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MEM-Plex – A Dietary Supplement For Razor-Sharp Memory

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It is estimated that more than 50% of the people over the age of 50 suffer from some kind of memory problems. And according to the American Academy of Neurology, fully 25% of the U.S. population over age 65 or about 10 million people suffers from memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. Some of these people believe that there is no solution to memory problems and starts living with them.

But, scientific studies have revealed some positive aspect on this issue. The perfect combination of phospholipids, B vitamins, herbs and choline works effectively to treat or even reverse the memory loss issues. UniScience Group had taken this challenge and after religious researches a right formula to boost memory is formulated. UniScience Group’s memory boosting product is marketed as MEM-Plex.

MEM-Plex – Memory Boosting Formula

UniScience Group had not missed on taking the advantage of the very latest research on memory and brain enhancement for formulating a brand-new brain-boosting formula called MEM-Plex. In past few years, scientists have discovered that there are a number of natural supplements available that may considerably improve your memory and mental functioning. Fortunately, all of these are included in MEM-Plex formula.

MEM-Plex provides a superior blend of super-potent, neuro-protective brain boosters in one convenient, economical formula. It is formulated to help support neurotransmitter production and function. It provides your brain with the nutrients it needs for optimal health and performance.

Uniscience Group MEM-Plex – Memory Booster

MEM-Plex provides a superior blend of super-potent, neuro-protective brain boosters in one convenient, economical formula. This brain booster to avoid embarrassing memory lapses and difficulty concentrating. It help to promotes mood, self confidence and sense of well being.

MEM-Plex – Cognitive health & Memory Booster

Today, memory loss and cognitive decline related to aging are unavoidable. This is backed by a number of new scientific studies conducted in just last few years which have shown to improve them. There are millions of older people in their 70s even 80s who maintain razor-sharp memories, can easily learn new skills and remain full of mental energy. But it is also true that an estimated 5 million older Americans suffer from a severe cognitive impairment that can be life-threatening or even fatal. Additionally, some tests have shown that people can lose up to 30% of their short-term memory capability by the time they reach age 30. Scientists believe there are three primary reasons for which your memory and mental functioning may decline beginning at age 30

The brain cells themselves actually begin to shrink. In addition, the fatty material called myelin around the brain cells which conducts electrical signals in the brain, declines rapidly.

The connection between neurons also weakens. The number of dendrites, the stemming fibers at the end of neurons, declines and they don’t function like during young age.

Lesser blood flow to the brain. Some examinations have shown that aerobic exercise may help improve memory functioning and learning in older adults. Aerobic exercise pumps blood to the brains, bringing needed nutrients.

There are certain risk factors as listed below for age-related brain problems.

  • High blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Low serum folate
  • Nutrient deficiencies like severe lack of vitamins B12, C, folic acid or omega 3 fatty acids
  • Environmental toxins
  • Menopause
  • Candida infection
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor diet

Cognitive decline related to aging can cause you any of the above-listed problems and so the need to develop MEM-Plex arises. Scientists believe that some substances, including the ingredients found in MEM-Plex by UniScience Group, may support brain cell membrane health and protect neurons against attacks by toxic substances. Other nutrients may also strengthen the connections among neurons and support increased blood flow.

MEM-Plex – Benefits

MEM-Plex, from UniScience Group is a new 21st Century brain booster to avoid embarrassing memory lapses and difficulty concentrating. Recent scientific studies suggest that these brain boosters provides following benefits –

  • Helps recall names, dates and facts promptly and easily.
  • Supports reducing the absent mindedness associated with aging.
  • Improved mental clarity, focus, and attention
  • Helps sharpen thinking and mental cleverness.
  • Helps to boost alertness and mental energy
  • Improved ability to solve problems
  • Promotes mood, self-confidence, and sense of well being.

Some other amazing benefits often noticed within days of using MEM-Plex are

  • You are able to concentrate for longer periods of time, without feeling tired.
  • A general feeling of alertness and vitality.
  • You may hear praises about your new liveliness.
  • Your pending old projects and resolutions start getting finished easily.
  • Your mental confidence improves your social relationships.
  • You will notice a sudden change in your sex life.
  • You will have a persistent feeling of well being and decline in anxiety.

