Nutri-health introduces NH-D3 Cellular Health Support for healthy bones and keeping your memory sharp thus combating wavering mood levels due to stress and anxiety.

Lack of vitamin D is often a matter of concern as they are the building blocks of the body. There are many benefits of vitamin D such as strengthening your bones, some cancers, multiple sclerosis as well as preventing spread of infectious diseases etc. They even help in keeping your memory sharp and intact so that you can keep up with your funny bone.

What’s in NH-D3 Cellular Health Support?

It contains one of the base ingredients called Vitamin D3 which is essential for nourishing your body. Though you can get Vitamin D from various foods such as salmon, dairy products, tuna etc., a body needs a perfect amount of vitamin every day. This is taken care of by NH-D3 Cellular Health Support. Each serving of NH-D3 gives you approximately 5000 IU of vitamin D3.

Another content known as Fructo-oligosaccharides is included though in small amount (260 mg). These are one of the good bacteria that are best for your body. They are also considered prebiotics (note probiotics). How it benefits you is it increases the good bacteria level in your body that promote a healthy body.

How to use NH-D3 Cellular Health Support

It comes in a capsule form. Simply consume two capsules daily after your meal and see the desired results. A bottle of NH-D3 Cellular Health Support contains 60 capsules and will last you for a month. The capsules are made of water and cellulose.

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A research was conducted as to how this product works and upon consumption of Vitamin D, seniors who were having trouble walking, getting out of chair etc. showed positive results.

Overall, NH-D3 Cellular Health Support seems like a good product as there are a lot of good reviews about them. An user stated that she consumes this product with calcium for greater benefit.

Note that this product is yet to get a nod from FDA, so consume it after a YES from your health practitioner especially if you are pregnant or under medication.