4HFL Blood Sugar Optimizer

 For Diabetes 

There are hundreds of scientific studies conducted that have demonstrated that the ingredients and formula utilized in Blood Sugar Optimiser can help:

  • Your blood sugar level Optimizes
  • Supports utmost glucose metabolism
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
  • Avoids mood swings & energy crashes
  • Reduces cravings for sugar & carbohydrate

MetaGlycemX Regulate Blood Sugar Level
MetaGlycemX is a dietary supplement to enhance healthy insulin activity in the body and regulate the blood sugar level. Moreover, the ingredients protect the pancreatic islet cells from oxidative damage. It also reduces oxidative stress and damage to the cells.MetaGlycemX is a dietary supplement to enhance healthy insulin activity in the body and regulate the blood sugar level. Above all, the main ingredient is Cinnamon. It is well known for its blood sugar regulating ability. To enhance this ability there are other plant extracts including Green tea extract and other nutrients. By including this, not only the blood sugar level and insulin activities are made healthier but the risks of other diabetes-related diseases are also thwarted. Lets us go deeper and see what it is all about.

The Benefits Of MetaGlycemX Supplements

  • First of all, MetaGlycemX can help with the insulin activity and improve the cells’ insulin sensitivity.
  • Moreover, the ingredients protect the pancreatic islet cells from oxidative damage.
  • The Green tea contains the epigallocatechin gallate which is the other key ingredient.
  • Besides, includes other supportive nutrients. Thus making it an all round supplement formula.
  • It works to maintain healthy glucose metabolism with the added micronutrients
  • Also, reduces oxidative stress and damage to the cells
  • Alpha-lipoic acid is a free radical scavenger that can protect the cells and help with the insulin sensitivity as well.

Ingredients Of MetaGlycemX

  • Chinese cinnamon bark powder: Cinnamon is useful with the Type 2 diabetes. Its primary activity is to ensure that there is enough insulin and that the cells are reacting in the healthy manner as they should. If not the direct cure for diabetes, cinnamon bark powder can sure help regulate the blood sugar level and to some extend reduce the triglycerides as well. It targets the triglycerides and the LDL cholesterol to bring down the total cholesterol level.
  • Decaffeinated Green tea extract: Firstly, Green tea is bombarded with antioxidants. It can also ‘sensitize’ the cells to be reactive to insulin so that the blood sugar is used up or stored as it should be. The epigallocatechin gallate can slow down the progression of the Type 1 diabetes and also protect the cells from getting killed. For Type 2 diabetes, it helps with the insulin sensitivity.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: One of the main dangers with prolonged diabetes is nerve damage which could be permanent. Alpha lipoic acid is one nutrient that is a natural remedy for the nerve damage associated with diabetes. The antioxidant property of this compound comes for this help. It can also aid in the insulin sensitivity issue and make the cells be more sensitive to it.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that can regulate the blood sugar level by influencing the insulin part of the diabetes. It can also prevent or even reverse many other complications associated with this disease. It can protect the cells and nerves in the eyes, cardiovascular system and liver cells also.
  • L-carnosine is the body’s natural defense against the diabetes induced damage. People with Type 2 diabetes are lacking this important nutrient. By including it in MetaGlycemX, it strengthens the body’s defense once again.

Other vitamins include

  • Vitamin C, D, and E are antioxidants by nature. They can fight the free radicals that are too high with diabetes. Vitamin C reduces sorbitol level which can lead to cell damage in the eyes, kidneys and nerves.
  • Vitamin D is for boosting antimicrobial peptide production that can fight the germs. Diabetic people are prone to infections easily leading to ulcers, periodontal diseases etc.
  • Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant that can regulate the glucose level and protect the nerves cells and blood vessels from free radical damage that might be more with diabetes. This vitamin could reverse the nerve damage and prevent diabetes related cataract.
  • Thiamin is useful for the glucose metabolism inside the cells. It can utilize glucose effectively and reduce its level in the blood.
  • Riboflavin improves the production of glutathione – the natural antioxidant in the body. This help dealing with the free radicals that are too abundant in diabetes.
  • Niacin protects the pancreatic beta cells and also be a weak antioxidant.
  • Folate is helpful in breaking down the triglycerides, which are likely to be high in diabetes. Diabetic patients are also at the risk of having low levels of this micronutrient and could be benefited by including it in MetaGlycemX.
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12: Diabetes can lower the amount of these vitamins inside the body which can cause the complications. Thus Vitamin B6 is worth to reduce these problems. Vitamin B12 is vital for the nerve cell health and deficiency.

