Avocados lowers cholesterol ??? If an apple can keep the doctor away, the avocados can keep the cholesterol faaaaaaaaar away. Avocado has high amount of fatty acids in it but never mind, they all are useful and beneficial fats. The best part of avocados is that it has low calories to deal with. How does it work it? Let us find out!
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How do avocados work to lower blood cholesterol?

Avocados target the LDL, the bad cholesterol and lowers its level. The reduction in LDL levels provides leverage to the HDL to act properly and reduce the total cholesterol level in the blood. HDL can work on reducing the LDL level in the blood and regulate the total cholesterol.

Avocados also contain several plant sterols that have cholesterol lowering effects. These compounds make use of the blood cholesterol to produce energy. The calories this fruit carries are all from the monounsaturated fats. These monounsaturated fats are needed by the body for various functions of nervous system, blood clotting, nutrient absorption, vitamin E production etc. Of all the benefits, regulating the blood cholesterol is most important to keep the blood healthy and for ensuring heart health.

Healthy fat is better than no fat diet

For those who think all fats are wrong for the body, fats are needed but only the beneficial fats. There actually are no good fat and bad fats. People who eat less fat and more carbohydrates in the diet are inviting cholesterol. The excess carbohydrates are converted into cholesterol, so instead of reducing the fat and cholesterol, this kind of diet promote the cholesterol production.

The diet rich in good and beneficial fats like that in avocados and fewer carbohydrates is the best way to lower the blood cholesterol. Here you are actually preventing the cholesterol storage in the blood and also make good use of the cholesterol to make energy.

Avocados lowers cholesterol!!! Other Benefits

High cholesterol level will affect brain health. The bad cholesterol is responsible for plaque accumulation inside the blood vessel walls causing heart diseases. Both these situations are averted by having avocados in the daily diet. It can provide the needed fat molecules for the brain functions and at the same time reduce the impact of the other badly affecting cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Avocados Vs other monounsaturated fats

The functions of all monounsaturated fats are the same but what makes the avocados stand out is its other benefits and nutrient content. While the oils can give some nutrients in addition to the fats, avocados contain a lot more nutrients than the oils.

The potassium content in avocado is much higher than in bananas. There also are a fair amount of vitamins, high fiber content and folates in this fruit. Not only does it have these nutrients, it also helps absorb the fat soluble nutrients from the food.

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The benefits of avocado are also extended to weight management. The oleic acid- the monounsaturated fatty acid in avocado is good to reduce abdominal fat. The antioxidant nature of it can guard the cells against the free radicals. The antioxidants in the avocados are also able to reach within the power cell of the body to mobilize the metabolism and energy production.

How to add avocados in the daily diet

Well, it is simple; include one avocado in the salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This fruits is eaten raw and beat way to put in is with the salad, drizzled with some olive oil and spices. When you add avocados, cut down on the trans fat, high carbohydrate diet, high glycemic foods and most definitely sugar in the diet to get the full benefits. Also avoid fried veggies and other food items.

Regular physical exercises and low sugar diet are the mandatory rules to follow when eating avocados for lowering cholesterol. If you can follow this, you don’t need any more of the sterols to reduce the blood cholesterol.

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