If there is any organ that is working round the clock, it would definitely be the liver. The liver is involved with almost all the metabolic, digestive, and detoxifying processes. It hardly gets any rest and neither gets enough time to clean itself. A cluttered and sluggish liver is no real good. It may work but as it should be and it reflects in showing various symptoms. Livaplex Standard Process is a liver supporting supplement to maintain the good work of this organ and also to rectify any problems that it faces.

The liver can accept the help of such supplements any time. There still are a few signs that you should not ignore, as it can directly show that something is not right with this organs.


Standard Process Livaplex

Weight Loss Aid & Liver Supplement
Livaplex is a liver supporting supplement to maintain the good work of this organ and also to rectify any problems that it faces.

Livaplex Standard Process ingredients

Livaplex is a blend of bovine liver PMG and a few herbal extracts.

  • Bovine liver PMG is rich in nutrients that can maintain the nerves and blood cells. It is useful for making new DNA. This can also supply iron and folic acid that helps generate more red blood cells. It also carries various other micronutrients as well.
  • Spanish black radish is found to have increased the detoxification of the liver. At the same time, it can protect the liver cells from any harm.
  • Carrot is a cleansing agent for many organs including the liver. The beta-carotene can trigger the bile flow which also takes the waste out of the liver.
  • Tillandsia usneoides or Spanish Moss can protect the skin cells.
  • Beetroot and Beet leaf juice help in the maintenance of betaine that stimulates the liver detox.
  • Oat flour can prevent the liver damage due to alcohol or the fatty liver condition.
  • Betaine hydrochloride is for the benefit of digestion where the lack of stomach acid causing indigestion. This will ensure that the good is properly digested and that the nutrients are absorbed well without causing more burden to the liver.
  • Soybean can lower the fatty liver and make the liver healthier.
  • Bovine kidney, prostate, adrenal cytosol extract and Bovine orchic extract are all to supply nutrition and to empower the respective organs in the body.
  • Wheat germ can reduce the triglycerides in the liver.
  • Flaxseed oil can initiate the liver detox and eliminate the waste and fat accumulated in it. It is also rich in omega fatty acids that help the body generate more energy.

Livaplex side effects

Unfortunately, one can expect some side effects of using Livaplex. It may not be common but one cannot completely rule out the possibilities. The possible side effects of Livaplex are nausea, headaches, sensory neuropathy due to the excess vitamins, and the worst being liver abnormalities. So far, none of the users have complained about the adverse effects, with the presence of vitamin A and other ingredients, it is better to be prepared to face the worst.

Livaplex dosage

Livaplex is a liver support and the liver gets to work more after each meal. So the ideal dosage would be taking 1 capsule each with every meal of the day. That precisely makes it 3 capsules per day.

Livaplex and weight loss

One of the less popular but possible benefits of Livaplex is weight loss. Not that it affects the weight loss directly, but it has its influence on the better metabolic rate that eventually could result in weight loss or weight management.

Livaplex Capsules for Liver Detox & Maintenance


  • Slower metabolism
  • Not feeling good after eating high-fat diet or showing symptoms of indigestion
  • A burning feeling in the feet
  • Skin problems that are chronic or severe like psoriasis
  • Dry and brittle nails
  • Joint pain that doesn’t seem to take a break
  • Dry eyes
  • Uneasiness and feeling nauseous. Some might even have bouts of vomiting
  • Livaplex supplies essential nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals etc that can support the cellular health and maintenance. It supplies zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc. These have individual importance as well as helps in metabolic activities.
  • It helps in the natural detoxification of both the body and the liver. It can stimulate the enzymatic activities for the detoxification process and make it more effective.
  • There are ingredients that support the proper digestion that can compensate for the lack of enough stomach acid.
  • It prevents the liver diseases that are due to lack of enough cleaning of this organ.
  • Livaplex Standard Process promotes the healthy digestion of fat and healthy bowel movements.
  • It plays a major part in bile production and supports the functioning of the gallbladder as well.


Although there is a warning that Livaplex could have some side effects, none has been reported so far. So if you are in need of a liver supplement, Livaplex Standard Process is a good choice. It can support liver as well as its supporting organs. It can also be nutritious for the general well-being.