Femmerol is a herbal supplement which consists of prolific blend of herbal extracts to provide women with safer menopause stages.

Menopause – Symptoms, causes, Natural & herbal Remedies

When menstrual periods are absent for more than a year, the normal functions of an ovaries come to a halt. Menopause can happen anytime in a women’s lifetime. Though the normal age is 50 years old, it can also happen to women who are in mid-30’s. Perimenopause is the term used for the transitional period that refers to the beginning and ending time of final stage of menstruation in a woman’s body.

Ovaries are the essential part in enhancing a women’s body through different stages such as building up female hormones, development in body shape, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. When menopause occurs, functions of ovaries come to a halt which leads to infertility.
During perimenopausal stage, you may notice that:

1. Ovulation does not occur at the correct dates
2. duration of periods may be long to short
3. sleep deprivation due to hot flashes and irritative moods
4. Chances of infertility

Her Harmony Herbal Remedy – Treatment For menopause

Menopause symptoms are seen even when a woman have the menstrual periods and the ovaries are functioning.

If you are reaching 30s, ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone levels and lowers the level of fertility. By the time you reach 40, the length of menstrual periods starts to vary by becoming longer or shorter and within the age of 50, ovaries cease to develop eggs causing your body to menopause. Chemo or radiation therapies for women suffering from cancer may also encourage menopause though these are not permanent.

Certain things to note – Treatment For Menopause

Though there is no treatment for menopause, there are OTC medications to help you reduce the pain as you enter menopause. Therapies like Hormone therapy (by increasing the estrogen level in your body) or Vaginal estrogen (for those who are suffering from vaginal dryness or urinary infestations) in which estrogen is directly ingested in the vagina by use of tablet, cream etc. are also conducted. Certain therapies include risk factors which include ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, blood clots etc.

What is Femmerol?

Femmerol, a herbal supplement to reduce painful menopause is free from preservatives, chemicals and fillers. Femmerol is made out of herbal ingredients such as Black Cohosh, Bayberry, Capsicum (pain killer), ginger root (which contains antibacterial and antispasmodic properties which prevents nausea) and Locorice root (which acts as an antioxidant and lowers cholesterol) etc.

Clinically tested, Femmerol is a complete herbal product which supports in balancing your hormones. It treats menopausal symptoms such as mood behavior, hot flashes, decreased libido, insomnia etc. A recent study showed that 71% of women have noticed improved health during menopause.

Ways to combat menopause

1. Healthy foods – Maintain a strict diet and a healthy balanced weight. Foods that contain anti-inflammatory foods such as Omega 3, 6 fatty acids such as fish prevents osteoporosis and prevents memory loss.
2. Stay fit – Relieve those endorphins by talking a walk or any workout that makes you feel good about yourself.

Pros and Cons about Femmerol

Each and every ingredient is mentioned in the product as well as the website. It is basically for women who are suffering from different stages of menopause. Cons are Femmerol must be taken for an indefinite period of time to keep with its effectiveness. Women who are pregnant and nursing should not consume Femmerol.