Detoxification is the process of elimination of any kind of toxins from inside the body. The metabolic processes releases many toxins and wastes into the blood stream and by regular exposure to chemicals from inside or outside the home also contributes to the toxic level in the body. Our body has the natural ability to cleanse itself of these toxins. Such cleansing process happens behind the curtain and continues to happen until it no longer can. The diet and the lifestyle and the surroundings add to this toxin collection. But the human body can work wonders. It naturally fights there pollutants and does its own elimination processes as well. It is the combination of both these ability that makes staying healthy possible even in the modern polluting environment.

The Detoxification Process

Detoxification process is like spring cleaning that is not easy. Imagine a house full of clutter and think about the time it would take to clean each and every room and space. Compare the same house to our body. Toxins are present all over the body. The main organ responsible for the detoxification purpose is the liver. But due to accumulation of toxins even the liver cannot do enough cleaning. There has to be some outside assistance like not to take up more toxins inside or release any trapped toxins that are already in the system. But that is impossible. The only way is to stop the external toxins from entering and to try to eliminate the existing toxins one by one. This happens in a slow and steady manner. The detoxification process takes its own sweet time.

Importance of Detoxification

The current generation is more exposed to all kinds of toxins and chemicals in daily life than the generations in the past. Over time our body gets these toxins from the environment, chemicals used to clean the house, detergents, soaps, shampoos etc. All these items emit some kind of chemicals that can be generalized as toxins. Over accumulation of such toxins in the body can cause many chronic or serious diseases.

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Diseases like sinus, coughing, sneezing, bloating, constipation, headaches, insomnia, weight gain, and more serious diseases like fibromyalgia, arthritis, eczema, pancreatitis, allergies, thyroid problems, cardio diseases etc are one way or the other caused by the presence of toxic chemicals in the system. It is either the very presence of the toxins in large amounts or the failed natural detoxification by the body, the fact is that even if we don’t have any diseases these harmful chemicals are present in our body and the body does its part in cleaning them. But everything has a limit. The body can do only so much. The rest of the part has to be done by us.

Our Role in Detoxification

What we can do to help our body is to avoid some obvious contaminants, drink or eat some healthy natural detoxifying items that aids in eliminating these toxins, indulge in physical activities that can release as much toxins that are trapped in the fat molecules and other substances in the body and by drinking plenty of water and flush out all those released pollutants from the blood stream.

Toxins to Avoid

The first process of eliminating toxins is to stop the body’s exposure to them as much as possible. It is practically impossible to completely stay away from toxins but we can at least reduce their usage. Once the intake is reduced, try to get rid of the inside toxins. For this there are many methods. They work slowly but are natural and do not cause any harm. Note that even the natural detoxification methods can cause some discomfort. The toxins are released into the blood to get eliminated. Their presence can create some kind of minor diseases like sneezing, fever, headaches etc. Here are a few food and other items that need to be avoided or limited in use as part of the first step to the natural detoxification program.

The Obvious Obnoxious Environmental Toxins

There is usage of many daily chemicals whose presence can make us uncomfortable beyond limits. This could easily be the reason why a family has more number of sick holidays in a year. The chemicals from the cleaning solutions used at home are inevitable. But we can obviously reduce the usage to a minimum. Find some other natural methods to clean the kitchen surfaces instead of chemicals. A lemon slice can help get rid of oils and emits a fresh and pleasant aroma around. It also works as a room freshener to eliminate odor. Infused oil that has many scented herbs also makes a natural air freshener.

Other Toxins

Smoking contributes to the greatest environment pollution of all time. It not only pollutes the body that smokes but also others around who happens to inhale the emitted smoke. Smoking is a toxic agent that one can be easily and completely avoided. The cigarette smoke is something that doesn’t smell good, so no doubt it is unpleasant for the body as well. If you are not a smoker try to avoid chances of second hand smoking. The second hand smoking is not restricted to cigarette smoke, but also includes the fumes from the factories, dumping area, stagnant foul water etc. Avoiding such smoke can make the environment a better place to breath good air.

