen and take the turmeric from your jar. If you are dealing with acne scars, mix water and turmeric together to form a paste. Now dab it on the mark and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Facial hair – Too much hair on face? Mix Gram flour with kasturi turmeric that will prevent growth of hair on face. Try this regularly for a month and I promise you will notice the results.
  • Cracked heels – winter can often be a testing time for legs. Simply mix turmeric powder with castor/coconut oil and apply it on your legs for 20 minutes before you take a shower. Home remedies definitely work provided you follow it daily without fail.
  • Burns – Turmeric is one of the best remedy for calming down the burning sensation and its pain. The antiseptic turmeric is here for your rescue. Apply a combo of aloe vera gel and turmeric and watch how it heals over no time.
  • Stretch marks – simply mix turmeric and gram flour with raw milk, water or yoghurt, apply it over the area of the stretch marks and watch as your stretch marks melt away within a few days.

Did you know that turmeric was used for clothes for dying purposes and was considered a best alternative for saffron which was soaring high price during olden times.


Now that you know how turmeric works for your health, how about growing it at your own home. Yes, you can at your own garden. I know the time factor can be a little testing because turmeric needs to a little bit more care but trust me the benefit you will reap is worth it.

Turmeric, unlike many herbs or vegetables do not affect the roots and even the flowers are edible and safe to consume. If you are planning to grow turmeric herb, here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

1. Best places – where to grow

If you are planning to grow turmeric, hot and humid climate is the best suited. Even if you are located on a cold region, you can grow them easily during summer season. All you have to do is dig it up and grow them in a container indoors all year through.

Keep the turmeric plant where it will receive the good amount of sun or enough sun shade. If you are growing outdoors, you can plant it in a place where there is the good amount of sun or at least a place where little afternoon shades can do its work. It is best recommended to grow in containers so that you can switch it back to indoors during winter season.

2. Timing – when to grow

It takes around 10 months for a turmeric to mature completely. It hibernates during winter season and does not grow where the temperatures fall below 65oF. So its best you plant it during early fall or late spring, especially in northern, grow zones.

3. Soil – which is the best?

Always test the pH level of your soil to determine the nutrients and make sure it is 6.0 to 7.8. Though turmeric grows in any type of soil, it is best recommended to grow turmeric on a rich and well-drained soil. Thick or clay type soils can make turmeric drainage difficult which can hinder the growth of plants.

4. Proper planting – How to grow?

Unlike seedlings, turmeric grows from root cuttings just like ginger. As turmeric does not deliver seeds, it can be really a pain to find the right rhizomes for you. Try Whole Foods or any Indian store. You can even find quality rhizomes online. Be careful to choose the root cuttings that are firm and healthy and not the one that appear rotting.

Initial try can be done by planting couple of buds facing up. Just make sure that they are around two inches deep and make sure the soil is moist but do not fill it with water as it can rot the bud. Make sure you maintain the moisture till sprouting appears. Do not suffocate two plants by keeping them nearby. Maintain a distance of around 16 inches apart, Giving space helps the plants breathe easily thereby giving more yields.

5. Food – Watering and Fertilizer

Just like all living beings, plants too need water. After all, they too are living beings. Since turmeric is a tropical plant, it needs to be watered regularly, especially during hot climates. At this time, the soil tends to get dry and it is essential to maintain moisture in soil. If you are keeping the plants indoors, make sure you spray them enough with water.

Make sure you use organic fertilizers for your herb. Pesticide does not harm the plants but it will lead ultimately to you itself. Just think about it. Its ultimately the pesticide grown food that you will use in your life. Better to stay away and use organic manure that will deliver not only healthy plants but a healthy life too. Turmeric can survive on bi-month feedings. Make sure you indulge good amount of compost tea or fertilizer.

6. Harvesting – Reaping what you sowed

The best time to harvest is eight to ten months after you have planted. Though many stems or leaves are also edible, many only look for the roots. Keep in mind to harvest when then the plant is mature. You can also save up few roots for your next planting.

Before you go, here are some of the tips that will give come handy when you plant turmeric.

  • Since turmeric can stain, it is better to use gloves or garden clothes that will prevent yourself from getting turmeric all over.
  • For powdering turmeric, boil them for around 40-45 minutes, remove the skin and dry them for a week. Now grind them finely for using it for myriad purposes.
  • Keep it stored in a dark and cool place.
  • Though its rare in US, there are many insects or termites that are attracted to turmeric. In case, they appear to be attracted to your precious plant, simply spray them with a hose.


All in all, it is quite obvious that turmeric is a potential herb that has the ability to cure any ailments, be it internal or external. The recent study about cancer has shown that turmeric and other potential herbs really work in the body. Its time for us to go back to the old system of using natural remedies to heal the body since antibiotics only give temporary relief rather than permanent. So why wait? Let’s begin the journey to a better health.