Naavudi – Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

Magnus Naavudi – Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

Worried about your blood sugar levels? Thinking, how to promote healthy glucose metabolism. Now, here’s an answer to all your worries. Try Naavudi. It is a natural extract that helps you in managing the healthy blood sugar levels. Besides, it is a unique mix of high-grade, natural herbs and extracts that are clinically tested with no side effects. Further, read on to know more about Naavudi to naturally lower blood sugar. Equally, read out its other details like reviews, ingredients, dosage and much more…

About Naavudi to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

It is a natural supplement from CLE Holistic Health that helps you maintain healthy blood sugar without experiencing any kinds of side effects. It is a mix of unique components like Indian Bay Leaf, Fenugreek, Java Plum, Malabar Kino Bark, Bitter Melon, Holy Basil, Gurmarbooti, Kutki Root, and Indian Lilac that work synergistically together. However, after having this supplement you will find an array of benefits for this product.

Naavudi benefits

  • It helps at maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Equally, it maintains insulin sensitivity.
  • Promotes healthy blood glucose metabolism.
  • Lowers cravings for simple carbohydrates and sweets.
  • Enhances physical adaptability.

Magnus Naavudi – Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

CLE Holistic Health Naavudi – Promote healthy glucose metabolism

Naavudi is a natural supplement that works well for all kinds of diabetes, insulin dependent as well as insulin resistant diabetes. The problem associated with the glucose metabolism is corrected naturally.

Naavudi ingredients

  • Malabar Kino Bark – This is a beneficial component that has been used over the past few years in treating diabetes in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It works at enhancing the circulation of blood and red blood cells which in turn reduces the risk of strokes from blood clotting.
  • Bitter Melon – According to many studies, Bitter Melon comes with a huge range of health benefits. It reduces blood sugar through increased metabolism of glucose.
  • Fenugreek – This is a common herb that has been proven effective in the treatment of blood glucose levels.
  • Java Plum – Java Plum is a native to India and Southeast Asia. It is used in many traditional Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Indian Lilac – This well-known herb is beneficial in glucose metabolism. Equally, it prevents or delays the onset of diabetes.
  • Kutki root – Kutki root is a natural remedy for liver support and many other health conditions.
  • Holy Basil – Holy Basil is a native to Southeast Asia and it has been medically used for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Gurmarbooti – This is commonly referred to as a sugar destroyer. Also, helps with sugar cravings and supports healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Indian Bay Leaf – Indian Bay Leaf has been medicinally used from the ancient times for a wide range of conditions, mainly for high blood sugar levels.
  • Other ingredients – Vegetable Cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Stearate.
Magnus Naavudi – Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

Naavudi dosage

It is advised to take Naavudi, 2 capsules per day along with food. But, the best results are noticed within 4-6 weeks of its regular use.


  • Hypoglycemics and diabetic patients must consult their health expert before having this product.
  • Equally, keep them out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if the safety seal of this product is damaged or missing.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.

How Naavudi Works?

It works by lowering the blood sugar levels (regardless of whether you are eating regularly or fasting). Equally, when you take this Naavudi supplement, the ingredients present in this formula will reach the areas, mainly responsible for blood sugar production and insulin.

Naavudi side effects

First of all, there are no side effects, yet reported for this product. Equally, it made using high-quality ingredients in a GMP certified facility. So, there’s nothing to worry about Naavudi. Overall, you may use it safely…

Naavudi reviews

Overall, this product has received 4.8 stars out of 5 from its users. Naavudi is a natural glucose support for people who are concerned about the amount of sugar present in their body. Moreover, it has proven effective in combating an array of complications associated with diabetes and other blood sugar related issues. It has given effective results for most of the users and they are quite happy with the results. Thus, you will find only positive results mentioned for this formula. Most of them are saying, Naavudi is a right supplement which can give you the right nutrients for maintaining the blood sugars…

Naavudi customer reviews

  • Maria Jacova states “Well, I would say that Naavudi is a concentrated formula of beneficial ingredients. Good at supporting my blood sugar levels.”
  • Rocher Jane states “So far I have not experienced any problems after having this product.”
  • Nathan Roscoe states “Really, it works! My home sugar test before using Naavudi was 128–140 and the lab tests were around 120. After using this formula my home test has dropped to 98. Quite happy with the results obtained.”
  • Richard Hastings states “My experience with this product is quite impressive.”
  • George Burns states “I have been through many products. But nothing worked except Naavudi. Amazon, CLE Holistic health!”
  • Sara Paul states “This is a quality product. After taking it, now I have more energy and thus feeling very great with Naavudi.”

Where to buy Naavudi? Naavudi for sale

It is available for sale at the manufacturer’s website at You may purchase them at a cheaper price with many discount and promo offers. Further, it would be good that you visit their concerned website for more needed information.

Naavudi at amazon

Yes, Naavudi capsules are available at popular online destinations like amazon. Overall, it has received 5/5 stars from its regular customers. But, you will see only a few customer reviews for this product. Further, check the website for more information on Naavudi.

Frequently asked questions

What foods should I take to stabilize the blood sugar levels?

Overall, it would be good to have foods that are rich in natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee or return policy available for this product, offered by CLE Holistic Health?

Yes, there is a 30 days return policy available for this product. Thus, you may return them within 30 days, if you are unsatisfied with the results obtained.

What about the shipping policy?

CLE charges certain shipping amounts on all their products. Shipping charges within Amazon and Canada are $9.95 USD and the rest of the world is $1.95 USD.

When will I receive my order?

It will take around 3 to 5 business days for Canadian and US orders. While international orders will take around 7 to 10 days to deliver the orders.

Where should I contact to clear my doubts and queries?

Well, it’s quite simple! For clearing your doubts, you may send a mail at or call at 1800.503.7642 (for the US and Canada) and +1(604)715.4286 (outside the US and Canada).


Finally, managing your blood glucose levels is one of the most important aspects of your health. You can’t neglect them. So, go for this natural remedy Naavudi. It is specially meant for people who struggle with diabetes and equally works as a preventive care for them…

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