Natrol Biotin 10,000mcg Tablets, Maximum Strength - 100 ea

Natrol Biotin

  • Promotes Healthy Hair and Strong Nails.
  • Supports Cellular Energy Production.
  • 100% Vegetarian.

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Natrol Biotin 10000 mcg is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy and lustrous hair, and healthy looking skin and nails. It also increases the cellular energy level. This is made by Natrol manufacturers that make high quality supplements, sports nutrition, and herbal teas.

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Natrol Biotin Customer Reviews & User Ratings

  • Mia tried these supplements to grow her hair. She usually takes months to have it grown a little longer. Mia got positive results sooner than expected. She had her hair grown longer within a few days. She also had her nails growing healthier and faster.
  • Nathalia got relief from her dry hair and now has longer nails. She took the usual dose of 1 pill a day and got the results as expected.
  • Coyote who is more into manual labor had brittle nails. With the help of biotin supplements he now has stronger nails that do not beak often. The nails also grow faster.
  • Ella is among those rare customers who had to suffer the side effects of Biotin. She tried Natrol Biotin but ended up having acne. Ella was unaware of the cause in the beginning and then accidentally came upon that high dose of biotin can cause acne. She immediately stopped the supplement. Ella took acne medications that still have biotin in it. But the trick is that it had only low dose of biotin. The moral is that people with acne prone skin stay away from Natrol Bitoin.
  • Roxanne had a disappointing result with Biotin. She in fact did not get any positive response for her hair or skin. But her better half had the opposite effect with stronger hair visible to all.


Natrol Biotin 10000 mcg For Hair & Skin
Natrol Biotin 10000 mcg is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy and lustrous hair, and healthy looking skin and nails. It can influence the metabolism, glucose intolerance, blood sugar level, cognitive health, good for cardiovascular system, thyroids, adrenals and repair tissues and muscles.

Natrol Biotin Ingredients

The only ingredients in Natrol Biotin are biotin and calcium.

  • Calcium is in the form of Calcium phosphate.
  • Biotin is 10,000 micrograms and calcium makes 66 mg in this formulation.

Biotin or vitamin B7 contains many health benefits. Natrol Biotin contains high dose of this vitamin, 10,000 mcg. Since the hair loss requires high dose, Natrol Biotin supplements comply with it to aid in hair re-growth, and maintaining healthy nails and skin.

The other ingredient is calcium which is in the form of dibasic calcium phosphate. The dibasic calcium phosphate is essential for strong bones, teeth, and nails. Calcium is essential for nerve communication and by restoring calcium it ensures the nerve communication is smooth and thus helps in overall health.More Details »

Natrol Biotin Side Effects

There are no major side effects of biotin. If at all there is, those side effects are rare and not widely seen.

  • Acne: The common side effects among those are cystic acne. Biotin redistributes fats and oils on the skin. People with oily skin or acne prone skin might find this effect disturbing it would cause more breakouts. People with acne prone skin have suffered this problem. Natrol biotin contain high dose of biotin that would have higher effects. The only way to remedy this is to lower the dose to 1/4th. But the best course is to consult the doctor before starting with this supplement.
  • Allergies are rare occurrence with biotin supplements. It happens mainly for those who are allergic to vitamin B12. People who are allergic to this vitamin would have the same reaction to biotin also. The reactions are like nausea, itchy rashes on the skin, and tightness in the chest, swelling in face or throat. If any of these symptoms are seen, immediately stop the supplement and seek medical assistance at the earliest.
  • Miscarriage: For some unidentified reasons, biotin high dose can induce miscarriage. Pregnant women should NEVER take biotin supplements; the same applies for lactating mothers as well.
  • Drug interactions are the other main problem with biotin supplements. Medications for high cholesterol, diabetic medications, drugs for heart or ling health etc can pose problem when taken with biotin.

Natrol Biotin Benefits

Natrol Biotin is a supplement that has water soluble vitamin that is necessary for the cell growth and for metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It acts as a Coenzyme to assist in these metabolic processes. The basic use of Natrol Biotin is simple and precise- to help with healthy growth of hair, and maintenance of nails and skin. The result of regular dose of Biotin is healthy looking luxurious hair to match the energetic body.

There also are other benefits of having biotin inside the body. It can influence the metabolism, glucose intolerance, blood sugar level, cognitive health, good for cardiovascular system, thyroids, adrenals and repair tissues and muscles.

