Laurens Hope Medical Alert Bracelet For Women

  • Slides on over your hand for clasp-free wear. 
  • Adjustable chain provides sizing flexibility

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is being identified as a Jane Doe or John Doe. People with medical conditions that need special attention have a tough time in case they are found in an emergency situation and there is no one who can explain their condition. The medical IDs came into the picture as a rescue for all those. This article is all about Lauren’s Hope medical bracelets and alert systems.

Basically, the medical IDs are small tags that can be worn on the person mostly on the wrists, ankle, or around the neck. The medical IDs explain the name, medical condition, any drug allergy or food allergy they suffer and particular diseases they have. These details help the paramedical personnel or the doctor quickly assess the situation and provide proper treatment as early as possible. There will not be any identity problems and the medical attention is also taken care of.

Lauren’s Hope Medical Bracelets / IDs

Lauren’s Hope is the pioneer in making interchangeable medical ID jewelry. People who feel boring to wear plain and ugly medical IDs got a fresh air with the interchangeable medical jewelry that comes in all varieties and styles. They now have a choice to have their custom-made medical IDs rather than relying on whatever is available.

Lauren’s Hope Medical Alert Bracelets

Lauren’s Hope is the pioneer in making interchangeable medical ID jewelry. The Lauren’s Hope medical alert bracelets are necessary for all those who have any kind of serious disease and are under the treatment. Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags are available in materials of stainless steel, gold tone, and rose gold-tone etc.


Laurens Hope Medical Alert Bracelet For Men

  • Hypoallergenic medical ID tag
  • MyID Health Profile access engraved on back
  • Laser engraving included
  • Tag measures 1.5” long, 5/8” tall, and 3/8” thick
  • Optional custom engraving on front
  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof

These interchangeable medical IDs were made for a 13 yr old girl named Lauren. While she refused to wear the plain old medical IDs, there came the idea of interchangeable bracelets. With such bracelets, you can keep the same medical ID but change the chain, or bracelet attached to it anytime.

What Are Medical IDs?

Medical IDs are small tags that have the name, medical condition etc. engraved on it. Medical ID tags from Lauren’s Hope can have up to 5 lines of information including the name of the person. For easy identification, all the medical ID tags have the medical caduceus symbol on the exterior visible surface. This is to let the medicals’ know that the medical info is engraved on the other side.

For the medical conditions and diseases, there are abbreviations for all the major ones. Each disease or medical condition or allergy has its own version to add on to the medical ID tags. The paramedical and doctors actually undergo training to read these messages. The information on the medical ID tags will save time providing the treatment and could even help save a life.

Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags are available in materials of stainless steel, gold tone, and rose gold tone etc. These tags are also available in various designs over it to make it look fancy. All of these tags have a mandatory sign over it to make it easily identifiable as medical ID tags.

Medical Alert Bracelets Should Be Used By

The Lauren’s Hope medical alert bracelets or other types of medical IDs and tags are necessary for all those who have any kind of serious disease and are under the treatment. All those who are under the risk of having some kind of medical attacks or allergies can also benefit from the medical IDs.

People love their independence and freedom and no one wants to depend on anyone, no matter what the age or condition is. These medical IDs helps people stay independent and in case of a medical emergency the medical professional get important information immediately.

If you are a caregiver, you should also wear these Lauren’s Hope medical IDs that have the information about the person you are caring for. They need attention even when you are unable to. This medical ID jewelry can speak for anyone about the medical details. The medical ID tag can have caregiver engrave in it with the details of the person needing attention.

People who have undergone any kind of surgeries that can later develop any kind of problems, those who have had major surgeries of any kind, those who cannot take any particular kind of treatment, MRI, who have had organ transfer- donor or acceptor, who have a pacemaker, suffering any kind of rare diseases, taking medications, or are under any clinical trial, all should use these medical ID tags that comes in the form of bracelets, cuffs, necklaces etc.

Types Of Medical IDs

Lauren’s Hope Medical IDs are of many kinds. There are bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, and medical tech IDs. There also are the medical ID wallet cards, medical ID charms, and medical IDs for pets.