The toxic chemicals are also present in the dishwashing liquid, hand wash and bathing soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics. Take all those chemicals out of your cabin and replace them with natural and herbal products. These herbal products not only have harmful chemicals but also are mild to the skin. Even linens and clothes have chemicals in them, unless it is made of natural cotton. Use cotton fabrics and avoid many diseases.

Sugar, flour, artificial sweeteners, and fried foods

If you think that sugar is troublesome and low calorie artificial sweeteners can easily replace them, you are only half right. Both sugar and the sweeteners are equally not good for health. As part of natural detoxification, cut not just the white sugar but anything that has sugar as an ingredient. The treats, snacks, or any sugary drinks are as harmful as the sugar. Even the diet soda has a good amount of them. What happens after consuming them is that the sugar and sweet cravings increase. White flour, fried foods, sugar, and others contain simple carbohydrates that are all good tummy fillers but nothing more than that. They affect the blood sugar levels, which will soon fall making you hungry again. This fluctuation in the blood sugar can force the body to store fat and makes way for weight gain.

Benefits of avoiding junk foods

What we really need to satisfy us for a longer time are complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and release the energy slowly. The simple carbohydrates are digested easily and are a major contributor to the toxins. They need not be preserved or stored. They are just bubbles of energy that will burst anytime and move on to do other harmful processes. Cakes, rice, pasta, donuts etc all fall in this category. It may also affect the digestion and poor digestion leads to other problems also.

A major cut down on the consumption of these are a must in order to get rid of toxic accumulation. Replace such food for fiber rich and other complex carbohydrates for better health. The oil from the fired food is not easily digested and they are separated for storage. This will only help to increase the fat storage. When the stored fat molecules are broken down later more amount of toxins are released into the blood and can cause diseases like allergies and skin problems.


Limit the alcohol consumption or completely avoid it if you can. Alcohol is never considered a healthy component, not even red wine, even if it has some health benefits. Its health benefits are applicable only when it is consumed in a moderate amount. A glass of alcohol is said to be enough for women and men are allowed two glasses. Alcohol is a diuretic but drinking only that can lead to dehydration. It also unsettles our resolution to not to touch the high calorie food and we end up having them in more amounts. Alcohol can be the major deterrent during the detoxification process, on our ability to control its consumption. Limit them to a moderate amount of 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, and a single shot of hard alcohol.


Caffeine is a natural energy booster and enhances the mental focus. This is something that the body needs in limited amounts. So there is no point in completely avoiding it. The caffeine intake can be limited to about two cups of coffee or 3 servings of tea a day. The lesser it is in the system the better the positive effect.. After all, the energy boosting we require is in the morning and evening, so limit the consumption to those times of the day.

Processed food items

Our body needs only nutrients. It does not want chemicals pumped into. All the processed food has chemicals in the form of preservatives, flavoring agents etc. the processed food items are to stay intact without getting spoiled. These additives are harmful for our body when consumed regularly. They add to the toxic levels inside the body and will make us fall ill.

What to Eat

Vitamin C

Vitamin C should be the first weapon in your arsenal. It is involved in not just one or two biochemical processes in the body but many. It is the most efficient warrior against diseases by strengthening the natural immunity. The significance of this vitamin here is its involvement in the detoxification process. It can detoxify any natural or unnatural chemical that might act against the body. Massive amounts of vitamin C is found to detoxify many dangerous poisons from many sources like oak tree, snakes etc. The more the poison, more will be the amount of Vitamin C required. That vouches for its effectiveness. Take adequate amount of oranges or at least two glasses of fresh lemonade daily to stock up this vitamin inside.

Vitamin C escorts the fat molecules to the liver to be expelled as bile later, thus preventing fat deposition. The fat deposition stores some amount of toxin in it and on breaking down releases them into the blood. With Vitamin C around, the amount of such toxic accumulation can be prevented. It also has antioxidant properties. In absence of antioxidants the energy is not enough for detoxification in the liver. The vitamin C provides the liver with glutathione that helps drive away the toxins and also enhances the natural detoxification.


