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Noom Coach Weight Loss app – Alternative for Weight Watchers?

  • Food logging
  • Meal feedback and analysis
  • Virtual support group
  • Nutritional tips and advice
  • Daily challenges and quizzes
  • Hundreds of original articles
  • One-on-one coaching

Download Noom Coach – Best Weight Loss App

We would like to say that Noom Coach app can be a great asset to someone who is planning to undergo weight loss and a complete makeover in their dietary lifestyle.

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Planning to lose weight? Noom Coach is the best weight loss app in the market for both iOS and Android smartphones. It offers you fantastic coaching which is combined with calorie counting method, psychological behaviors etc. Follow it religiously and you are sure to lose weight. This is our Noom Coach app review.

What is Noom Coach Weight Loss Program?

Noom is an interesting weight watching program designed by Noom, Inc. founded in 2008. The company created this weight loss mobile application that has currently reached more than 45 million users worldwide. Headquartered in New York, Noom, Inc. has additional offices in Seoul and Tokyo.

Noom Coach program is compatible with both Android OS and iOS smartphones. Unlike cliched applications that ask you to eat less and workout more, Noom App is different. It not only keeps track of your meals and counts the calories but also asks you to workout while keeping you motivated via mini challenges. Not to mention real weight loss, the coach will guide and support your weight loss journey.

How does Noom weight loss watcher work?

The Noom Coach comes with a large food database that makes it a breeze to log your meals. It shows complete nutritional info of the food you enter. It also indicates whether the food is high or low in calories, the nutrition level based on a color-coding system. Noom Coach also allows you to figure out the right portion or size.

Once you create the account, you need to punch in your current weight, target weight and the amount of weight you are planning to lose per week. Based on this data, Noom Coach will create a calorie budget for you.

You will also find many other tools in your weight loss journey such as a pedometer, BMI calculator, reminder (notification to track your weight once a week) etc. There are also many educational blogs to read and implement in your healthy lifestyle. Though you can log in your exercise separately, the Noom Coach does have a built-in tracking system that records all your workout.

The dormant lifestyle of ours needs an extra push to make us achieve goals. Noom Coach app is the perfect program that systemizes your daily schedule for optimum weight loss results. What really drives you is the report card that somehow brings back the childhood memories making it fun and motivated.

But above all, the inspirational daily blogs are a definite mood lifter for anyone who (at times) might feel blue or want to indulge in an emotional binge.

The Coaching Approach by Noom

The health experts or coaches of Noom app are Registered Dieticians who are well-educated in nutrition. This gives them the expertise to guide you properly. Many users claim that the coaches really keep you focused throughout the weight loss journey.

We are sure you would agree that many of the weight loss problems would be solved once you have the emotional strength, will power or whatever you may call it. Many people find it difficult on this psychological level to continue with weight loss. This makes them discontinue the program halfway through.

Noom Coach App tackles this core issue which is one of the underlying factors which is why many people quit or find it difficult to lose weight. The health experts and the app implement the behavioral focus which gives you the strength to control cravings or indulge in an emotional eating.

This content crafted in Noom App contains a range of psych topics such as triggers, barriers, storm eating, setting goals, social and emotional settings and so on.

Currently, there are two kinds of coaches available

  • Group Coach – get to know likeminded people, grasp more ideas, give and receive emotional support. The groups are managed by a Coach who answers questions, offers proper guidance and provides feedback on any discussions that come up.
  • Goal Specialist – a major player in the Noom program, he/she is responsible for setting personalized goals and assisting you to achieve them week after week. The goal specialist is a coach with whom you can set the goals, review and get proper feedback on the progress,

Who is Coach Concierge?

The Coach Concierge is basically the expert who welcomes you to the program, and answers any basic questions that you have. It is the responsibility of the Coach Concierge to assign you to the right group, coach and goal specialist.

Since Noom coach experts are people, obviously they can’t be made available 24/7. Hence, Coach Concierges are available promptly at all times.

How and Why is Noom Weight Loss App different from others?

  • 14-day trial period available
  • Customized weight loss plan keeping in mind your health, behavioral requirements, any health condition
  • Has a wide range of food database
  • Keeps count of calories
  • No crash diet plans or low-calorie diets
  • Experienced coaches readily available for guidance
  • No possible side effects (since it is an app)
  • Experts certified with ICHWC approved internal training program
  • Daily motivational tips and articles to read
  • Group conversations for you to socialize
  • Available for iOS and Android OS

Noom Reviews 2017 – What do users say?

Noom has received mixed responses from users. One consensus claims that this is the best weight loss program they have ever used. The experienced coaches, calorie counting and added features make it truly worth every penny. Many users love the articles and motivational tips that keep them positive all through the weight loss journey. Users say that the coaches are very helpful and give them proper guidance on any weight loss queries. You will also understand the relationship between food and body and how it can affect your overall being.

Noom Coach App Complaints

Here are a few downsides or complaints received. For starters, users say that the subscription is often seen as an issue. For instance, a user says that the $49 membership seems cheap but she was charged $99 for the first charge without even sending out a receipt or notification. Another user faced a similar issue for cancellation and was charged $159 (even though it had been a year post-cancellation).

Few users claim that the personal goal coaches never really respond to the doubts and were literally pushed to a point to cancel the membership itself. Even the articles were not up to the mark and the language was quite pedestrian.

If that’s not enough, the customer service of Noom has received backlash from users for its poor service. They do not cancel the membership, fail to respond to emails and do not refund the money even if it is the company’s fault.

That being said, Noom Coach weight loss program still has more 45 million users and is still growing. While user’s plight is understandable, we sincerely hope Noom takes regard of such issues or else they might lose valuable members.