This is not inclusive and MEM-Plex offers many benefits over other memory products on the market today.

MEM-Plex – Working Mechanism

MEM-Plex by UniScience Group is a combination of herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients developed to improve brain performance and overall health. The supplement contains a compound called Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is a well-researched chemical that has shown to enhance blood circulation and oxygen utilization in the brain. Though this chemical is considered safe but can cause some side effects such as sleep disturbances, stomach pain, headache, nausea, dizziness, and nervousness.

MEM-Plex also contains Bacopa Monnieri, an Ayurvedic herb. This substance has been used for several years as a cerebral activator, nervous, diuretic and heart tonic as well as anti-asthmatic, anti-ulcer, anti-epileptic, antispasmodic, anti-depressant, anti-allergic, and anti-oxidant. Regular intake of this substance can improve reasoning and learning abilities in both children and adults. In addition, MEM-Plex contains many other high performing ingredients which work together to improve neurotransmitter production and functioning.

MEM-Plex – Ingredients

MEM-Plex by UniScience Group is a combination of 14 brain-boosting, memory-enhancing nutrients to boost blood flow to your brain and provide superior neuroprotection. Have a look at these super potent ingredients

  • Phosphatidylcholine

In recent years, scientists have focused on two compounds that make up brain cells, phosphatidylcholine (PC, a compound found in soy lecithin) and phosphatidylserine (PS, found in eggs). The theory was to flood the brain with the basic building blocks of brain cell membranes that allow brain cells to repair themselves and maintain optimal functioning. But unfortunately, the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of these two popular brain boosters is mixed. Phosphatidylserine, is a key ingredient in many memory-enhancement products but Mem-Plex includes 50 mg of Phosphatidylcholine in combination with CDP-choline.

  • CDP Choline, ( Cytidine-5-diphosphocholine, cognizin, 100 mg)

In just the last few years, scientists have discovered a new, far more capable brain booster called CDP-choline (also known as citicoline), a building block or precursor of phosphatidylcholine. Though not research well but the CDP-choline, used in combination with phosphatidylcholine is seen to significantly improve memory recall and concentration in older patients. In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 95 volunteers between the ages of 50 and 85, those taking supplemental CDP choline daily for two months significantly improved their verbal memory compared to the participants taking a placebo.

  • DMAE Bitartrate (2-dimethylamine ethanol 50mg)

A study on children afflicted with various learning and attention disorders have found that deficiencies in certain brain nutrients can contribute to attention problems. Once these nutrient deficiencies are removed, attention and learning improve noticeably. With age, one of the brain nutrients called DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol reduces. It is a naturally occurring nutrient in many varieties of fish and is one of the key components of MEM-Plex. Plus, DMAE is remarkably safe ingredient with no reported side effects or drug interactions even on using doses of up to 1,600 mg per day. DMAE is helpful to remove the feeling of absent-minded or distracted. DMAE in MEM-Plex when combined with Citicoline and phosphatidylcholine, could dramatically boost your attention and ability to concentrate.

  • Wild Blueberry Powder (80 mg)

Studies held in 2007 on the scientific effects of blueberries presented evidence that the chemicals known as anthocyanins in blueberries help improve motor control, memory, and learning of new tasks in laboratory tests. The introductory results of blueberry extracts have shown to actually stimulate new neurons development, improve neuronal signaling abilities and enhanced communication among neurons. MEM-Plex contains 80 mg of wild blueberry powder, a powerful brain booster that is also known to significantly improve learning and memory.

  • Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid

A number of studies have suggested that increasing the intake of both Vitamin B-12 and folate (folic acid) may slow, or even prevent, the decline in mental functioning related to aging. MEM-Plex contains Vitamin B12 or Methylcobalamin 200 mcg, Folic Acid 800 mcg, Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal 5-phosphate 10 mg and Pantothenic Acid (B5) as d-calcium pantothenate 25 mg. The right vitamins dosage included in MEM-Plex will help you regain the sharp, clear memory of your youth.

  • Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine is an extract from the seeds of the periwinkle plant (Vinca minor). It is mostly found in central and southern Europe and also in the US. It is a powerful cerebral vasodilator that helps improve blood flow to the brain. Three different studies of older adults with memory problems associated with poor brain circulation or cognitive impairment found that vinpocetine has significantly supported in improving attention, memory, and concentration than a placebo. Patients using vinpocetine regularly have reported increased mental alertness and a surge of new energy and vitality. 10 mg of Vinpocetine is included in MEM-Plex.

  • Bacopa Monnieri extract

In a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial, patients taking Bacopa monniera extract showed considerably improved performance on working memory and information processing tests. Then various follow-up studies found that Bacopa Monnieri has the potential of safely enhancing cognitive performance in aging. Scientists believe the active ingredient in it is a class of chemicals known as saponins which enhance nerve impulse transmission and repair damaged neurons. A kind of saponins called Bacosides in Bacopa has shown to facilitate the acquisition, consolidation, retention, and recall of learned tasks. Whole plant Bacopa Monnieri extracts Standardized 20% Bacosides 20 mg is included in MEM-Plex.

Other Herbs

MEM-Plex also contains certain other herbs such as –

  • Perluxan (Humulus lupulus, standardized extract of the cones 20 mg),
  • Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis standardized extract of the leaves 30 mg)
  • Ginger ( Zingiber officinale standardized extract of rhizome 30 mg).

Other Ingredients

N-Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg is included in MEM-Plex.

Some other ingredients of MEM-Plex are –

  • dicalcium phosphate,
  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • stearic acid,
  • croscamellose sodium,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • pharmaceutical glaze
  • silicon dioxide.

It also contains soy.

MEM-Plex – Dosages

It is suggested to take just 2 tablets a day of MEM-Plex to help support neurotransmitter production and function while also boosting blood flow to your brain and provide superior neuroprotection. One bottle of MEM-Plex is 30 day supply. It is suggested to take 2 tablets of MEM-Plex with a meal.

Uniscience Group MEM-Plex – Side Effects

There are no MEM-Plex precautions or side effects mentioned by its manufacturer i.e. UniScience Group. But few warnings like keeping the product out of reach of children and not taking excessive dosage are mentioned. However, some ingredients in MEM-Plex are known to cause side effects like sleep problems, stomach pain, headache, nausea, dizziness, and nervousness. Plus, there are numerous questions regarding the supplement’s safety which remains unanswered. So it is best to consult your doctor before using MEM-Plex to understand its ingredients and avoid any possibility of side effects.

MEM-Plex – Comparison

MEM-Plex by UniScience Group is a far superior supplement compared to other memory products on the market today. Below is the comparison

Essential Brain Boosters – Unlike many other memory products, MEM-Plex contains all 14 of the most promising brain boosters available today. Other memory products only contain two, three, or say four of the ingredients in MEM-Plex. But MEM-Plex contains all 14 essential brain nutrients in the recommended amounts for therapeutic effect.

Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients – MEM-Plex is exclusively made using all Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients for maximum bio-absorption. Mostly other inexpensive supplements are often formulated with only food grade ingredients which just meet the bare minimum RDA requirements. These products are mostly less bio-available and are far less potent.

Balanced combination of nutrients – MEM-Plex provides a complete, balanced combination of nutrients i.e. each ingredient in the correct amount and ratio. All nutrients work together in synergy to support maximum brain health. The cumulative effect of using a balanced combination of synergistic nutrients for brain’s needs is far more effective than using just a single nutrient. Instead of spending a large amount of money on mixing and matching individual nutrients, enjoy the special combination of nutrients in one formula which has all been thoroughly researched.

Save money heavily – MEM-Plex helps you save a great amount of money. If you try to buy separately all 14 of the individual nutrients in MEM-Plex, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month for a one-month supply. Plus, you don’t have any guarantee that you’d get a sufficient amount of these brain nutrients to have a therapeutic effect. But MEM-Plex for less than $1 a day helps you improve your memory and concentration while supporting and protecting your brain.

