Kidneys are essential organ of the body and failure of them can be fatal. The kidney diseases usually cause more troubles to the nephrons.

When the nephrons are affected the damage is immediate or bound to happen slowly and silently. When it is silent it is more dangerous since there might not be any symptoms until it is too late. There are many diseases and external factors that can cause a kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure.

Causes for Kidney Failure

Diabetes results in more sugar in blood. The excess sugar can later turn to be poison. This excess sugar damages the nephrons and this condition is known as diabetic kidney disease. The high blood pressure damages the small blood carrying vessels and filtering of waste from the blood fails to happen.

The other causes for kidney failure are glomerular diseases a collective term for many types of kidney diseases like autoimmune, infected related, sclerotic diseases etc. Glomerular disease is slow in action and is diagnosed with the help of biopsy. Kidney troubles are also hereditary and if this type of troubles is diagnosed early then with medications the kidneys can be saved from getting damaged. Sometimes trauma, injury, or poison can also cause kidney failure.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Failure

The damage done to the kidney when they fail to perform cannot rectify easily or permanently so it is important to take care of its function naturally. The natural ‘cure’ may not apply in this case but natural remedies can sure help dealing with the situation.

  • Including any other herbs, fruits, or vegetables that are diuretic in nature can help with kidney failure.
  • Cucumber Juice mixed with carrot juice is an excellent home remedy for kidney failure. It is a natural cleanser and can help flush out more toxins from the system. Cucumber juice can also dissolve kidney stones.
  • Radish is another natural cleanser than can help eliminate harmful waste.
  • Avoid salt or taking very less amount to eliminate the risk of high blood pressure, taking more natural water than drinking so much of other sweetened drinks and juices, taking herbal supplements etc can also help in helping the body when suffering from kidney failure.