 Other ingredients include

  • Biotin works with the insulin and can increase the activity of glucokinase, an enzyme that acts as a glucose sensor to trigger the production of insulin in accordance with the rise of glucose in blood. It is present in the liver and diabetic people have very less of this enzyme. Overall, Biotin increases the amount of this enzyme and help in regulating insulin and blood glucose. It works well for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Pantothenic acid is also the vitamin B5 that can use the carbohydrates and fats for energy production. It is useful in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Zinc can be an antioxidant that protects the insulin and body cells from free radicals. The low level of this nutrient could cause the pancreatic cells to produce low amount of insulin.
  • Selenium is another nutrient that is seen to be effective in preventing diabetes related complications. High level of this nutrient can reduce the risk of this disease by 24%.
  • Copper can remedy insulin resistance by the cells. It is also found to reduce the serum triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Manganese increases the insulin production and makes them adequate to deal with the high glucose. There would not be shortage of insulin with this nutrient in the system.
  • Chromium is an essential nutrient to fight diabetes. It can help lower the fasting glucose level, control insulin level, and reduce the blood cholesterol as well. It helps move the blood glucose into the cells for using as energy source and thereby lowering its level in the blood.
  • The other ingredients added in MetaGlycemX are cellulose, silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, calcium silicate, strearic acid, magnesium stearate etc.

Dosage Of MetaGlycemX

MetaGlycemix comes in tablet form. Take 2 tablets two times per day for adults. It should be taken along with the food. Do reserve the other medications for later and take them only after at least an hour or 2 later.

MetaGlycemX is available in bottles of 60 tablets or with 120 tablets. The former could be a 2 months’ supply and the latter would last for 3 months.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take MetaGlycemX. This product can cause hypoglycemia if used along with other diabetic medications, so do consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.

Side Effects Of MetaGlycemX

Generally there should not be any side effects of using MetaGlycemX as it contains only the useful nutrients in it. But yet, there might be nutrient overdose, and once again that is also not likely as they are added in lower quantities to cause such trouble. That leaves the possibility of the complication of the leading ingredients, cinnamon and Green tea extract.

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Both cinnamon and Green Tea extract can influence the blood sugar level and lower it. When MetaGlycemX is used with other diabetic medications there could be extreme hypoglycemia. Where the blood glucose may come down sudden and drastic. Overdose of MetaGlycemX could also cause this same situation.

The other possible side effects are anxiety, jittery feel, tremor, dizziness, sudden sweating, headache, nausea etc.

Using MetaGlycemX for prolonged period, more than 3 months would also not be good in some cases. Use MetaGlycemX for the said 3 months with the given dosage, unless there are any side effects. if all goes well, the dosage could be brought down as a maintenance. Anyways you will be checking the blood samples regularly, if the blood sugar is under control, MetaGlycemX can be used as a maintenance dose. But, always consult the doctor before you make any decision.

MetaGlycemX Reviews

John had purchased MetaGlycemX last year and he states that this product is excellent for pre-diabetes condition. It helped him get his high blood glucose down into its normal range.

Another lady who used this supplement assures that this is quite an effective product that works well with no side effects. She continued with the prescription medication and MetaGlycemX to see major improvements in the readings. She likes the taste of it and also smells good.

Vicki says this product helped him control his sugar cravings. If he somehow forgets to take the daily dose of MetaGlycemX, he would be more interested in having a cake or other sweets. The days he takes this supplement he is least bothered of what to eat.

Another customer says that this has far better absorbency than cinnamon tablets. She says it is a bit pricey but happy with the results nonetheless.

The Conclusion

MetaGlycemX is a healthy and safe way to balance the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. With the multitude of micronutrients, it can address all aspects of this disease from various angles. As long as one uses it within the recommended range, keep tab on the blood sugar level regularly and have timely visits with the doctor, It also seems to be popular among doctors to be used along with diabetic medications. MetaGlycemX is a fare bet for healthy maintenance of pre-diabetic and diabetic health condition.