Mobile Medical Alert Systems – Top Products, Features, Price & Reviews

Alert 1 is a company that offers medical alert to the paramedics and to the near ones in case of a medical emergency, or cases like a fall and not able to get up. There are many kinds of medical emergency alert devices that notify the dear and near as well as the emergency medical services. This medical alert system was made out of necessity by the founder Paul.

When Paul’s grandmother became older, he felt the need of a device that would alert him when she is in need. Thus, emerged these medical alert devices. There are all sorts of devices that are kept at home, personalized device that can be taken along etc. Besides, there also are devices that help with communication and also that are suitable when the person affected is in no condition of talking.

First alert medical alert system from Alert 1

Senior citizens these days are more to be independent than moving in with their children. This first alert medical alert system helps them stay put with their decision and also provide the needed support, all day long and 7 days a week. Just press the alert button when in need of a medical support. They will have both the medical assistance and their kin would also be notified so that they can rush in.

Mobile Medical Alert Systems
This mobile medical alert system is a medical emergency alert device.

It almost works as an elderly 911 where the recipient of the caller would immediately know that the caller is a senior and the person of the preferred phone number would be notified immediately. The panic button or the emergency button in the medical alert system will contact the Alert1 call centre from there the required person or 911 so that the paramedics would be notified.

General features of Alert 1 medical alert systems

  • The Alert 1 medical alert system works everywhere within USA within all the 50 states and in areas nearby you. You will never be out of coverage.
  • Trained personals would be handling the emergency calls so that you keep you calm and stay online until help arrives.
  • The medical alert system would be tested every month to check that it is up to mark.
  • There are multiple response centers so that you would never be ‘on wait’ until the call is passed to the emergency personnel.
  • There are devices for personal usage that can be carried all the time and there also are home alert systems that are constant in some place.
  • At Alert 1 there are fall detection system, medical alert system for personal or for home, and a home fall detection medical alert system. There also are other products such as miniature alert systems, system upgrades, wristbands, necklaces, pendants and medical ID bracelets.

How It Works?

The medical alert system would have a personally carried device part and a base device at home that would be connected to a telephone line. The affected person can press the emergency button on the home alert system or on the personal device if they have. The button makes an immediate call to the Alert 1 call centre. This call centre works 24 x 7. The operator will not guide you for assistance.

Meanwhile the operator would notify the kin or 911 whichever is relevant and preferred. The operator would also stay online until the medical assistance is reached.

The same works for the mobile medical alert devices. You press the emergency button and call is transferred to the call centers. With the mobile system there are facilities to locate you with the help of GPS so need not worry if you have no idea where you are.

There is also this fall detection device that can detect if you have taken a fall. It would automatically contact the Alert 1 and help will be sent sooner.

Tailor Made Responders

While setting up the responders whom you want to notify can be tailor made. Alert 1 would call any of these numbers – whether it is a family member, neighbor, or 911, first, as per your preference. While the Alert 1 contacts the preferred number first, they will also notify the family members and closer ones that you have provided to keep them in the loop.

Alert 1 Devices Coverage Area

The devices are categories as home systems and mobile systems. The home systems like the home medical alert system, a wireless device or a fall detection device, all have a maximum coverage area of 600 ft. that about covers the entire home and yard. The mobile devices like a wireless device that is used in case there are no landline, also have the same coverage area. The coverage area is the connection between the personal devices and to the home system which is the base line to get the call through and connected to the operator.

The alert button is waterproof so that you don’t need to remove it while in the shower. It is also no needed for you to reach for the phone to call for help. You can call for help from where you are. The alert button also enables the person to pick up the incoming call and no need to rush to the phone causing an unwanted emergency.

The Kelsi mobile device does not need a base station. The speaker, call button, and GPS system are all there in this small device. It can be carried anywhere and the coverage area does not apply for this. Besides, it can be worn as a pendant. PAX mobile fall detection is another medical alert system that does not require a coverage area. It can be used anywhere. The fall detection can detect a fall and contact the call centre or you are free to make a call if you can. The GPS technology helps locate the location to send the assistance when the person is in no condition to talk.

In short, Alert 1 medical alert systems can cover you and protect you anywhere. You can choose nay mode that is convenient to you. It helps you or the elderly to stay independent and yet feel safe and protected all the while.

