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Learn More About Urine Therapy or Urotherapy

Urine therapy is the use of one’s own urine to cure diseases. It is otherwise known as urotherapy. It is used for both internal and external use.

Consuming the urine is considered and believed to be the best natural remedies for many diseases and to boost the natural immunity. Urine is universally considered as a dirty thing but in fact is only a b-product of the blood filtration. Urine does not contain any ‘waste’ in it but only the unwanted unusable components that are produced inside the body. Any compound produced inside and is in excess amount is excreted out through the urine.

What is Urine?

Urine is the ultimate filtered product from the body. The blood that carries the impurities deposits the solid wastes at the liver and then goes on to the kidneys for further filtration. It is here in the kidneys that the blood is rid of all excess and unwanted soluble components collected from all over the body. This collection includes the vitamins, hormones, antigens, antibodies, etc. These components are expelled as part of the regulation of their concentration, and not because they are no longer needed.

Why urine is considered for therapy?

Most of the components in the urine are naturally produced inside the body and can never be replicated to its full effects. Since it is produced inside the body they do not pose any incompatibility issues and makes it the safest and natural medicine. Since medicines are vitamins, hormones, or antigens, having the same ones that are produced by the body back in the system makes the healing process easier. Because of the components, urine may be compared to the leftovers after a meal, which, at the moment is not useful but can be used later. Urine contains things that are unwanted for that time but can be used for many other purposes later on. Urine therapy helps in re-absorption of many of the nutrients and other hormones that helps in healing as well as benefits psychologically.

The healing power of urine

The healing power of urine comes from its ingredients. The main ingredients in the urine are enzymes, hormones, vitamins, proteins, antibodies, uric acid, urea, water etc. Urea and uric acid are extracted from the urine and in recent times many of the other components are also extracted from it to use for medicinal and other purposes. That vouches for the usefulness of the components of it. So why not use them for one’s own therapeutic use.

In Urotherapy the urine is consumed, used for massaging on to the external surfaces or dropped into the nasal passage. Urine therapy is successfully used in many treatments for multiple sclerosis, cancer, skin diseases, hair growth, diabetes, etc. The natural nutrients can nourish the body and skin, while the enzymes can cure the digestive problems. the acidic nature of urine makes it impossible for the bacteria and other disease causing microbes to grow, healing in the process.
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How Urotherapy works?

Urine contains many components that is responsible for its usefulness and effects. The presence of these compounds alters the nature of urine accordingly to their concentration. The benefits of urine are due to the,

  • Acidity: Urine is slightly acidic and it is this acidic property that helps kill the bacteria and makes it a great addition to cure skin diseases. It also acts as exfoliate that removes the dead cells that clogs the skin pores.
  • Salty: urine contains a good amount of body salts. This salinity also helps rid of the micro organisms. When using the urine for dropping in the nasal passage the salinity may sting and the urine may have to be diluted to a comfortable ratio.
  • Urea has both antiviral and antibacterial properties and is also considered as an effective diuretic. It is also a precursor for protein synthesis and provides nitrogen for body functions.
  • Uric acid can kill the free radicals that can harm the body cells.

The hormones, antibodies and other chemicals also have their positive effects in the body when consumed. These chemicals can also act as preventive measures to fight against diseases even before they take efect. These components are the natural vaccines available for our body. The components in the urine reflect our bodily functions and are unique to our own body. No two urine samples can have the same components. This uniqueness is what makes it the wonder drug that cures, as it knows the body well and knows where to act. Since they are as much part of the body there will not be any side effects also.
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Benefits of Urine Therapy

  1. Hair growth: Urine therapy is done by massaging urine on to the scalp to promote hair growth and also nourish the follicles. The antiseptic nature of the urine removes the dandruff causing organisms out of the way. Urine nourishes the hair follicles to have lustrous hair growth and can re-grow hair in the bald patches. It cannot cure the baldness but can relieve the random patches.

The method to use urine is to collect the urine after the first few drops and slightly heat it and let it cool. A crust is formed at the top layer and this must be removed. Later dip a cotton ball in it to soak the urine. Use this soaked cotton ball to massage on to the scalp and leave it for at least half an hour. Rinse it off but don’t use shampoo. A few drops of rose water or essential oil may be used for fragrance. Repeating this process daily can bring better results.

  1. Skin Care: For use in skin care, the urine is massaged or rubbed on to the skin surface. The antibacterial nature kills the bacteria that causes any infections and also helps in exfoliating. Since the urine is fully absorbed, it can work deep and not just for the external cleaning. Wash the affected area with urine, in case of psoriasis. The acidity and the minerals combine together to work on the surface to get relief and can have smoother skin within a few days.
  2. Diabetes: As for the curing effects of urine therapy against diabetes, there are mixed opinions. There are people who have successfully controlled their diabetes and there are those who have been consuming urine but have later been diagnosed to have diabetes.
  3. Cancer: The effects of urine as an anti-cancerous drug are still disputed. It is believed to kill cancerous cells. It can also prevent spreading of the cancer cells to other parts of the body. It reduces the side effects caused by the chemotherapy and can boost the body immunity as well. Case studies have shown that people who have tried urine therapy after their cancer treatment have suffered lesser pain.
  4. Stings: Bee stings and jelly fish stings are cured by urine. The pH of the urine breaks the toxins released by the organism. Soak a cotton ball in the urine and use it to apply on the affected area.

Tips on Urine Therapy

  • First and foremost is to get over the Ewww feeling. Start the therapy only if you are comfortable.
  • The morning urine is the best for consumption. The hormones are excreted during night and the morning urine contains all the hormones in it. As much as possible consume it before sunrise as the melatonin in the urine is in active state during dark.
  • For nasal usage, diluting helps to reduce the stinging feel.
  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables while on urine therapy. It helps with regulating the acidity and pH.
  • Consuming less non-vegetarian diet helps in reducing the ammonia.
  • Try to avoid fried and protein rich food items before starting the therapy. It helps make the urine taste milder.
  • Reduce the use of spices in the diet. Spices can make the urine taste strong and can make it difficult to consume.
  • For consumption, use only fresh urine. Old urine may be used for external application.
  • If using diluted urine, use the diluted ratio for a week before increasing it. When increasing, do it gradually.
  • Vomiting might happen often but it is good to clean the stomach and is not harmful. Mucus formation may also be seen. In this case reduce consumption of dairy products.


Urine therapy has had many successful trials and success stories, but there has been no scientific proof so far to support the evidence. There are people who have cured their years’ old diseases and those who have found better immunity with regular usage of their urine. Having said that, the discomfort in using the urine is not a secret and the success of using it entirely depends upon how well WE can use it and suffer the stinky, stinging feel and of course, overcoming the awkwardness of using it. Since it does not cost much, trying it will not harm in any way. Try it out and see if you can see any difference. If not, simply stop and forget it.


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