Fiber is the best answer for cleansing the digestive and intestinal tract. Eat fiber in its natural form, uncooked. Fiber is indigestible and forms a solid mass inside the stomach. While eliminating the fiber, other solid wastes are also cleared away. It clears both the digestive and intestinal tracts. Fibrous content in the diet not only eliminates solid mass from the body but also regularize the bowel movements. It is not the elimination that is significant but the pace at which they are eliminated that matters.

Fibrous food helps fill the stomach and as they have vey few calories, they do not get stored. If there is any food item that is always beneficial in any quantity it is the fiber rich food. Fruits and vegetables in their raw form contains ample amount of it. Eating them raw before the meal or on an empty stomach is the better way to have them.

Having fiber as part of every meal makes sure that the digestive system will have to work properly. No matter how indigestible the fiber is, the digestive system never realizes this fact and keeps on trying to digest it. This, in a way, helps in eliminating many toxins from the food as well.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not the only sources of natural fiber, but it is also present in beans, legumes, and whole grains. Have at least half a cup of legumes daily. If needed take a cellulose supplement to help break the fiber in the beans to help with digestion. If you are new to this fiber diet, then start with low quantity and increase the amount gradually. It helps the body to adjust to the new comer. The fiber is found in plenty in beets, cabbage, broccoli, seaweed, whole grains, brown rice etc. The natural fibrous supplements include the Spirulina and Chlorella.


One of the first procedures for natural detoxification is to get rid of the bad bacteria and create an environment for good bacteria. There is no better way than to turn to probiotics for this. Probiotics is natural medium for good bacteria that regulates the good-bad ratio. The natural components in Probiotic products help eliminate the bad bacteria. When the good bacteria population improves, it naturally makes way for better digestion and creates lesser instances of growth of wrong organisms in the system. They can also help in the intestinal health as well. This eliminating property of probiotics makes it a natural cleansing agent. Instead of opting for probiotic supplements, choose the natural probiotics like yogurt.

Yogurt is gaining popularity as an effective probiotic agent as well as a healthy snack. It curbs the hunger as well as cleanses the digestive system. Yogurt contains a good amount of beneficial bacteria and contains less calories and no yeast at all. The probiotics helps prevent any kind of yeast infections also.

Super foods

Super foods are food that contains most or all nutrients required by the body. They not only carry the essential nutrients but also contribute to healthy and long lasting energy because of the complex molecules it carry. They may also have some other properties like antioxidant, antibiotic, anti parasitic etc. Including them in the diet prevents the accumulation of toxins as well help in their elimination. They contribute to the energy department and contain low calories also. Food with omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant property are the best options. They help in both immune strengthening and detox program. The former type of foods include salmon, tuna, walnut, olive oil, flax seeds etc. spinach, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, apples etc carry antioxidants that help in the detox process.

Almonds can remove impurities from bowel, avocados have glutathione a liver enhancer to support the natural detoxification process, beets have liver cleansers, blood purifiers and an overall body cleanser by stabilizing the acid alkali balance of the body. The antibiotic action of berries helps prevent infections, the compounds in cabbage helps break down the excess hormones and cleanses the digestive system also. Cabbage is an excellent inclusion for those who are exposed to cigarette smoke as it can neutralize the dangerous compounds from the smoke. Garlic is considered a universal cleanser for the body. There is hardly any body part that cannot be cleaned by garlic. Have 1-2 cloves of garlic in the morning to have the best effects.

Organic Food and others

Opt for organic food that contains no amount of chemicals in it. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. They contain natural digestive enzymes that help with digestion and nutrient absorption. The importance of nutrient absorption lies in the fact that many of these nutrients are needed for natural and proper detoxification. Some of the needed nutrients are beta carotene, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B 12, C, E etc, riboflavin, thiamin, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, germanium, molybdenum, sulphur, selenium, and zinc.

Liver is the organ responsible for toxic elimination and purification. The diet must include food that can improve its performance and assist it with its function. Turmeric contains curcumin which is a powerful healer that can aid in liver functioning. Organic apples have pectin that acts like special agents that find all hidden toxins and escorts them out of the body. Blueberries have anthocyanins that are anti-inflammatory, reduces allergies and prevents weight gain. Aloe Vera juice can also help remove the toxins from the body.