The personal wear medical IDs can be any of these jewelry types to allow you the comfort of normalcy. In this case, the medical IDs do not pose as something extra on your person and blends well with the outfit or your usual persona. The cuffs, bracelets, necklaces and chains and the medical tech IDs are all wearable medical alert facilities.

  • The medical IDs on the necklaces dangle as the pendant. The medical ID tags from Lauren’s Hope are fancy looking to suit these necklaces. The necklaces can be changed often and you can easily transfer the medical ID tag from one to another.
  • Medical tech IDs are technical tags has the information about where the complete medical history is available online. People with too many diseases or conditions to be listed in the limited space of medical tag can have these medical tech IDs that can store more information, including the emergency phone numbers.
  • Medical ID wallet cards are as the name suggests, special cards where you can provide the name, and other medical details written on it. All you need is a water proof pen to write the details so that no information is lost. Keep this card in the wallet and it easily fits inside.
  • The pet medical IDs are for the pets with special medical needs. The dogs and cats with some serious health issues like arthritis, deafness, joint disorders, asthma, memory loss, or other chronic conditions should benefit from the medical IDs. The ID tag explains the medical condition and also includes your personal information and contact details.

Laurens Hope Medical Alert Bracelet For KIDS

  • Hypoallergenic medical ID tag
  • MyID Health Profile access engraved on back
  • Laser engraving included
  • Tag measures 1.5” long, 5/8” tall, and 3/8” thick
  • Optional custom engraving on front
  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof


    Medical IDs Alert Jewelry For Women

    Gone are the days of the plain boring medical ID tags that looks the same all the while. Lauren’s Hope is offering latest range of medical ID tags that are attractive and also interchangeable for the bracelets. The medical ID jewelry meant for women have the suitable designs on it and looks attractive. These are also available to suit any occasion, whether it is casual, formal, or party wear.

    Medical bracelets

    The bracelets are available as interchangeable where the medical tag stays the same while you are able to change the bracelet design. The bracelets from Lauren’s Hope come with compatible snaps to fasten it on to the tag as well as around the wrists. You can change them according to the occasion and mood or whatever the reason be. You need to have all these bracelets with you.

    The bracelets are mostly made of beads, metal and even golden colors. Do note that the bracelets are available as single pieces not a set. These medical ID bracelets are available with a touch of religion also. There are perfect blend of medical information and religious faith, all in one.

    Lauren’s Hope bracelets come in single strand or multi stranded bracelets and the cuff like ones also. The cuff bracelets itself serves as the medical tag. There are no additions to the cuffs. The medical information will be engraved on the other side where the medical caduceus symbol is. There are 2 such symbols on both the ends of the cuffs. The cuffs mostly fit for all with a wrist measurement of 6-9 inches.


    The medical ID necklaces are a long chain and a beautiful looking pendant that has the medical information on the other side. The pendant comes in various designs and options. The chain of the necklace is made steel, rose tone or gold tone. The medical ID pendants can be used with these adjustable chains or with any other suitable chain you prefer.

    The pendants are available in heart shaped or oval for the women. All of the pendants have the medical symbol on its visible side. Only the color and design differs from one another. The major advantage of medical ID necklaces is there is no need to remove them daily. You can wear them with almost all the outfits and ensures that the medical ID stays with you. Bracelets and other jewelry might be forgotten from time to time.

    Ankle bracelets

    Wearing a single anklet is fashionable. The medical ID bracelets are also available to suit as ankle wear. It is a thin chain with a lobster clasp. The medical ID tag is looped through the stainless chain and dangles from it like a charm when worn. The charm is only .75” in diameter.

    The chain is the adjustable length and is available in stainless steel and rose-tone color finishes. The chain of the anklet flaunts hearts joining as one to make the chain. Unlike the usual chain made of oval shapes, this sure seems like made for women.

    The charms in the ankle bracelets can have only 2 lines with a maximum 10 characters in each line. So it is mostly suitable for those with a single problem like peanut allergy.

