Sunburn is the greatest problem during summer. The sun, sunlight and the weather is awesome. Beach is the favorite destination for many. But the trip may reward you with some sunburn as well. If it is a daily saga, it is better to shift to natural remedies that will not have any after effects.

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Home Remedies For Sunburn

Many of you may know about the soothing effects of aloe vera, oatmeal, mint, etc. But there also are other ingredients in the kitchen that can serve the same purpose. One should know about all these as well. Who knows which ingredient comes handy at the time! Here are a few common ingredients in the kitchen that can be used to relieve irritation caused by the sunburn, instantly.

Easy & Amazing Natural Remedies To Beat Sunburn

  • Buttermilk is an excellent remedy for sunburn. Since it is kept refrigerated it gives instant cooling effect. It may be applied directly or uses in combination with other ingredients or add into a soothing paste. The best partner for buttermilk is tomato juice. Mix them in the ratio 1:6 for tomato and buttermilk, respectively. Use the undiluted buttermilk while using to make soothing paste. Another method to use buttermilk is to soak a clean dry cotton cloth in butter milk, squeeze out the excess liquid, and wrap it around the burned skin. Use the chilled buttermilk always. Also, drink the chilled buttermilk to reduce the heat produced inside. It will help cool off the affected skin as well.

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  • Cucumber puree: Puree a cucumber, small, medium, or large-according to the area it should cover, and refrigerate it for a while. Apply this cool puree on to the sunburnt skin. It is soothing and the coolness reduces the burning sensation. It also has anti-inflammatory property that reduces the activity of enzymes like cyclo-oxygenase that promote the inflammatory activity. It gets rid of the tan and gives instant relief from sunburn of any intensity.
  • Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is just not to eat. Apply a cold mix of mayonnaise over the sunburned skin for instant relief. It soothes the skin and also moisturizes it. It may sound weird and yucky to many, but trust me, I have tried it and it really makes the skin hydrated. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar also to reduce the pain.
  • Plantain leaves: Plantain leaves have allantoin, a skin healer that helps repair the damaged skin tissues. Take a few plantain leaves, wash, and mash them up. Use the paste to apply over the affected areas. The pastes can be mixed in the water tub and soak yourself in it for a while. Use cooler or warm water for sunburn.
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  • Rosewater is anti-septic, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply rosewater over the burned skin to soothe the area. It has cooling effect to soothe the irritated skin. It can prevent further inflammatory activity on the skin. Use it right after bathing. Rosewater can be used to make the sandalwood paste for the sunburn, or mix it with any other sunburn remedies. For best results, keep the rosewater in refrigerator and use it chilled for sunburn.
  • Sandalwood paste can soothe the sunburn. It is a natural coolant and relieves the burning sensation. It has the power to recover the lost moisture from the skin, which happens along with sunburn. Make a paste of sandalwood with some essential oils to boost its powers. The tan and also the blemishes will disappear by using this. Use milk, coconut oil or almond oil while applying sandalwood paste. Keep the paste on for half an hour. Use it right before bedtime.
  • Tea: The good old has the power to soothe and reduce the damage caused by sunburn. If the affected area is small, apply tea bags over those areas. Keep the bags there until it is dried out. For larger areas these tea bags are not enough. So make a pot of black tea without sugar and let it steep for a while. Once it is cooled, strain, and chill it. Soak an old rag- preferably dark shaded, and use it to cover the affected area. Do not rub, simply place it. Do not wipe it off after that. The tannic acid, theobromine, catechins and antioxidants in the tea are useful in soothing, repairing the damage and protecting against free radicals. Green tea also works in the same manner.
  • Cooling spray:┬áMany people know that they suffer sunburn when exposed to even milder sunlight. Their skin is too sensitive. This cooling spray is for them, especially. It is made with an active ingredients mixed with water. The procedure for preparation is the same for all the ingredients. The active ingredients used for cooling spray are lettuce, cabbage, mint, plantain leaves, and strawberry leaves. Use the head of lettuce and leaves of the other ingredients. Take the desired component and boil it in a pot of water for 10 minutes. Turn the heat off and allow cooling and steeping. Once it is done, strain the mixture, and refrigerate the liquid. Transfer the liquid into a clean spray able bottle and keep refrigerated. When coming in from the sun, spray the cool liquid on to the face and other affected or exposed areas.