Jurlique Arnica Cream

Want that soft cuddly skin without compromising on quality? If so, you are on the right spot.

Jurlique, over the period of 25 years, has been providing your skin with utmost care like a mother to a child with its special blend of flowers and herbs creating lotion, creams and other skin care products to make your skin feel fresh with a healthier skin tone.

Likewise, a daisy type flower from the hilly areas, arnica montana is basically used for cuts, scrapes and even for muscle sprains, swelling etc. Besides, it has been recently proven that arnica is also beneficial in curing arthritis. The flower is mixed with other herbs to produce skin care products such as lotions, creams, oil etc. Equally, Arnica can be highly toxic if ingested and should be used for external purposes only.

Weleda Arnica ointment For Sprains & Bruises

Weleda Arnica ointment (cream) is one of the top sales products in USA and is inevitable in the sports bag if you want an immediate first aid. Effects of Arnica has been going on since ages. For centuries, Arnica has been used to cure inflammation, swelling and other sprains.

Jurlique Arnica Cream for skin is prepared by using –

  • Safflower oil
  • Shea butter as a base.

Alternatively, key ingredients to Arnica Cream is –

Jurlique Arnica Cream Benefits & Ingredients

Firstly, Arnica cream is specific formula for sensitive prone skin and hence can be used safely on babies who are above six months old. Also, babies have delicate skin and certain chemicals in baby products can leave behind rashes or itchy skin. Above all, Jurlique Arnica cream does not give you any side effects as it is purely a natural product and hence can be used on growing children too if they injure themselves.

What people have to say about Jurlique Arnica cream – reviews

Most of the people have found it quite effective, claiming their scars have been visibly reduced and it soothes the texture and dry irritative skin is all now in the past. Overall, Jurlique arnica cream helps in reducing black spots and circles under the eye leaving behind a wrinkle-free under eye. Since, it contains healing properties, it can also be used as an antiseptic cream if someone gets injured. In conclusion, only con to look out is, arnica cream is quite pricey for such a small tube.