    Medical ID Tags

    The Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags are the heart of the medical ID bracelets especially that for the interchangeable bracelets. The medical tags can be the same for all or it can be also change with the bracelets. The medical tags are available in different colors, designs, and shapes.

    The shape of the tags can be either oval or rectangular. It has small opening on both ends to clasp with the bracelets. The upper side always has the medical symbol on it. The color of the symbol may differ with the design and color of the tag. You can wear it as it is or add heart or flower design. The options are numerous.

    aThere are 10 color options for the tags. The designs on the tag can be simple or beautiful with guardian angel or Filigree. The material of the tags is stainless steel, rose tone, or gold tone. All the medical ID tags from Lauren’s Hope are waterproof and pool friendly you don’t need to remove it while swimming. Since the whole idea is to have the medical ID with the person all the while, it has to be water proof.


    Medical ID charms are small round shaped or heart shaped structures that can be added to the bracelets. The charms from Lauren’s Hope can be attached to the bracelets, anklets or to the necklaces also. The material it is made in is gold, gold tone, rose gold, rose gold tone, and stainless steel. Depending upon the size of the charms, it can have as much as 4 lines of information on it.

    Men’s Medical ID Alert Jewelry

    Men have different needs than women. Their taste and designs are also different. Lauren’s Hope has a range of medical bracelets for men are made with materials like beads, cotton/leather, gold, paracord, rose gold, silicone, stainless steel, and silver. The bracelets are either interchangeable or non-interchangeable. There are China type bracelets and pure stainless steel ones. The cuff option is also there. The color options are 10 in total.

    All the interchangeable bracelets have 2 lobster clasps. There are also the Tech ID bracelets available that has the bar code for the medical information stored online for the person. The active wear silicone bracelet is also available. It comes with an extra silicone band. The silicon bands have the medical symbol and “info on flip side” provided on the visible side. The medical tags can be attached to the ends of the band and fasten it.


    The necklaces for men from Lauren’s Hope have the long chain and a rectangular shaped, similar to the dog tag shaped pendants attached to it. The information will be provided on the other side of the medical symbol. It comes in many colors, basically the same shape. The only difference is in the color, design and the corners.

    The chain of the necklace is longer for men with a length of 24- 28 inches. The length is adjustable. The chain is mostly made of stainless steel. the pendant is made in aluminum, gold tone or steel. as for the colors, there are only 5 options to choose from.

    Tags: Medical ID tags for men are available in only 2 colors, stainless steel, and gold tone. There are only 5 options for men to choose from and only 1 option for the gold tone. Since their design for bracelets are mostly in stainless steel, these tags would sit well with almost all of them. The other features of Lauren’s Hope are all the basics, with oval or rectangle in shape 5 lines maximum and medical symbol to notify the first responders.

    Girls Medical ID Alert Jewelry

    Teen girls and toddler girls have special demands and may not have the same things as their mommas. They always need one of their own, unique one at that. Lauren’s Hope do know this well that they have a separate category of medical ID jewelry for the girls. The items under this section will have suitable for girls of any age.

    • Bracelets: The bracelets options are here to charm the girls with the flashy rainbow colors. Basic materials used here are beads, cotton, leather, crystals, gold, paracord, silicone, stainless steel, and silver. There are interchangeable and non-changeable bracelets.
    • Necklaces are not as fancy as the bracelets. They are the usual rectangle shaped, heart shaped, double heart shaped and the likes. The chain is made of steel and the color availability has 7 options. The pendants can have 4 lines engraved on it and the dog tag type can have 5 lines.
    • ID tags: The Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags are all the same for all. There is no much variety for the little girls. The fancy is all in the bracelets.

    Lucky Charms and more…

    • Charms: There are only 9 charms for the little girls. One is colorful and the other pendant like structures are made in gold, gold tone rose gold or stainless steel. All of these charms have the medical symbol on one side and the medical information about the person on the other.
    • Medical alert jelly bands: Bracelets for toddlers are also there in jelly band. The jelly band has tiny homes where the jelly buttons depicting each type of medical condition like diabetes, autism, epilepsy, food allergy etc are featuring. Insert these buttons into the holes and secure it. It makes a colorful band around the tiny chubby wrists.
      The jelly bands are available in white or the flashy orange in colors. The jelly buttons are available for peanut allergy, use epipen, diabetes, insulin pump, autism, shellfish allergy, fish allergy, tree nut allergy, and sesame seed allergy. One jelly band can have a maximum of 4 buttons attached to it.

