Medical Alert Systems Accessories – Top Products, Features, & Reviews

Alert 1 is a medical alert system service that covers all over the USA. No matter where you are living, these medical alert systems can function, mostly in association with the landline. You or your loved ones no longer have to wait hours to get help in dire situations

Alert 1 offers fall detection devices or simply the medical alert button and a base unit to get you connected to the 24/7 command center of Alert 1. There you will have someone to help you get help. The services come at a monthly charge.

In addition to the medical alert system there also are many accessories that can be used as an additional assurance or for the convenience of using the devices. These accessories or additional devices are available for purchase separately. It does not come included with the package bit are sold additionally. These are all onetime payment and there are no monthly charges on these items.

Medical Alert Systems – Medical Emergency

These medical alert systems offers fall detection devices. Just press the alert button provided to alert about any medical emergency and you will have the help/rescue at the earliest.

System Upgrades For Medical Alert Systems

The system upgrades are the additional accessories that can upgrade your existing medical alert system. An extra alert button for the spouse, a voice extender or an extra emergency button for the hallway wall etc would not hurt that much. It will only increase the security of the already established system.

Medical Alert Fall Protection Package

Fall for an elderly person is highly dangerous. Alert 1 medical alert system are not just for detecting the fall but could also help in minimizing the damage and to protect from falling as well. The fall protection package is one such extra-protection package. This includes 2 wireless motion sensing nightlight, 2 wall mount emergency buttons, a pack of adhesive tub strips with 18 pieces inside, and a 12 piece set of corner guards to protect from the edges or corners. These accessories can be used in the most dangerous areas of the home.

Wireless Motion Sensing Nightlight

The motion sensing nightlight has 10 bright LED lights that brightens up when you walk in. the motion sensing activates the light to erase the darkness. They can be fitted in the bathroom, closets, hallways, or any dark area of the home where you are most likely to walk in frequently. It allows safe passage without having to find the switch or tripping accidents.

The lights are compact and light weight with a weight of 5.6 oz. There are Velcro adhesives provided at the back to attach it on to the wall. The measurements are 3 x 3 x 1.5 inches. This night light protects you from falling with a well lighted pathway or room. The light works on 3 AA batteries. The light will be switched on only when it is needed.

Wall Mount Emergency Button

Not everyone would like to wear the medical alert necklace around them while sleeping. When they get up at night they are vulnerable to fall and having the alert button not with them can be risky. These extra wall mount emergency button can come handy in these situations. By fixing this wall mount emergency button at a convenient place can help them when the pendant is not there.

  • It will be an added protection in the most frequent areas like kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
  • The wall mount buttons work wireless and are connected to the Home medical alert system.
  • It works on battery that can last for more than 2 years.
  • The wall mount buttons are water proof and is quite safe to use inside the bathrooms.
  • Mounting is easy with the Velcro adhesive, no trouble at all.
  • It works safely within 600 ft from the base unit.

Adhesive Tub Strips

The adhesive tub strips are extra grip on the tub floor to prevent slipping. The bathtub or showers are few of the most vulnerable places for fall. By having some extra grip on the floor one can prevent falling to some extent.
The Duck Brand adhesive strips are smaller but enough to avoid slipping. There are 18 pieces in the pack. These tub strips are 8.5 inches long and 0.75 inches wide. They make excellent skid resistant surface to prevent injuries. Simply wipe the dry shower floor or tub floor and stick these strips on it.

Corner Guard

The corner guards are yes, to guard you from the sharp corners of tables, chairs, or shelves. The impact of falling on these corners can be more than dangerous. It would be better to makes these areas safer. There are 12 corner guards in this fall protection package that are brown in color. The color goes well with most of the furniture and could be almost invisible. These corner guards are thick enough to absorb the impact of fall and leave you unharmed. Attach them to the corners with double sided tape. They are fairly larger with 8.8 inches long and 4.7 inches wide and a thickness of 2 inches. The material is completely safe with no BOA or phthalate.

Fall Protection Package Customer Reviews

The customers who have tried this pack have been happy and find the extra protection quite satisfactory. Some have even tried it at their home and then opted for their elderly parents. It helps them rest assured that their loved ones are not just covered by a helping hand but also from the hard and sharp edges as well as the darkest areas of their home.

Emergency Lock Box

The emergency lock box is safe place where you can keep an extra pair of keys to access your home. In case of a medical emergency, the EMS would have to break the window or a door to get access inside, which they are not going to pay for the repair. You will be left with the extra cost for the repair as well.