Alert 1 Medical Alert System

PAX Mobile Fall Detection System

A fall detection system is an advanced device that can differentiate the everyday movements from that of a fall. It uses as many as 190 parameters for this differentiation. If any discrepancy is found, it alerts the call centre about the situation. The operator would call and ask if you need any help or not. If help is needed, they would help get the assistance from the family, friends, or 911. This device can also be used as a regular medical alert system by pressing the alert button. This PAX mobile fall detection system can be worn around the neck as a pendant or attach it to the waist.

The package of this mobile fall detection system includes the device, lanyard, a belt clip to attach it to the waist, a charger for recharging and the needed power cord and finally a user guide to help you set up the device.

Features of PAX Fall Detection System

  • It is a small device that is easy to carry or use it as a pendant. The dimensions are 2.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches with a weight of just 1.7 oz.
  • The device is waterproof and can be worn 24/7.
  • PAX fall detection device works on battery that can be recharged. Simply place the device on the charger to recharge it. Connect the recharger to the power outlet with the power cord provided. The battery with single recharge would last for 36 hours.
  • The help can reach anywhere within US in case of an emergency or a fall. Just make sure that you have to with you in person.
  • Notification would be sent to the family members, neighbors or 911 as per requirement. First thing they ask is if you need any help and the responder would be notified to make sure that you are fine.
  • The device has a speaker and a mike to talk to the operator.
  • The alert push button can be used for unlimited times for emergencies. There are no extra charges or limitations.
  • PAX mobile fall detection device uses the GPS technology and cellular technology to locate your precise location. So in case you have no idea about the exact location, the GPS technology can locate you and the help will reach you.
  • The best part is that if you are unable to press the alert button, the detector would detect the changes in movements and alert the call centre to have the help sent.
  • The device comes preprogrammed and ready to use. It needs only recharge for the battery. There would be voice prompts for activating it for the first time.
  • There is also a quick start guide to help with the initial setting up.
  • The PAX mobile fall detection device works all over USA and ONLY within USA.

PAX Mobile Fall Detection Payment Plans

The payment plans available are for monthly or annual. For monthly, the assistance is available for less than $60 per month and for annual subscription, it is just under $50 per month. There are no extra charges.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

PAX mobile fall detection device comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You are free to return it within this time period to get the full refund. The plan can be cancelled anytime with no hassles. There are no charges for the cancellation.

PAX Mobile Fall Detection System Customer Reviews

  • Eileen from Texas is relieved to have this fall detection. Her mother who had a fall had broken her hips. Because of this Alert 1 fall detection system, she was notified in time and was able to help her mother. She is more than happy that her mom didn’t have to spend hours on the floor without alerting anyone.
  • Rosanna from Seattle says when her mother fell down; the fall detector found it out and called her mother immediately. Assistance was sent in no time. She is happy that her mom can still be safe even if she is staying alone.
  • Jackie from Texas had problem with false alarms that the button get pressed too easily. Even after these many false alarms the Alert 1 is showing patience and care is what has impressed her most.
  • Harriet from Kansas City is too relieved that the fall detection device helped her 95 yr old mother to get her to the hospital in time and got a pacemaker installed for her.
  • Ragnar from CA was once notified when his father was unable to get into the bed after the bathroom. His father slid down on to the floor to sleep. But this movement was detected as fall by the device and Ragnar was alerted. He was able to reach sooner and helped his father to get back into bed.
  • David is a user of this PAX mobile fall detection device and is satisfied that the call centre is working properly and efficiently since they call him to ask if everything is fine, even he was simply changing from chair to chair. He feels secured with their responsibility and assistance.

Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System

The Kelsi mobile medical alert system is for on-the-go that can be carried with you. It needs no base station. It works on its own with battery power. This medical alert device has a microphone and a speaker in its miniature make. It is so small that you can use it as a pendant around your neck and be assured that it stays with you all the while.

Kelsi mobile medical alert system does not require you to take any new cellular plans to change yours. It has all been done already. This device uses the T-Mobile cellular network within USA to locate, communicate, and alert.