Noom FAQs

How should I login to Noom coach account?

Open Noom Coach app. Click on the blue “Login Now” button which is available at the bottom of the welcome screen. Log in using whichever method you had initially set up the account i.e. email & password, Facebook or Google+ ID.

How should I contact Noom?

For any queries, visit this contact support page at Noom –

What is the refund policy for Noom Coach App?

As per Noom policy, they offer you 14-day trial period. If you are not satisfied and want to cancel their services, do it before the trial period. Cancellation after the trial period will not be accepted. Thus, a refund will NOT be entertained.

Are there any Noom coupon codes available?

Yes, there are many Noom discount coupon codes available. Check out the official page of Noom where they update notifications about their latest promo codes for more savings.

Noom Coach Vs Weight Watchers Vs MyFitnessPal

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a weight loss application that will help you learn how to cook in a more refined and healthy manner while you lose weight. Apart from online support, Weight Watchers offers fantastic SmartPoints eating plan, activity plan, and mobile app. All these help the dieters to track their progress, fan out their meals and track daily activity. Weight Watchers has been ranked as one of the top commercial diets for seven years in a row by the US News & World Report.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, Weight Watchers has more than 200,000 reviews with 4.1 stars in Google Play store. It is absolutely user-friendly and almost all users find it convenient to use the app. It has a library full of scrumptious recipes and 24/7 customer support, online coaching that keeps you connected with not just health experts but other dieters as well.

The price of Weight Watchers Online is $3.07 a week (which many users prefer). The Meetings Program which includes online tools, weekly meets etc. will cost you around $6.92 a week. The Personalized Coaching program via phone or text will cost you $8.46 a week.

With Weight Watchers, you can expect to lose around 1-2 lbs a week. Of course, it also comes down to a person’s body on how much they lose. Few lose 4 lbs a week.

If that’s not all, Weight Watchers have been endorsed by The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Jessica Simpson and also one of the biggest names Oprah Winfrey, who bought 10% of the company.

The only problem with Weight Watchers is the packaged and processed foods that they offer. The underlying fact is that Heinz (that’s right, the ketchup company) is still a partner of Weight Watchers (even though they sold most of Weight Watchers rights to a European company two decades ago). Heinz still produces foods under the Weight Watchers label and Smart Ones brand.

So if you are planning to make a smart move of losing weight, better cook yourself than buy from Weight Watchers and spend more money on unhealthy packaged foods.

Weight Watchers come with one week trial period.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, Noom Coach App offers you fantastic reminder and notifications for super-busy dieters who are always on the go. This is a great way for people who often tend to forget about the daily food activities due to the busy lifestyle. Also, those who find it difficult to afford an iPhone can still have a cheap Android phone and derive all the benefits that Noom app offers.

You can even keep a track of your workout schedule that shows up on your notifications bar. In fact, it shows red symbols making you feel guilty if you get lazy and prompts you to get up and exercise.

There are abundant recipes that you can choose, cook, keep calorie count and so on. Additional features such as pedometer keep you motivated to lose weight. Another amazing feature is the daily articles that will educate you on weight loss and help you to understand better about the food that can impact your mind, body, and soul.

With more than 45 million users worldwide, Noom weight loss coach program is hard to beat.

The most prominent feature is understanding behavioral cycles and underlying psychological issues that provokes one to eat unhealthily. This is one feature which makes Noom stand apart from other weight loss apps.

Of course, you will also find Goal Specialists who are basically personalized trainers who will give you correct guidance on how to lose weight. They also offer you best weight loss goals keeping in mind your health, medical condition (if any), workout regime and so on.

The only downside is these goal specialists won’t be available 24/7 so if you have a doubt at any time of the day, don’t expect a prompt reply. This is where Weight Watchers score.

Noom Coach App offers 14-day trial period.


A lightweight and simple app – that’s MyFitnessPal. This app is basically part of a community. So if you like being part of the support system or joint effort for weight loss, then MyFitnessPal is the best one recommended.

It offers the basic features of any other weight loss apps such as calorie count, exercise logs etc. But then the best part is it offers you the “exact” calorie counts from specific brands and efficiently logs them to the tracker. It even scans barcodes on the market so that you can quickly get an info on what you are putting in the mouth.

An easy-to-use application, the only downside of MyFitnessPal is that you need to be constantly online. This might be difficult for everyone who is not on a data plan or connected to a steady WiFi all the time. So it basically asks you to eat, open up the notebook, write it down, then go online and upload the info on the app which is pretty much demotivating. If only MyFitnessPal comes with an offline record or sync option (whenever you switch on the net), things would be much easier.

But then if you have an internet connection every time, MyFitnessPal is the best you can rely on.

MyFitnessPal Premium comes with a 30-day trial period.

The Verdict

All the three apps offer you a decent amount of trial time to check how they work for you. When it comes to pricing, MyFitnessPal is much cheaper. But then the features are minimal. If you are looking for more, MyFitnessPal Premium offers additional benefits but then again the price is a factor to be noted.

Both Noom and Weight Watchers are excellent in their own way. Weight Watchers even provides foods for your convenience. Noom targets on psychological issues that hinder weight loss which makes it an overall worthy app to try.

In Conclusion

The free version provides you tools that can kickstart your journey by providing meals and tracking exercise while tracking the weight loss.

Becoming a member offers a multitude of features such as groups, recipe database, and real personal coach. It is the latter that really makes a difference and supports the user to achieve the goals. Plus signing up for the 16-week program can really make you committed to a new experience towards weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle for life.

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