With this emergency lock box, you can keep the keys inside and lock it with a passcode. You can share the pass code with a neighbor, family or the EMS to unlock the lock box, get the key, and enter as usual. No break no hassle. You can secure the lock box to the outside door knob or railing for their easy access. Remember to inform the passcode and the location of the lock box to Alert 1.

Emergency Lock Box Customer Reviews

Herman, a medical alert system customer had also had this emergency lock box. He didn’t have to use the alert system yet but he found the emergency lock box a lot more convenient. Herman once forgot his keys and this lock box came handy and saved him time. He also had some additional call buttons inside his home, just in case!
Nick finds this emergency lock box as an investment that saves him some huge bucks. He finds it lot easier than having to replace the broken glass or door. It also keeps the keys safer in the open.

Medication Reminder And Organizer

The timing and accuracy of the prescription medication is highly important. Elderly people do fail to take them in time. This medication reminder and organizer is an easy way to store these medications and dispense it in timely manner. It sets pout low frequency alarm to remind to take the pills on time. The setting can be locked with a passcode to avoid tampering. Store the physical prescription card inside this as well.

It can keep up to 28 pills in it with a dispensing capacity of maximum 4 doses per day. 1 pill a day for 28 days, 2 doses for 14 days, 3 doses for 9 days, and 4 doses for 7 days can be stored inside a single tray in this box. There is also an additional tray that can be kept ready. When the time comes, simply switch the trays. It works as an alarm clock and has a large LED display of 1.5 inches.

The Customer Reviews

Laura got this medication reminder and organizer for her grandmother who often forgets her medicine dose and is also risky having an overdose. With this equipment, it is now easy for both of them to be relieved. Not only does her grandmother takes the pills on time but the risk of over dose is also not there, since the pills would be dispensed at the set time only.

Jett got this for her mother who was skeptical about using this. Once get got to know what to do it was a lot simpler and she is using it now without complications.

Both Janet and Jackie got this for their mothers and they all are happy as the moms are taking their medication in time.

Voice Extender

Voice extender is for a larger home or a multistoried home, where the speaker of the base unit of the home alert system cannot reach everywhere. With this voice extender installed at a convenient place, connected with the extension of the landline, it is no longer difficult to communicate with the operator when needed. It can have 2 way conversations and mounts on the wall easily. A table top version is also available for purchase. This unit is compatible for use with Home medical alert system or a home fall detection system.

Voice Extender Customer Reviews

Gabe has a large house and needed something to amplify the sound of the home alert system and their search ended in this voice extender. They now feel safer that no matter which floor they are in, they have access to the alert call.

Ruth is another user with a large house. His mom is living there and with this voice extender, the voice of the alert call is really extended to all area.

Mobile Fall Detection Pendant

This mobile fall detection pendant is an additional alert button device that can be used independently. It is lightweight equipment with fall sensor installed in it. In an emergency simply press the button to get connected to the alert 1 command centre. If you fall down somehow, the detector can detect the fall and immediately alert the command centre. The device has GPS location technology in it so locating you and sending help is easy.

Fall Detection Pendant

The fall detection pendant is an additional pendant that can be used in combination with the Home fall detection medical alert system. It needs the base station to work as it should be. There usually is a pendant that is included in the home fall detection system package. This is an additional pendant to be used by a spouse or some other member in the family.

Features Of Fall Detection Pendant

  • This has a range of 600 ft from the base unit.
  • The battery of this device is 2 yrs with a low battery notification part as well.
  • This pendant could be used to send alert to the Alert 1 command center, speak to the operator when the call comes in, and also use for answering ALL incoming phone calls.
  • It is lightweights and is waterproof to be able to wear 24/7.
  • It could also work as a wireless connection to be used with the Alert 1 medical alert system.

Customer Reviews

Adam from Rockville Centre is happy that he got it for his mother. She accidently set the alarm off somehow when she sifted too quickly. The call from the command centre was prompt and they enquired if everything was alright. Even the speaker in the pendant was very loud so there shouldn’t be any hearing problem with it.

George got help for his grandfather who was 92 when he fell down, forgetting to take his cane. The sensor was activated and alerted the Alert 1 center. Help was sent very quickly and they are happy that it worked well.

Wall Mounted Emergency Button

This wall mounted emergency button is another additional security added in your home. It works as wireless and the button is quite efficient to work with the home medical alert system. You may mount it on the wall with the Velcro adhesive. It is completely water proof to have it inside the bathroom or near shower.

Not everyone would like to have this alert button hanging on their neck while taking a comfortable bath isn’t? This is why this wall mounted emergency button. Attach it near the bed, to have night access to the alert button, at the bottom of the stairs, in kitchen or wherever you would like to take the necklace off for a while.

