I really did not think Sinusitis was a serious problem: I viewed it as an inconvenience.

Runny noses and coughs keep recurring to me, ever since I moved to this town. I would be prescribed antibiotics, the symptoms would reduce for a few days and the moment I stop them, the blockages would return. Like many other people in the world, the cause of my sinusitis is often Influenza. I could say I was caught in an endless cycle, if I may be allowed some dramatics.

Sinus Infection & Causes

The problem with flu is, the causative microorganisms can lay dormant for a long time and then initiate attack when they sense weakness. This means, we are not aware of the flu before the symptoms show, even though we were potentially sick. It is also highly contagious. Almost everyone in the world has been affected by it, some more than others and I have often thought along the lines of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in The Big Bang Theory: “If Influenza was only contagious after symptoms appeared, it would have died out thousands of years ago. Somewhere between tool using and cave painting, Homo habilis would have figured out to kill the guy with the runny nose.”

Sinusitis is highly uncomfortable, causing at least a few of the following symptoms:

Pressure or pain in the face Excessive nasal discharge and stuffiness Reduced sense of smell Ripping cough and congestion

It can also lead to

Fever, fatigue, dental pain, bad breath, throat infections, unbearable and heavy headaches, etc.

The last time I sensed sinuses forming, I resolutely decided to stat away from antibiotics. I’m ashamed to say that I dint last two whole days. The main problem is that I couldn’t exactly stay at home ( by that I mean lie in bed) for days together, expecting my work to stay at stand still and food to produce itself. I then decided that by the time the next infection strikes, I would be ready with natural cures, having heard of all the side effects of antibiotics. I set out hopefully researching on natural remedies for chronic sinus infection and found a few. I should mention here, that I was surprised by the results, even though I had begun to grow skeptical in the beginning by the lack of immediate results. Here are the remedies I tried:

Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

  • Turmeric

The curcumin in turmeric is supposed to clear nasal passages and clear airways. I suppose the anti-inflammatory properties of the spice is what helps. Sinusitis is caused by the inflammation of the sinus walls.

I mixed turmeric powder in warm milk. Even though nothing happened on the first try, except for a momentary relief due to the warm milk pouring down my throat and the tinge of the spice, the second time really made a difference. It is important to remember that the infections are different in different people, owing to the different nasal structures, extent of infection, the immune system, etc.

  • Lemon, honey and ginger

Mash some ginger and honey together and mix it with warm water to drink. You can add some lime to make a tastier drink. Ginger can break down phlegm and clear the nasal passages. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Apple cider Vinegar

In 8 ounces of water, add 2 table spoons of the vinegar and add some honey if you wish. This one really worked within the day. ACV has a lot of nutrients and it is good for overall health.

  • Cayenne pepper and garlic

These can remove the excess mucus as well. Again, mixing them with warm water helps.

  • Salt water rinses

Warm water and salt are great for removing mucus and for protecting the passages from the entry of the microorganisms. Rinsing your throat and nasal insertions worked quite well for me, although you need to be frequent about them.

Finally, I have managed to break free of the cycle. What works best is practicing some of these remedies regularly in order to prevent the onset. People who have similar problem should realize that as long as you are exposed to a climate that does not suit you, you are prone to sinusitis. Take the necessary measure like, nutritious food, good sleep and the remedies I mentioned. This lifestyle has given me the best results yet, and I advice you to try it.

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