Features Of Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System

  • Kelsi mobile medical alert device is the smallest with a size of only 1.7 sq. inches and a thickness of 0.7 inches.
  • It is light weighted with a weight of only 1.2 oz.
  • It works with the power of a rechargeable battery. The life of this battery with a single charge is 2 months approximately.
  • It has a push button in the middle pushing on which the user would be connected to the Alert 1 call centre. Assistance is asked for and is also sent when needed.
  • The Kelsi mobile alert device has a speaker as well as a microphone installed in it.
  • It does not require a cellular connection to it as it is already connected to the T-Mobile cellular network. The connection is done via them.
  • The location finding is also enabled in it to locate the user when the person is unaware of where they are. It uses the 911 location technology for this purpose.
  • The package includes a Kelsi device, AC wall charger, lanyard, attachments for keychain, or a belt loop. This can be attached to a key chain, on to the belt or use as a pendant.
  • The device is shower-proof so safe to use all the while, even when taking a bath.
  • Unlimited number of alerts is allowed with this device. You could push it whenever you need assistance.
  • The device comes fully activated and ready to use. It just need to be charged before you use it.
  • The device is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee with no hassles. The subscription could also be cancelled anytime if the services are no longer required.

How It Works

There is a small button at the centre of the device. In case of a medical emergency, press this button and a call from this device is made to the Alert 1 call centre. An operator would be available sooner and asks for any help. You can pinpoint the location and state of your health. Services are available throughout the day and night.

Meanwhile the Alert 1 would notify the person that you have already preferred at the time of purchase. The operator will be willing to stay online until help or the medics are arrived. Notifying the 911 would also be done for the needed. Just remember to recharge the battery promptly every other day.

Kelsi Mobile Alert System Payment Plans

The payment plans available are monthly and annual. The monthly charges are applicable at $46 per month and the annual subscription will have the monthly charge reduced to only $36 per month. Yes, you need to keep renewing to enjoy the security of this mobile medical alert system.

Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System Customer Reviews

  • Leonard feels that Kelsi mobile device is a constant companion that watches his back. He feels safer knowing that the help is so near, just a button away. He also finds the choice of responders very convenient.
  • Larry’s mother who is 95 yrs old and quite independent felt threatened that her independence is gone when she had a fall. With this mobile medical alert system she feels confident and is staying alone in her home. With this device no one is far away from her.
  • Mercedes is concerned that there is not much information regarding the use of this batter operated device being used so close the body, for those who have pacemakers installed inside them.
  • Kellee is another happy customer who had her grandmother using this device. Her grandmother was kept calm by the Alert 1 operator until the help arrived. He was notified within a minute of the mishap and is quite satisfied with the response she got from Alert 1.

Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

The home fall detection medical alert system is a combination of a base station and a pendant to be worn by the person. This system works as a combination. It can detect the fall automatically and trigger a call to the Alert 1 command center. It can work within a range and the pendant and the base station should not be far away from each other. The other formalities are the same as basic procedure of Alert 1 alert system. A call to the command center will notify the dear and near for help and even 911 when it is in dire need.

Features Of Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

  • This combination of base station and the fall detection pendant has a range of 400 ft. the pendant must be within this range to trigger the call to Alert 1. So just make sure that the home station is installed almost at the centre of the home or the compound. This will enable the person to go out to the backyard or the garden to collect the mail.
  • The base station or the POM is connected to the power outlet as well as to the landline with a phone cord.
  • The pendant holds the sensor for the fall detection. Its size is the smallest in market with a dimension of 1.7 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches. It weighs only 1. oz.
  • The fall detection pendant works on battery that has a life period of more than 2 years. It also has a low battery detection feature that helps you remind the status of the battery life.
  • The device is safe to use by persons with a pacemaker in their heart.
  • The fall detection pendant is water proof and can be worn 24/7 without worries.
  • There are no limitations on number of calls or alerts allowed and neither is there any talk time limits. Services are available every single day and round the clock.
  • The whole idea is to make people feel safe when they are living alone so when in need, the call operator will be staying with the affected until proper help or medical services have arrived on the spot.
  • The POM is fully pre-programmed and ready to use. It needs to be plugged in and you are good to go.
  • This home fall detection medical alert system is compatible to work along with a landline. If you don’t have a landline, opt for the wireless version.

How Does This Home Fall Detection Medical Alert System Work?

The work mechanism of this home fall detection medical alert system is more physics. You need to recall what you
studies in your physics class, just remember about the speed, velocity, acceleration, force, and gravity. Yes, all of these come into the picture here. To make things easier, the basics is that every person has a certain speed while walking on the earth that keeps the objects on it by gravity. There is the person’s speed and the gravitational force that determines the acceleration or normal speed of a person.

