Have you ever thought what happens to your food when you eat? The food you eat are the primary steps in maintaining your body. For eg: when you have a burger, your digestive system starts organizing all the molecules by grinding, chewing which differentiates the molecules, enzymes thereby releasing the nutrient portions to our body system. This basic function is known as digestion.

That particular craving when you see a chocolate flavored ice-cream is induced by your digestive system motioning the saliva glands to create saliva. When you consume a food, the main job of the saliva is to release a chemical thereby making your food soft for consumption thereby easing the digestion. Vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates like sugars and other nutritional molecules are extracted through the process in digestive system which releases stomach juices (an acidic blend of hydrochloric acid (HCI), enzymes and mucus). Food is further pushed down to the small intestine which breaks down every tiny bit of the food you consumed by releasing digestive enzymes and are transmitted to the large intestine where we reach the inevitable point of releasing the poo-poo but not without squeezing out the water and electrolytes like sodium from the food.

Digest Assist – Digestive System Health

A healthy life can lead to a better digestive system. Fried and greasy foods like burgers can cause gastritis in which lead to indigestion. Sometimes consuming too much food or having food quickly without proper chewing can give you a heartburn. Indigestion happens when your body and digestive system is unable to cope up the food and can leave you feel uncomfortable. Some of the symptoms would be nausea, burping, burning sensation or pain the tummy.

Tips which can help you with a good digestive system

De-stress yourself. Relax….Things have their own way of working out at the right time. Also, keep a proper planned diet not just to reduce weight, but also to maintain a healthy life and age gracefully. Here are some tips which can help you with a good digestive system:

  • Eat slowly. Research says half of the people gulp diet colas, fried foods and burgers and are pushing themselves to get on time thus lacking proper food consumption.
  • Have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and very little dinner to keep your body and digestive system in proper condition.
  • Consume less citric fruits like oranges, lemon since they can manipulate your digestive system and create gastritis
  • Stop smoking…
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before practicing sports
  • Foods like papayas, nuts, pineapples and raw veggies contain enzymes which aids digestion

Healthy Digestion through Prolipamy

A healthy supplement to keep your digestive system on track, hellolife has introduce Prolipamy in the market which is completely a natural product which is void of any side-effects. It is purely manufactured under FDA registered facility. It contains pancreatin to induce digestive enzymes thereby helping the digestive system break down the foods and enhance digestion.

If you are uncomfortable using Prolipamy as a capsule, simply pull it apart and then mix the content with oatmeal, water, juice or yogurt. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or are under any kind of medication, consult your medical practitioner before consuming this medication.