    Lauren’s Hope medical alert jelly bands are the same for both boys and girls. Since these are mainly intended for toddlers and small children, there is no much color differentiation and can be used by all.

    Boys Medical ID Alert Jewelry

    For the ‘cool’ gender who wants everything to be cool for them to wear, Lauren’s Hope does not offer disappointment. The boys also have their range of bracelets, ID tags, charms, and necklaces.

    Bracelets are made of stainless steel, silver, beaded, leather and cotton silicone etc. they can be interchangeable or non-interchangeable. They are most suited for the active life of the boys and will sure keep up with the energy levels. The bracelets stays firm on their wrists.

    • Necklaces from Lauren’s Hope are also not much fancy but are cooler to look at. They are attractive and mostly seen in the dog tag shaped with some interesting designs and pictures. The chain is adjustable and the pendant dangles from it. It can have a maximum of 5 lines engraved on it. The necklaces are available with the chain length of 18 inches or 24 inches for the younger boys and adult’s size respectively.
    • Medical ID Tags: There is no much difference in this category than that for the men. The choices are limited but they are easily suitable with the bracelet options. The tags are mostly on oval shapes or one rectangle shaped tag. They are made in stainless steel except for the one on Gold tone. All of these tags are pool friendly. The tags are 1 ½ inches long that can be attached with lobster claps to the bracelets chosen.
    • Charms: The Lauren’s Hope medical ID charms for boys have only 2 options. One is Captain medical ID charm and the other is Spidey charm with a spider’s web design on it. One can have these charms on the bracelets or on any belongings to attach to the zipper.
    • Medical Jelly bands are meant for little boys and are the same as that of girls.

    Pet Medical ID Tag

    The medical ID tags meant for pets are limited in choices. They are other paw shaped or bone shaped. They come in pink or blue in color. The tag has the medical symbol on one side and the medical information and other details on the other. The paw shaped tags are small in size. The bone shaped ones are differentiated into medium and large. The tags can have a maximum of 3 lines engraved on its back for the name, medical condition, and contact number.

    My Tech ID Tags

    My ID tags from Lauren’s Hope are the last variety. They are small tag like structures. Instead of listing the diseases, allergies or the drugs names, here the information is personal with the name, of course and the other details on how to open the medical information regarding the person. The medical information is not handy but stored online. The information stored online is safe and the My ID tags are also secure. It has multi access points to see the QR code with PIN number to open the document and 24 hour call center information.

    The Tech IDs are gotten from Lauren’s Hope at a 1-year subscription. All the medical details are fed in the relevant forms online while purchasing the Tech ID tags. The profile will have 3 ways of accessing. It can be accessed by the QR code at the back of the ID tag, or use the PIN to log in to the online information and can call to the number specified to get the details.

    Which Medical ID Suits Me?

    There are no rules on choosing the medical ID tags from Lauren’s Hope. It is all about convenience. The medical IDs are available for women, men, girls, and boys. Each category offers the suitable medical IDs for these genders and age. Each category has different types of medical IDs to choose from. You can easily choose one for these.

    The basic requirement of Lauren’s Hope medical ID tag that has the vital information engraved on it. So there is no need to worry about the information getting erased or getting lost. The difference is in the type of accessory it uses to wear these tags by the person.

    If you are very much interested in changing the accessories according to the outfit, or too conscious about having accessories, the medical ID bracelets are the thing for you. People who get swelling in their hands are better off with the medical ID cuffs as they are adjustable within a limit.

    Those who shudder about wearing bracelets of other things in the name of jewelry can have the simplest necklaces around their neck. They stay out of the way and not easily visible. They are also quite safe in certain offices because of the rules.