What to drink

Green Drink

Because of the presence of chlorophyll and other phyto-chemicals any green drink can make a natural detoxifier. The ingredients used are from green vegetables, kale leaves, celery stalks, spinach, cilantro/coriander leaves, cucumber, cabbage etc. The required ingredients are blended in a blender with a few garlic, cloves or a piece of ginger if necessary. Another method is to boil the leaves in water and later it is cooled and filtered. This filtered water is refrigerated and drink a glass daily.


It is one of the easiest drinks to make. The ascorbic acid in lemon helps in the cleaning task. Simply add two teaspoons of lemon juice in one liter of water and drink this water. In a cleansing program it is recommended to drink about 6-8 glasses of lemonade and not food at all for a day. It is equivalent to fasting but in an improved way. The vitamin C or the ascorbic acid boosts the immune system and the body gets a whole day without having to fight anything and the energy can be used for improving the immune system.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and manganese. These components helps ward off urinary infections and ulcers. It is safe to drink 2 glasses of cranberry juice daily to boost the body detoxification. The juice is not taken in the concentrated form but diluted with water in ratio 1: 4. Adding a teaspoon of pectin and psylllium fiber will help for intestinal cleansing.

A Fruit Detox

Blend some fresh fruit juice, bananas, strawberries, yogurt, and an addition of ginger, garlic, flax oil, and lecithin with some water. A little bit of lemon juice, Spirulina and protein powder may also be added. The natural fiber content in the fruits helps remove the wastes and the enzymes help with digestion.

Water, watermelon, lemon, and cucumber

The mix of these ingredients with some mint leaves makes a watery and green detoxifying drink during the summer. Both cucumber and watermelon are natural coolant and helps bring the body temperature down. Watermelon flushes out the toxins with the help of citrulline, an amino acid that helps both liver and kidneys remove ammonia which is a byproduct of protein breakdown. Cucumber also has citrulline but in a lesser amount. Lemon stimulates the digestion and bile production. The bile helps in fat breakdown. Lemon relieves constipation, gas, and heartburn. Mint leaves are for a refreshing feel. It improves bile flow from liver to gallbladder and small intestine for fat breakdown. Water is just plain natural detoxifying agent.

Green Tea

The detoxification process is not restricted in eliminating the toxic chemicals but anything that is a threat to the body or the cells. The free radicals are also considered harmful as they kill the healthy cells for their selfish needs. These free radicals are eliminated by antioxidants and Green tea contains a good amount of natural antioxidants in it. Replace the morning tea or coffee with a cup of green tea. It helps remove the free radicals, prevent fat deposition and future release of toxic substances as well.

The presence of the antioxidant EpiGalloCatechin Gallate or EGCG along with the polyphenols present plays a major role in many of the disease prevention. They as a team fight the free radicals and also prevent liver diseases, other infections, digestive problems, and cancer. Proper digestion and disease free liver functioning improves the natural toxic elimination and Green tea indirectly assists in the process. Make green tea a habit and have these antioxidant and polyphenols a part of the daily routine to make our body healthy.


Water is the universal detoxifier for all. Since water is a part of the metabolic processes, having them in the adequate level help balance the body salts. Apart from this, the body needs a certain quantity of water every day to function normally. At least 8 glasses of water is considered normal. This amount does not include the tea, coffee and other watery food items; 8 glasses of water and not any watery component. The water when it passes out carries many toxins with it.

Excess water is what is removed as urine and the toxins are eliminated when there is more than enough urine, which means you need to drink more and more water. The best way to know if you are having enough water is by checking the color of the urine. If it is pale yellow then you are good to go and if it is in darker shade then you need to improve and have plenty.

Beet-Carrot Smoothie makes a great addition during winter. The Resveratrol from the beet, antioxidants, anti-aging, and cancer preventing properties from carrots, makes this smoothie a health ingredient. The yogurt used has got natural probiotics. A little green tea may be added for the water content to make it smoother. This makes a great detoxifier.