This device runs on battery that has more than 2 years of life. The entire unit is 8.5 inches long and 6.7 inches wide and 2 inches thick. The device is useful as long as it is installed within 600 ft from the base unit.

Alarm Bracelet

The alarm bracelet is a comfort way to have the emergency button right in the hand. Not everyone is a fan of displaying the alert button around their neck. This alarm bracelet is fashionable with its white colored strap. It can be worn as a wrist watch.

Features Of Alarm Bracelet

  • This wrist alarm bracelet is wireless and is connected to the home medical alert unit.
  • It has a battery life of 5 yrs with a low battery indication light in it to let you know when the battery is down.
  • The alert button can be pressed to alert about any medical emergency or to receive the incoming call in your landline.
  • With this bracelet, your parents, grandparents or the relative who is using it would no longer need to rush to the phone to attend the calls.
  • The bracelet is light weight and slim. It is available in 3 colors.
  • Alarm bracelet does not need a buckle to fasten it; it is a slap-on bracelet. Simply slap it over the wrist, it would wind itself around.
  • It is waterproof.

Emergency Call Button Pendant

This emergency call button pendant or simply the alert pendant is a wireless device used with the Alert 1 medical alert system. It connects with the base unit within 600 ft range. There is already an alert button pendant with the base unit purchase; this can be an additional one for the user or for another person in the family.

  • Use this alert pendant for alerting any medical emergency.
  • It works on battery that has a longer 5 yrs life.
  • It does NOT have a speaker or microphone but works with the base unit only.
  • The device is water proof.

Surge Guard

The surge guard is to protect the medical alert system from power surges at home. Those incidents could damage the alert system so having this surge guard will save this medical alert system. So plug in your alert system with this surge guard.

Moreover, the working of the base unit of the Alert 1 home medical alert systems is entirely dependent on the smooth functioning of the landline. Sometime a surge in the power could damage the phone and make the line dead. Should you need an alert at this time, the Alert 1 systems will not function. To avoid such situations, Alert 1 is offering this surge guard. You can simply connect it to the socket at home and plug in the phone line in this.

This surge guard is useful for other electrical appliances also. It suits well for TV, laptop, blow hair dryer etc. The product has an LED indicator which will light up when it is working.

Monitored Smoke Detector

A medical emergency could also arise when there is a fire inside the home. Elderly people may not be able to indicate the danger in time or they might even miss the happening to alert. This is where the Monitored smoke detector comes in. it can detect smoke and set put the alarm that has a volume of 95dB. It would also signal the command center automatically.

Once the alert is reached Alert 1 center, they would make a call to the home base unit to check the scenario and to know whether you are safe or not. In case the affected person is not able to answer the call, help would be sent immediately. The device can be attached on the roof and works on 3 AAA batteries that runs for about 3+ years.


Wrist bands would be a better acceptable option for many to have the alert button with them always. These wristbands from Alert 1 are made of silicone. It is a light and soft material. It does not cause any skin irritation or get too tight to slow you down. They are comfortable and safe to use.

Besides, it is waterproof. It works compatible with the alert 1 medical alert system. Just press the alert button in the wristband to alert of any medical emergency or for other help.

The Alert 1 wristbands are available in 3 colors, grey, blue, and purple. Grey is the most popular of the 3 as it is soft to feel and see. It gives a subtle look and could just be the daily companion. The blue is the color of depth that evokes the fell of freedom. The purple is a bold color and looks fashionable. It looks good for a dinner party and would really stand out.

Medical Alert Necklaces

The category necklaces include different types of the necklaces that can be used to attach the medical alert buttons with the person. Instead of the bland rope around the neck, people can now get stylish with these necklace options. All of these necklaces have a loop at the end where you can attach the alert button devices but compatibility of each product may differ.

  • Blue bling gemstones necklace comes with blue gemstones. There is also a fabric backing to make it comfortable for the skin. at the end there is this lobster claw that can carry the alert buttons from Alert 1 except the fall detection device. This necklace is 30 inches long. The snap is secured and it would not break away.
  • Purple tiara ribbon is, as name suggest, a purple ribbon embellished with some sparkling gems on it. The ribbon is soft polyester and is comfortable. It is 18 inches long from the beck on both sides. The material is washable. The attached lobster claw can hold the alert button as well as your IDs or keys.

