As much as you love your spouse or partner, snoring is something that is too irritating. It can take your sleep away. Yes, there are some ways medically to solve this problem. The simplest of them is to have a mouthpiece that completely stops the snoring. MpowRx snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece is your solution. MpowRx snoring solution is easy to use and no need for medical assistance. It is completely safe to use and has been in market for a while. In fact MpowRx is the pioneer in the mouthpiece that stops the snoring. MpowRx mouthpiece is also available under the name Good Morning Snore Solution.

MpowRx Snoring And Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Benefits

This is a small device that is one size fits for all. The device is clinically proven and does not cause any unnecessary jaw pain. There are no serious side effects, only some discomfort which will be gone one the person get used to this. All major health departments also approve the device. It is a risk-free option to solve the snoring issue.

This product is created by Dr. Leslie Dort who is a dentist and sleep researcher. This compact device looks like a baby pacifier. This can be an ideal replacement for the CPAP device that costs mush higher.

MpowRx Anti-snoring Vs Snoredoc Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece
MpowRx is a risk free option to solve the snoring issue and sleep apnea. This is a small device that is one size fits for all. Made of safe and BPA free materials, this mouthpiece is very efficient and comfortable.

MpowRx Health & Wellness Products Inc

MpowRx snoring solution mouthpiece is marketed under the brand MpowRx Helath and Wellness Inc. The company markets this single product MpowrX or the Good Morning Snoring Solution. Both the product names are for the same device but marketed by 2 companies. The Good Morning Snoring Solution is where the device is marketed by the creator, herself.

MpowRx Company is located in Calgary, Canada. The company markets the same product in over 85 countries, at an affordable price. it also comes with a risk free 90-day money back guarantee.

How Does The Mpowrx Snoring Solution Work?

There are 2 types of snoring solutions. One stops snoring by supporting the jaw that tends to open causing air passage block. The other method is by displacing the tongue in such a way that allows more space for the air to pass through. As you know, it is the block in the air passage that results in snoring. By allowing space for the air to pass through the problem is solved.

The MpowRx mouthpiece pulls the tongue slightly forward to allow more gap for the air to pass. This clears the blocked airways. When the air flows smoothly there will be no sound and the person could enjoy peaceful and quite sleep.

For the sleep apnea, it works in the same manner and allows uninterrupted air flow. The breathing pattern will be smooth and normal all throughout the night.

How Safe Is It To Use The MpowRx Snoring Device

The MpowRx snoring solution is a single piece shaped in the needed manner. Following the instructions carefully makes it safe and easy to use. The only problem could be that the person may take time to get adjusted to this.

During the initial days there might be cases of excess saliva production or discomfort. It takes a while before the person could use it throughout the night. These problems have no solution. The users will have to find a mid way to get adjusted. Once the body is adjusted to this, there will not be any problems.

The only thing to be careful is that this MpowRx mouthpiece should not come in contact with heat, get cut, or exposed to any abrasions. Any cut makes sharper edges that can harm the user.

People who have cold or other breathing problems or respiratory issues should not use this MpowRx snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece. Otherwise, MpowRx snoring solution is a safe option to tackle snoring and sleep apnea.

Caring For The MpowRx Snoring Solution

This mouthpiece should be washed regularly, that means, every single day of its use. Clean it in the morning with a certified cleaning solution for this purpose. You can get the denture cleaning product from the pharmacy. It is mostly in the form of tablets or solution. Use only cold water to wash the mouthpiece and allow it to dry completely, away from heat. Never use harsh chemicals or hot water for the cleaning as it cause damage to the device.

MpowRx buying

MpowRx is not easily available from online stores like Amazon or eBay. It is not an over the counter solution for snoring. You need to have a doctor’s prescription to get the device. The basic way to get the snoring solution mouthpiece is to get it from the manufacturer’s site. The mouthpiece is cheaper when you purchase it as a combo of 2.

MpowRx is manufactured in Calgary, Canada. It is marketed in many other counties also. The MpowRx snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece is cleared by the health advisories of many countries such as USA, UK, Australia, and other European countries.

MpowRx Price

The price of a single mouthpiece of this snoring solution is a bit high. It is costly when you have just one piece. There is a deal like having 2 pieces together that comes at much cheaper price. A single piece costs you around $170. When you buy it as a pair, it is just under $200.

The MpowRx price includes that of the mouthpiece, a storage case for the device and the instruction manual.

The MpowRx mouthpiece comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Full refund will be done upon returning the product within 30 days. The catch is to use it continuous for a minimum of 28 days.

MpowRx Coupon Codes

MpowRx can be purchased at discounted rates with the help of many coupon codes. The leading online coupon code shops have many codes to help you get offers like buy 1 get 1, 50% off, $30 off or other similar deals. All you need to do is to make sure that the code is valid and apply it while checking out.

MpowRx Snoring Solution Reviews

MpowrX is ideal for those with large tongue, periodontal problems, complicated dentition, and therapy with CPAP, edentulous, people with misplaced jaw, those who grind their teeth, and those who have denture wear. People of most categories can use this snoring solution mouthpiece.

The customers have mixed reviews about this product with majority supporting the usefulness of it. The fact that this mouthpiece is uncomfortable in the initial days does not fit well with many and they opt out of trying it anymore.

Those who manage to survive find it useful and are leading peaceful life and quite sleep ever after. MpowRx is made of quality material and can be used forever if it is maintained well with no damage of any kind. In that case it is a onetime investment and a lot cheaper than having to go under the knife to solve the snoring problem.

  • Jackie’s husband found success within 4 days of using MpowRx. They say, they can feel rested at last.
  • Keri also has the similar case of snoring husband and this mouthpiece came as a savior.
  • Patricia had used all the sleep apnea devices like chin straps or dental devices, but none of them had any long lasting cure for snoring as did the MpowRx.

AveoTSD vs MpowRx

AveoTSD and MpowRx are both tongue retaining mouthpieces to stop snoring and cure sleep apnea. The only difference between them is in their mechanism. While the MpowRx indirectly pulls the tongue forward, very slightly to allow more air path, the AveoTSD suctions on to the tongue and prevents it from going back and block the air passage.

A device that is practically stuck on to the tongue may not be really comfortable but AveoTSD can be used, even by those with a full denture wear, having loose tooth or suffering from joint jaw pain.


This unconventionally shaped mouthpiece is very effective in curing snoring and sleep apnea. It is smaller than other mouthpieces in the market. Made of safe and BPA free materials, this mouthpiece is very efficient and comfortable, one you get used to it. The 90-day guarantee helps you try it longer to check if you can get used to it. So make full use of this offer.