Ginger, Honey & Lemon

Make a hot blend of these ingredients for a quick go. This mix can clean the digestive system naturally. The ginger has digestive enzymes and lemon can balance the stomach pH. Honey makes a great assistance. This drink gives a good kick in the morning and prepares the body for the rest of the day. It is better when taken on empty stomach. A single glass of this drink is enough for a whole day. The drink takes care of the body for any kind of health program by getting rid of the toxins.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea detoxifies the body by forcing perspiration. The hot drink makes the body perspire more and more amounts of toxins are eliminated. The ginger can sooth the stomach and relieves any pain. Just having a teaspoon of ginger juice in the morning also can suffice.

Physical Activities

Physical activities also help remove toxins by sweating and improving blood circulation that helps the toxins to exit faster. Both hard core physical activities and silent practices like yoga and meditation are also beneficial in the same manner.


Any physical exercise that results in sweating is a natural detoxifying method. With the sweat the toxins also come out. This helps in removing them as much as possible. But to keep up with the dehydration that occurs along with exercise, regular intake of water is also essential. The physical exercises also improve the blood circulation and the oxygen carrying capacity. This helps in better functioning of the vital organs.

By sweating, the by-products of many metabolic processes as well as many unwanted body salts are eliminated. These items are accumulated over time and there are limitations in eliminating them through only one process. Sweating provides an alternate option to get rid of them and assists in the natural elimination process of these unwanted components from the body. Make the sweating exercise a part of daily life so that we remove some amount of harmful substances from the body before they get accumulated.

Meditation and Yoga

Both these activities help calm the mind and control the stress. Controlling stress helps reduce the production of stress hormones that inhibits many other processes in the body. The smooth functioning of the other processes helps in eliminating more amounts of unwanted substances than when the body is under the attack of stress. When stress is relived, the body is able to regain its natural ability to detoxify itself. Yoga makes the body more flexible and helps in the natural toxic elimination course.

Beat the Stress

Stress is part of life and it cannot be wished away. What we can do is to overcome it by changing the body’s response to it. Stress has a major impact both mentally and physically. When you feel stressed take a deep breath and take a few seconds to ‘think’. Think whether you want stress to dominate your life or you would like to dominate stress. Counting backwards also helps relieve stress as it takes our mind away from the current situation for a short while. Eat healthy, sleep well and do some physical workouts and you will forget that you were under stress. All these three chores help manage stress than an idle mind and body that is dominated by stress.

Other Detoxifying Tricks


It is a practice done to help in natural detoxification of the body. In many ways fasting related to religion. Fasting once a while is good for our health. It helps the body rest for the day and recuperate. Afterwards you will be surprised at the energy level you feel. The organs related to digestion gets a much needed rest and they can refresh themselves in the absence of food. Remember to drink as much water as possible for better results. Any stored food breakdown during that day can result in toxin release and the water helps to flush it out.

Home remedies over medications

Our body has natural ability to fight any attack. But at times it just needs some time and assistance to be successful. The chemical drugs do help but the presence of too many chemicals is not good in a long run. There are many natural methods to overcome the common cold and flu, cough, mild fever etc. Do not run to the chemist for these illnesses, instead find effective natural remedies. This way we can reduce the intake of chemicals rather than trying to eliminate them. These natural remedies boost the body’s natural defense than suppressing the illness and its symptoms.

Massage & Skin Brushing

These techniques are both intended to increase the blood circulation. Massaging at the pressure points have the maximum effect. It eases the tension at all the important points like temples, palms, feet balls etc. Pressing at these points always help relieve the stress and tension. It also increases the circulation by which the toxins are removed faster. Drink plenty of water during this time to help in flushing out. The skin brushing is brushing the skin with soft bristled brush. Start at the feet with soft, slow, and subtle circulatory motion and move up the body. Give ample time of brushing at tensed areas. This procedure stimulates the toxins to move and is eliminated sooner.


Take deep breaths. The oxygen is one of the natural detoxifier. It can kill the bacteria and other micro organisms and make the body feel energetic. Breathe in fresh morning air for good quality oxygen without pollutants and for better effects. Oxygen improves vitamin absorption that helps in white blood cell formation. The white blood cells help with cleaning and bringing new items in.

