Read on all about Manitoba Hemp products, seeds and many more.


A quick history about us:

With a small thought in the early 90s about harvesting hemp crops and initiating Manitoba Hemp Alliance to legalizing cultivation of hemp crops in Canada is one of the landmark for us. Immediately, after the legalization, we started off with Manitoba Harvest though quite small in the initial stage. Here came the challenge of making people realize about Hemp seeds and its various benefits. Hemp oil and hemp seeds were sold to retailers and local markets. The strategy worked and by 2001 we delivered our first shipment to USA.

At the same time, US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began a goal to legalize ban of hemp foods in its country. But, Hemp Industries Association joined hands with other food agencies and after a prolonged battle of three years, we won. Our CEO educated people by conducting in-store demos and it worked making Manitoba Harvest one of the largest vertically integrated hemp manufacturers in the world.

We cover every aspect of the production process including harvesting to processing foods, top quality control, packaging and distribution. Our head office is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and extends its branches across North America, Europe and Asia.

Hemp Hearts – Protein Rich Seeds

Hemp or Cannabis is loaded with tons of proteins much like soy or other beans. Regular use of protein powder revitalizes your energy and helps you build up your muscle mass and strengthens your bones.

Is Hemp a drug like Marijuana???

Its a sad fact that Hemp is misunderstood as a drug crop like its cousin – Marijuana. Though they are different varieties of the same plant Cannabis sativa L, it has been proven that you wont get a high out of Hemp unlike Marijuana, which contains high THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) which induces psychoactive effect in people. Hemp is grown in a low THC variety (approximately less than 1 THC) and thus is safe for people of all ages.

Hemp in the “Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan:

Japan has always followed its cultural ethics while turning out to be one of the most economic and powerful countries in the world. Cannabis has been cultivated in Japan from the beginning of the Neolithic Jomon period (10,000 to 300 BC). The word ‘Jomon’ means “pattern of ropes” which without guessing were definitely prepared from Hemp. By the 15th century, Japan started aggressive trading in Hemp as a fibre by using it for variety needs such as clothing, until cotton took over in 17th century replacing Hemp to produce only fishing lines or ropes to name a few.