Should the person take a fall, this acceleration rate would come down to zero. This sudden change in the acceleration would be detected as a fall. Once the fall is detected, a call to the Alert 1 is triggered.

The accelerometer or the sensor that detects these changes is in the fall detection pendant worn by the person. The alert button works automatically to make the call if the fall is detected.

All tests have been done to ensure there are no false alarms and the fall detection can identify the change in speed and normal movements to detect the fall as a real fall.

The alert button can also be pressed if the person is fit enough to do it. Otherwise the device can detect itself and figure out to make an automatic call. The pendant does not have a microphone or a speaker that is with the base station that has a loud speaker.

Price Options For Home Fall Detection Medical Alert

The price options are annual and monthly. Recharge is done every month until the services are no longer needed. The monthly charges are less for the annual subscription. There is also a 30-day money back guarantees that gets you 100% refund in case the subscription is cancelled within this period.

Who Can Benefit From This Fall Detection System?

Senior citizens who are staying alone can have this safe and secured alert system. This helps them keep their independence and yet assured that they are not alone and that the help is closer to their heart.

It also benefits younger people who have any medical condition that causes them to faint often. This fall detection device would notify the near ones of their mishap and can rush in for help. They no longer have to wait for someone to note them to get help.

Home Fall Detection Medical Alert Customer Reviews

  • Pamm whose mother suffering from arthritis had a soft fall on the carpet, was immediately notified by the Alert 1. Her mother didn’t need medical assistance, only a little help to get up. She comments the immediate response from Alert 1 and is happy that there would be immediate help if her mother really needed any medical assistance.
  • Robert has this fall detection set up for his uncle who took a fall and broke his neck. The fall detection didn’t set off automatically somehow but he managed to push the alert button and inform the operator that he is unable to move. Paramedics were quick to reach the spot and took him to the hospital. Robert is relieved that because of this alert system his uncle didn’t have to wait hours before the tine for his usual call.
  • Marie has got the fall detection set up at her parents’ home and both her parents use the pendants. Once her mom had to lay helpless for hours and that’s when they got this fall detection. They have already used it a few times for her mom fell many times. Each time, the help has been prompt and quick.

Home Medical Alert System

Home medical alert system is a manual operated alert system. One must push the alert button on the pendant that is provided. This pendant and ‘necklace’ must be worn by the person all the time. The pendant and a base station works as a team. The pendant has the alert button and the POM has the loud speaker and microphone for communicating with the Alert 1 centre.

Features Of Home Medical Alert System

  • Home medical alert system from Alert 1 has a range of 600 ft, which means the pendant and the base station should be within 600 ft of each other.
  • The base unit has the loud speaker and microphone to speak to the call operator at Alert 1.
  • The emergency call button is located in the pendant that can be worn around the neck. This device is small with a measurement of 1 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches altogether and a weight of mere 0.4 oz.
  • The call alert button device works on battery that has a life of more than 5 years. It is fully compatible to use with pacemakers.
  • The base unit operates on AC power and there is also a 24 hour power back up battery in it to keep the unit alive in case of power outrage.
  • The device is water proof so can stay assured that to wont get damaged and can be worn 24/7. It can be worn as a necklace or as a wristband whichever is comfortable. Fashionable accessories are also available, separately from Alert 1.
  • The whole package includes a POM unit, an emergency call button device, a phone cord, AC wall plug and a quick start guide.
  • The unit performs an automatic testing every 28 days to make sure that it is on good condition.
  • There are no limitations on how many times you can sue this facility.
  • There is no installation hassle as it comes ready to use. The only thing you need to do is to plug in and connect to the landline.
  • The whole unit has a 30-day money back guarantee should you decide to return it. You can also cancel the facility anytime with no cancellation fees.

How Does The Home Medical Alert System Work?

This home medical alert system works in association with the landline at home. The unit is plugged to the power outlet with the AC wall plug and the phone cord connects it to the landline to enable the call service. The unit is also connected with the alert button device.

When the emergency call button on the pendant is pressed, an alert is sent to the Alert 1 who makes a call to the base unit. The call could be heard from the speaker and can also communicate to him/her via this. An alert is also sent to the immediate contact number for help. Alert 1 would also contact the 911 for immediate medical assistance.
In case the person affected is not able to communicate, do not worry, the POM unit is equipped with the location accuracy facility, and the help would reach the spot in no time.