MEM-Plex – Advantages and Disadvantages

MEM-Plex by UniScience Group has the following Advantages

  • 1-year money-back guarantee when you buy MEM-Plex from the company’s website
  • Key ingredients are researched and proven effective in some aspects
  • Manufactured using natural and organic ingredients with little side effects
  • Manufacturer (UniScience Group) is a well known and reputable company for developing quality potent products

MEM-Plex by UniScience Group has the following Disadvantages

  • Minimal consumer testimonials
  • No information about precautions, side effects or potential drug interactions is available
  • Some ingredients used in MEM-Plex are not tested for safety of pregnant or nursing women.
  • No free trial option
  • This formulation has not been tested scientifically and clinically

MEM-Plex – Buy/ Discounts and Coupon Codes

A wide variety of memory products including MEM-Plex are available on the market today. MEM-Plex is widely sold online in stores like Amazon and other affiliates. But it is important to buy it from the trusted source and the seller who backs the product even after the sale. Thus, it is best to buy MEM-Plex from its manufacturer UniScience Group. The team of doctors, researchers, and formulators at UniScience Group work together to develop all their unique supplements like MEM-Plex.

When you buy MEM-Plex from UniScience Group they provide a genuine ZERO-RISK offer. You have one complete year or 365 days to try out MEM-Plex and feel the difference. If you are not amazed by the improvement you feel in your memory, concentration and mental clarity, you can just return any unused portion or even empty bottle to get back 100% of what you paid, less shipping and handling, if paid.

In addition, MEM-Plex by UniScience Group is a low-cost formula which helps you to save more when you buy in bulk. For example, if you buy 6 bottles of MEM-Plex at a time, you can save around $60. Plus if you opt for Personal Delivery Service you can save more up to 20%. On subscribing weekly newsletter of UniScience Group you can get the benefit of receiving coupon codes or discounts during their biggest sale. Thus, it is best to buy MEM-Plex from UniScience Group’s official website to not only save more bust also avail discounts and coupon codes.

MEM-Plex – Customer Reviews

There are not many customer reviews available for MEM-Plex. But I had found few of them which I had summarized here. Let’s have a look at some of their positive Customer Reviews.

Some customer reviews state that MEM-Plex had improved their energy levels, alertness, and concentration, memory and learning abilities. They have been using it for over six months without any noted problems. One customer had felt little difference but had thought to paid reasonable price. Some customers stated of having an awesome effect on their memory while using MEM-Plex. They are now able to recall names, address and even phone numbers more easily.

Some negative customer reviews are – One user experienced negative effects upon using Mem-Plex. He felt stomach complications on taking MEM-Plex capsules. One customer stated of having no improvement in memory and just a waste of money.

Due to fewer customer testimonies and mixed reviews, it is suggested to try it on your own and share your experience of enhanced memory.

MEM-Plex – Frequently Asked Questions

For Whom is MEM-Plex useful?

MEM-Plex is a potent formulation recommended for adults who want to counter the effects of age-related cognitive problems. It is also useful for people who are looking to improve their mental energy and sharpness.

What number of tablets does one bottle of MEM-Plex contain?

One bottle of MEM-Plex contains 60 capsules.

Do I have an option to get a free sample of MEM-Plex?

No, there is no free sample of MEM-Plex offered. But you buy one bottle of this product which is 30 day supply and avail zero-risk trial.

Does MEM-Plex come with risk-free 100% money back guarantee?

Yes, you get full year i.e. 365 days to try and notice an improvement in your short-term memory, concentration, problem-solving ability, and mental alertness. If you’re not simply astonished by its effect, simply return the unused portion or even an empty bottle to get back every penny you paid (less shipping and handling charges,— no questions asked.


MEM-Plex by UniScience Group is a brain enhancement product to promote optimal brain health. It is a combination of minerals, vitamins, herbs and other nutrients to improve overall brain performance. UniScience Group is a well-recognized company for developing nutritional supplements. All its products including MEM-Plex are manufactured using costly quality control procedures to maintain potency and quality which assures the product shelf life. Thus, give MEM-Plex a try today and enjoy improved memory, concentration, and alertness.

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