Let’s have a look at some of them

  • For hair, skin and nails: The thin, brittle, split ends hair, dry and irritated skin and fragile nails are caused by lack of enough vitamin B7 or biotin in the system. Taking high doses of this vitamin is used as treatment for hair loss, weak hair, and nail. It could also take part is remedying acne, fungal infections, skin rashes and dry or cracked skin. Biotin properly distributes the fats and improves the fat metabolism that would eventually leads to healthier skin with enough ingredients in it. It can impart some glossiness into the skin.
  • Healthy metabolism: Biotin or the vitamin B7 can regulate the genes that control the metabolism. It regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins, and glucose. It also helps with the proper utilization of blood glucose for energy production. The deficiency of this vitamin is often seen as sluggish metabolism, low energy, and fatigue. By having a healthy metabolic rate these symptoms are easily remedied and is also rewarded with high energy.
  • Diabetes: Biotin can control the gene that stimulates the release of glucose by the liver. By controlling this gene, there would be less glucose release into the blood. Deficiency of this vitamin is often related to glucose intolerance and poor utilization of blood glucose that causes Type 2 diabetes. By controlling the genes itself, it regulates the blood sugar level and also ensures that the released glucose is properly used for energy production by increasing the metabolic rate.

Other benefits include

  • Cognitive health: The use of biotin in the cognitive health by its role in the fat metabolism. With proper fat metabolism there would be enough essential fatty acids produced that helps the brain. Even if there were enough of these fatty acids, an improper metabolism could make them unavailable. With biotin, the metabolism is corrected so does the brain function. This way biotin could even stop the degenerative diseases. Moreover, biotin is among those rare compounds that can reach the brain through the blood.
  • Heart health: Biotin or vitamin B7 can defend the body against heart diseases. It can prevent the plaque buildup in the blood vessels, thereby preventing heart attacks and stroke. It can lower the bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. In another way, poor metabolism, lack of enough essential fatty acids, glucose intolerance, high blood sugar levels, all of these mostly associated with lack of enough biotin could cause heart diseases. With enough biotin and by correcting these bodily functions, biotin helps prevent heart problems.
  • Thyroid and adrenal health: All the bodily functions are related to thyroids and adrenals. If these are not working properly then it is reflected as lack of energy and sluggishness mainly. Biotin helps to reset these and prevent adrenal fatigue. With these working properly there would also not be cases of sleep problems, mood swing, hunger etc.
  • Repair tissues and muscles: Muscles need protein. Biotin can help with protein metabolism and provide the amino acids needed for the muscle building. By providing the same amino acids it can also help with the muscle repair process. Biotin is also known for the tissue repair ability of most kinds of cells. Biotin is also important for nucleoside production that is essential for tissue repair.

Importance Of Biotin Supplements

Biotin is part of the vitamin B-complex. It is also called vitamin B7 or H. biotin assists the cells in converting the food into energy and thus makes the cellular energy. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause brittle nails, hair loss, and dull looking skin.

Biotin is not largely produced inside the body so it is got from the daily diet. The significance of Biotin supplement is that this vitamin is not stored inside the body. This could cause the deficiency of this vitamin. Biotin is also responsible for providing many enzymes for the metabolic activities.
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Natrol Biotin Dosage

The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day. The dose is already very high so under no circumstances should one increase the dose. Overdose can cause many unpleasant effects. The supplements are meant for adults and not for use by children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut the tablets in half for a half dose?

Yes, the tablets are circular that can be cut into half easily. But that can reduce the effects, especially if the aim is hair growth. For hair re-growth after huge loss, it needs as much biotin as it can to have it healthy.

How long does a single bottle of biotin last?

A single bottle has 100 tablets that would last for 3 months’ supply.

How long would it take to show the results?

That is entirely dependent on the person who is taking it. Some have immediate results within a week or more, while others many take 1-2 months to see any actual result. On an average it should be 3-4 weeks to start showing improvement.

Is there any remedy for the acne caused by biotin?

Drinking plenty of water can help with acne that is not too much. There are users who tried this method successfully and got rid of the acne as well.

Does Natrol Biotin works for facial hair also?

Am afraid it’s not! Many have tried this with no success. So it is concluded that biotin is effective for scalp hair rather than facial hair. It is not a good idea to have it for beard or Moustache.