CRABS or PUBIC LICE are small or tiny flat insects which cling or reside in pubic hair and genital area. It is mainly spread through sexual transmission.

Under microscope, they appear as crabs that are 1.1-1.8 mm in length. Crab lice can live up to 40 days in the pubic hair. They are pale grey to brown in appearance and get swollen with blood. The infection is also called pediculosis pubis and the lice are called Phthrus pubis. Public lice presence makes you feel embarrassed in all life moments.

Stages Of Pubic Lice Life

Nits: Lice eggs are termed as nits. They are very difficult to see with naked eyes. It takes 6-9 days to hatch. Female nits are larger than males.

Nymph: Immature lice that hatch from nits are term as nymph. It relies on blood for its survival. It takes 2-3 weeks to mature to adult form and have the capability of reproduction.

Adult: It is similar to crab in microscopic appearance.

Common Myths About Pubic Lice

People often thought that pubic lice can spread by using public toilets. This is extremely a rare cause to get infected because lice cannot survive a long time away from a warm human body and they cannot walk on smooth designed surface such as toilet seats.

Pubic lice infected person doesn’t signify that the person is unclean or poor in hygiene status.


Generally through contact and sexual transmission. Wash any possible infected sheets, blankets and towels in hot water. Dry them in sunlight.

Are You Infected?

Since it is seen with naked eyes the movement will catch your eyes. It is more commonly seen in pubic region and less commonly in eyelashes, scalp, beard and mustache.

The most common and first symptom is itching. The symptoms will be shown after 3-4 days after having sexual contact with infected partner.

  • Black powder or tiny blood spots on underwear or skin signifies the presence of pubic lice.
  • Itching makes the pubic lice to travel to other moist areas of the body.
  • Prolonged itching cause redness and may lead to skin injuries which may be infected by bacteria later.
  • Other symptoms of pubic lice include fever and burning infection while urinating.
  • For many infected person the itching is worse at night.
  • Children are found to be infected from infected parents by sharing a common bed.

DIAGNOSIS: Pubic lice can be diagnosed by inspection of presence of pubic lice in your genital areas.

Natural Remedies For Pubic Lice

Since the side effects of the artificial products are increasing, every one prefers having natural products as their remedy. It is considering the overall health and wellbeing. Check out the natural remedies for pubic lice.

  • TEA TREE OIL: Tea tree oil is extracted from Melaleuca tree. It has properties of antiseptic and antifungal. Required concentration are massaged on to the skin and left for 20min. Tea tree shampoos are also available.
  • CONSUME YEAST: Consuming yeast would secrete substances that can repel pubic lice. It wouldn’t be the best method for complete elimination.
  • NEEM LEAVES: Neem leaves contain anti insecticidal properties. Having a bath with a neem scrubber or neem water would provide a relief to itching and in elimination.
  • ROSE GERANIUM: Studies shows that it is a bug repellent in animals.
  • ROSEMARY: Not recommended for pregnant ladies or breast feeding ladies and those with high blood pressure.
  • LAVENDER OIL: It is natural pesticide repellent. Although natural, it can cause allergic reactions to some.
  • PEPPERMINT OIL : Peppermint oil that aids in digestion also helps to protect skin and scalp. It provides a cooling effect on scalp. Since lice have less survival chance in cooling effect of peppermint, it helps in its elimination.
  • PETROLEUM JELLY: It is a safe and a natural product. Apply petroleum jelly to the genital area. It is best to be used before sleeping. Remove the lice with a fine toothed comb and shampoo the remaining petroleum jelly.
  • LEMON THYME: It has antiseptic properties it helps in relieving from fungal infections
  • GARLIC: All types of lice hate garlic. Consuming a lot of garlic will help to eliminate it from effected area. It is not only a treatment measure, also a preventive measure. Prepare a paste of garlic cloves and lemon juice. Apply this paste on effected area. Wash it off.
  • COMBING THE PUBIC HAIR: Combing your pubic hair with a fine toothed comb would help you remove pubic lice.

Is Itching Irritating You?

  • Oatmeal bath: It would be beneficial in easing the itching and irritation.
  • Aloevera: Scrubbing aloevera on genital area would give a relief from itching and irritation.
  • Milk bath: Have a milk bath. It would provide a smoothening effect.

Steps To Be Followed

To kill any lice wash clothes, undergarments towel and bed sheets in hot water and dry it preferably in sunlight.

Do not use insecticides used for public works. It can be highly harmful for your skin.

Lice in particular do not cause harm but can be irritating. If you have pubic lice, it is better to consult a doctor because chances of having a sexually transmitted disease exist.