Pricing Details Of Home Medical Alert System

The pricing is done as annual or as monthly subscription. Needless to say that, the annual fee is a cheaper option than the monthly when it comes to monthly cost.

Home Medical Alert System Customer Reviews

  • Lucy was an affected person who called the alert and got immediate help and medics to take her to the hospital. Although it was routine to call the family members on this emergency, Lucy is happy that Alert 1 did not contact her daughter upon her request due to the work schedule. She only called her daughter once she reached hospital. She largely appreciates for honoring her wishes.
  • Carol had to use the emergency call button when her husband collapsed and the response was within 30 seconds. They also notified the police and emergency services to take him to the hospital. He was later diagnosed with pneumonia.
  • Lousianne got this medical alert system for her mother who suffers from bouts of congestive heart failure. When her mother used this emergency button, help was arrived within 5 minutes and was taken to the hospital.

Alert 1 Medical Alert Systems Pricing Comparison

When you compare the Alert 1 medical alert systems, the cheapest of all, price wise for per month charge, is the Home medical alert system. It costs less than $27 for the annual plan. As for most of the features, ease to use and convenience, the prize goes to the PAX Mobile fall detection system. But at the same time, this mobile fall detection system is also the costliest of all.

When there is no landline connection, people can opt for the wireless mobile system like this. It offers all the features like round the clock protection, unlimited button usage, accessibility all around in and out, notification to the family, friends or 911, can be taken on-the-go and most importantly, fall detection feature and can also use as a simple medical alert device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a non-English speaking person? How do I explain myself to the Alert 1 operator?

You need not worry, at the time of installation or purchase the preferred language will be filed. When there is an emergency, there would be a translator standby-by to help you with. Alert 1 offers services in 190 different languages and all the languages are listed in the official site for referral.

Do I need professional assistance for the installation of the medical alert systems?

No, the medical alert systems are ready to use. The base unit is to be connected with the landline and also to the AC power outlet and you are done. The instructions are given in the quick start guide provided in the package.

Is the medical alert system covered by insurance?

Unfortunately most of the medical insurance plans do not cover the medical alert systems.

Is there separate payment for the device?

No, the device comes along with the chosen plan for the alert system. Whether it is the monthly plan or annual plan, the unit is included in the pricing. There is no spate charge for it. But yes, there might be a onetime installation charge for the same.

Can I get refund for any plan that I choose, provided it is within the 30 days?

No, only the annual plan has the 30-day refund guarantee. 100% money refund is guaranteed. It is not applicable for the monthly plans. Consider it as a trial period for the facilities. There are no separate trial period offers.

What if I forgot to renew my annual charges?

There can be fewer chances of that as a reminder bill will be sent 30 days prior to the expiration date so you can make necessary arrangements.

How do I add contacts of people as emergency responders?

A My Account would be created by the user and there you may add the list of people and their contact numbers as the responders. You can prioritize the contact anytime.

What is the maximum number of responders I can add to my circle?

The maximum limit is 3 responders. It would be better if at least one of them is nearby and can reach you within a few minutes. If there are no kin or friends who are residing nearby, it would be ideal to have the 911 set as the primary responder.

What do I do if my address or other contact details have changed?

You can update the latest contact info in your account to keep it updated.

How long would it take the product to reach me once I have ordered it?

It takes about 2-3 days for the product to be delivered. Please note that the facility is available and shipped only within USA.

From where do the call operators work? Is the service outsourced?

No the service is not outsourced and all the call attendees are within the country and operate here only.

How can the medical alert systems work for a hearing impaired person?

It is still possible. For them there is a non-verbal emergency protocol that must be set up from the start. Do contact the customer care for more details.

What is the average response period after pressing the alert button?

The response call should happen anywhere within 20-45 seconds. The time depends on how fast the operators can get your file out and get connected to you.

What if the battery in my alert button is down?

The alert button battery is for 5 years and more. There is also a background check on the button and you will be sent a new button even f you have no idea that you needed a new one.

What does the red light in my medical alert system mean?

The red light indicates that the battery of the base unit is charging. It takes about 48 hours to be fully charged. It needs charging when it is first set up and also after a long power outrage when the battery was in use.


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