Change in lifestyle

The change in lifestyle can reduce the illness frequencies to a limit. Go green; opt for anything that is related to nature than to chemicals or technology. Have organic foods, choose natural remedies when needed, find natural flowers to decorate the home and remove odors. Eliminate all chances that can increase the toxic accumulation in the body. Do regular natural detoxification processes.

Some Specific Natural Detoxification Routines

Each and every part of the human body might need specific cleansing process done on them. Since they are different, the cleansing techniques and routines to be followed are also different. Here are some specific organ cleansing and eliminating process of some harmful substances from the body.

Liver cleanse

Liver cleansing is done mainly with the help of green ingredients. Having green leaves and vegetables in the diet and drinking green drinks are all part of this liver cleansing program. The liver friendly veggies include carrots, lemon, beets and spices like turmeric, cumin, rosemary etc. During liver cleansing, you should avoid coffee, milk, carbonated drinks and replace them with pure water and fresh apple juice.

Oxygen colon cleanse

Drink 1-2 liters of salt water early in the morning. This will flush out maximum impurities in the colon. This will take some time and you might need to visit the toilet quite frequently. When the stool is watery then you can rest that most of the wastes are eliminated. It is difficult to do but worth the efforts. If you are able to perform the same procedure for 7 days and repeat it again the next week, 2-3 times more then you can rest assured that the body has got rid of most of the solid wastes that might have adhered to the colon walls and digestive tract. Supplementing the body with some good amount of probiotics during this time will help improve any digestive disorders.

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Candida cleansing

This routine is to remove Candida from the body. First thing to do is avoid all food that help the Candida grow. Fermented food with yeast, sugar, refined flours, wheat, and dairy products are to be avoided. Yogurt is OK to have. The good bacteria in the gut helps to eliminate the Candida naturally. Once the options for the microorganism to grow are stopped, it naturally helps relieve any illnesses or disorders associated with it. Include coconut oil in the diet that can kill the yeast. Garlic, apple cider vinegar, etc possess the yeast killing ability.

Cleansing the Intestinal Parasites

The intestinal parasites can cause many diseases. Garlic, can fight roundworm, plasmodium, leishmania etc. pumpkin seeds are used as remedy for tapeworms and roundworms. The pumpkin seeds can be crushed and mixed with fruits juices. It also acts as a laxative and cleanses the intestine. Avoid coffee, sugar, alcohol and other refined foods for a while. Take probiotics and help boost the immunity against the invaders.

Try Liquid cleanses

An excellent method to cleanse the body is the use of fresh fruit and vegetable juices or as soups or smoothies daily. Add more water for hydration. Adding some beneficial fruit seeds also help with some amount of oils. It is better if you can observe liquid fasting. Stay only on liquids for a few days to help rid of most of the wastes from the body. It also helps in proper hydration of the body. Try to have at least one glass of citrus juice a day.

Toxic metal cleanse

Toxic metals are toxic and can lead to many serious health problems. These are removable from the body. It is a long process of avoiding certain form of fish from the diet, have resin fillings for the tooth than the silver colored mercury amalgam, drink filtered water, stay away from industrial area as much as possible, get rid of old paint from the house as it is a source of heavy metals etc. As for the diet, include cilantro or coriander leaves; cleanse the body with some fasting and liquid flushing. Make a habit of drinking water as often as possible.

Master cleansing

This is a diet with only freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. This is effective cleansing for liver and colon. Top it with a gallbladder cleansing at the same time.

People often decide to do new things like detoxification from the New Year. Detoxification is not something that needs to wait. Start the process the minute you decide to go for it. The earlier the body gets rid of unwanted substances is the best. Know what you need to clear out before going for any specific targeted program. If the substances are unknown go for the general cleansing for liver, colon, and digestive tracts. These are main organs that need to be cleansed all the time. Drink plenty of water. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is the best. Lime flavored water is good for all day hydrating. If you can follow a few of the above mentioned detoxifying methods, you will surely have better health all around and the feel of happiness will be something you have never experienced.