    At Lauren’s Hope you can have not just the desirable type of medical ID jewelry but can also make it customized to have all the details you want in them. There is no need to go find the diabetes tag, and other tags for the different medical conditions. The medical ID tags can have all in one place.

    Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Engraving

    Now that you know what is a medical ID and what all are the types and varieties, it’s now time to see what is to be provided in these medical ID tags. You need to provide the basics, name of the person and an emergency contact number. The contact number will be depicted as ICE (standing for IN Case of Emergency) followed by the contact number.

    The other information will be about the current diseases if any or just the allergy information or what is it that the person is allergic to. Information can also be regarding the medications taking currently. In case there are so many drugs to be mentioned, just engrave as many medications.

    The Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags can have maximum or 5 lines with a maximum 20 characters in each line. This number varies with each type of medical ID tag. So if you have so many things to mention it is better to have the larger tag possible. The basic requirements are the name, medical condition, treatment considerations, food and drug allergies and ICE number with area code.

    Engraving Information on your Lauren’s Hope bracelet

    At Lauren’s Hope, engraving is done in two ways, premium laser engraving, and standard etched engraving. The laser method is better for the readability. It comes in black bold color that is easy to read.

    The maximum limit is 5 lines per medical ID. Engraving each line costs additional. There is standard cost for the first line and each additional line costs $2 extra. Each line can have a maximum of 20 characters in it.

    Common Abbreviations Used On Medical ID Tags

    The medical personal are all trained to identify the global medical symbol that is on the medical tags. They will look for it in the wrist, neck and also on ankles. There are so many diseases and not all of them can be accommodated in a small piece of metal. So they are given abbreviations. While engraving one may use these abbreviations instead of the full name of the medical condition or the drugs. The full form on only your name and the immediate contact number should be enough.

    • ALGY/ALGYS – Allergy/Allergies:  AVR – Aortic Valve Replacement
    • ASA – Aspirin:  A-FIB – Atrial Fibrillation
    • BP – Blood Pressure: CA – Cancer
    • CKD – Chronic Kidney Disease: COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    • CHF – Coronary Heart Disease: CF – Cystic Fibrosis
    • DEFIB – Defibrillator/Defibrillation: DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • DNR – Do Not Resuscitate: EPI – Epinephrine
    • EPIPEN – Epinephrine Pen (auto-injector)
    • HBP – High Blood Pressure
    • HTN – Hypertension: ICE – In Case of Emergency
    • IV – Intravenous : MVP – Mitral Valve Prolapse
    • NKA – No Known Allergies: NKDA – No Known Drug Allergies
    • NO NSAIDS – No Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
    • PCN – Penicillin:  T1D/T2D – Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes
    • TCN – Tracheotomy:  TX – Transplant or Treatment
    • VWD – Von Willebrand’s Disease

    Customer Reviews

    The high regard got from the customers of Lauren’s Hope medical ID tags are for the customizable option. The beauty and charm of the bracelet is what many users are so fond of. They vouch that people never believed it to a medical ID bracelet. Some have not even removed their bracelets even since they have worn it.

    The ease to put these on the toddlers gets the next thumbs up for. Toddlers have their demands and these colorful bracelets have won their hearts and they are ready to flaunt them on their body.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should be the measurement of the wrist wears?

    The usual size is the actual size of the wrist minus 1 inch for the ID tags. In many of the products, the total size is measured automatically. You just need to know the size of the wrist. The other measurements and calculations are automatically done.

    Can I get the ID tags changed in future?

    NO, the medical ID tags are customized in make so once made and sold, cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. The other accessories may be exchanged if it is within 30 days of purchase.

    Does the medical ID tag jewelry have warranty?

    Yes, all these medical IDs have 6 months warranty against any defects. In case they are broken or damaged within this period, return the product to be repaired to get replaced for free of cost. The bracelets and necklaces have the 6 months warranty against breakage. For the medical caduceus symbol, in case it came off, the medical ID tag can be replaced with a new one. This part has 1 year warranty period.

    How does a nut allergy medical ID look like?

    For a person with only peanut allergy, the medical ID will have the full name on the forts line, PEANUT ALLERGY written in the second line, followed by ICE phone number.