Other varieties include

  • Pink ribbon necklace is handmade with glass beads and stainless steel wiring which is durable. The clasp is magnetic and does not breakaway easily. It hangs about 18 inches from the neck on both sides. This ribbon necklace works with all medical alert buttons except the fall detectors. It has the special pink colored, breast cancer awareness ribbons attached on it. The ribbons are metallic. CAUTION: This medical alert necklace is NOT COMPATIBLE with pacemakers.
  • Black ice ribbon necklace is made of black colored soft polyester and embellished with white sparkling gems. The material is washable and is secured safe. It has the lobster claw at the end where you can hang the alert buttons, IDs, or keys to be handy. The length of this necklace is 36 inches in total.
  • The designer collections: The designer collections are a bundle of the best Alert 1 accessories at a discounted rate. There is this grey wristband, extra wristband, an elegant onyx, a blue rubber necklace for the alert button. The designer collection half contains only one item each from the above list. It has one necklace, one wristband, and one silver lanyard. None of these alert buttons are compatible with the fall detection system.

Medical ID Bracelets

The Alert 1 Medical ID bracelets are medical IDs that contain the complete medical information about the person. In case of an emergency where the person is in no condition to speak, this ID would reveal the important medical facts about the person to the doctor. The doctors can quickly start the suitable treatment without delay.

These ID bracelets come with a medical card that can be kept in the wallet. It includes all the special instructions that are to be followed while treatment. Like any medical issues, allergies, blood type, emergency contact number etc. The bracelets fit comfortable on the wrists. With these items with them, doctors need not wait for the kin to explain the medical condition.

The tag can have information about diabetes, blood thinner, BP or not, any allergies, asthma, peanut allergy, seizures, gastric bypass other drug or food allergy etc. This information comes as stickers, 16 in number. There can be a maximum of 4 stickers inside the ID tag. One side of the tag displays a red star-of-life emblem. The EMS personals are given training to identify this.

Alert 1 offers 5 different types of these bracelets, large band, small band, chain type, pearl attached and other fancy beaded bracelets. The large and small bands are made from stainless steel and they are stretchable. The panel opens to reveal the patient info stored inside. The only difference is one id wider and the other is narrower and slightly smaller.

The chain tag is also stainless steel with a tag of 1 ½” long and half an inch wide with sturdy clasps to hold it in place. The silver pearl has silver pearls around the bracelet with easily detachable clasps for the medical ID. The Under the Sa medical ID bracelet is stylish with glossy beads.

Alert 1 Compared With Life Alert And Lifeline Systems

Life Alert and Lifeline are other medical alert services that are similar to Alert 1. There are obviously some differences that can get the Alert 1 an edge over the other.

  • The main difference is that Alert 1 gives you the medical alert system equipment at no extra cost. The cost of the device is included with the initial purchase and activation. There is no extra payment for the device unlike as in the case of Life Alert and Lifeline
  • The second difference is that the Alert 1 provides free monitoring for the spouse also. At Life Alert or Lifelone, it comes with an extra charge. With Alert 1 you can get an additional device and inform the Alert 1 about the spouse monitoring.
  • The third difference is that the Life Alert and Lifeline service operator do not stay on the line until the help arrives. They have no such obligation like Alert 1. At Alert 1 the operator WILL stay on the line until someone reaches the affected person.
  • The fourth and final difference is in the monthly fee for the services. Alert 1 service is cheaper in comparison with Life Alert or Lifeline.

How do I know if I really need a medical alert system at home or not?

There is a simple questionnaire at the Alert 1 website that you need to answer. Based on your answers, the results will be evaluated to let you know where you stand.

The questions include if you had any dizzy spell or fallen in the past year, if you had been hospitalized, whether you have any chronic illness, or take medications that can make you dizzy, if you use a walking aid, if you need assistance with daily personal chores, if you are alone at home, and if you like to continue to live independently. If most of these questions are answered as a yes, then you would need a medical alert system to get help in case you are in need.

Based on the answers the result will show as urgent, moderate, and limited. Urgent would definitely need the alert system, moderate is recommended and limited means you still can take time to decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my alert button is working properly?

There usually has a battery indicator on the wearable devices. It would indicate its life when it is running low. The battery must be replaced within 30 days for proper functioning of the device. To check the proper functioning, just press the button. If you get a call from the command centre within a minute, the button is working. There are no limits with the button pressing.

Does the call from the Alert 1 be connected to my cell phone rather than the base unit?

The whole idea is to check if you need any help. The usual way is to call the base unit and if you want the call could be made to your cell phone as well.

Does the alert button have a microphone in it?

No, only the LAX mobile fall detection device and the Kelsi alert system have this facility.

Can I talk over the base unit even if I am not close to it?

Yes, you can, the sound of the unit is loud enough to reach faraway for a moderate sized home. In case you have a larger home you can get the voice extender to help reach the sound far away inside the home.


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