Menopause symptoms are seen even when a woman have the menstrual periods and the ovaries are functioning. The signs of menopause phase are disturbed sleep, depression, fatigue, less appetite, body aches, loneliness etc. Buy HER HARMONY the best alternative for menopause.

Menopause & Mood Swings

In a woman’s life, menopause is inevitable. There will be a menarche and a menopause, both these important phase separated by a span of about 40 years. The menarche is considered an important and happy phase, in some countries, the girl is fed lots of nutritious food during the menarche. The menopause is viewed in a very different light: the woman loses her fertility and her body undergoes changes. While a young girl is given a lot of nutritious food, the middle aged woman does not pay as much attention to the food she eats. This probably because she has to fend for herself at this age.

Thankfully, nature has a way of making the transition from a fertile body to a non-fertile body a gradual process. There are also some ways in which women can prepare themselves for this phase. Good diet and exercise as very important: practicing this from a younger age is good for the body. This is true for anyone. They should also have a good, healthy connection with their family and community, so that they do not lose themselves when the emotional mood swings hit.

There is a rapid drop in the production of hormones in the body. Both estrogen and progesterone levels in the body drop. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, palpitation and mood swings.

One of the ways women can take care of their body is by making sure that their body is getting the right nutrition to maintain itself during the menopause. I have referred numerous nutritionists and gynecologists. They all agree with this and I have seen noted changes in women who took care of what they put into themselves before, during and after menopause.

Nutritions To Consume During Menopause

Even though iron and calcium are the most important minerals that women should have in their body, most women are found deficient of them and it is less in the food they eat. Check out the natural remedies to consume during menopause stages.

  • Calcium

it is important to have at least 1300 mg of calcium in a woman’s body per day, as they near the age of menopause. Fish like sardines and salmon are rich in them, vegetables like broccoli and legumes have them and diary products have to be consumed at least twice a day.

  • Iron

Green leafy vegetables, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beets, nuts and grains are rich in iron and atleast 8 mg of iron should enter their bodies in this phase.

  • Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of the day. This will help you stay more active. At least 8 glasses of water must be consumed daily.

  • Fiber

Better fiber in the food can improve digestion and keep you energetic longer, this is because fiber makes the digestion slower and makes you feel full, avoiding unnecessary cavings, which brings us to our next point.

Avoid high fat food: In the total amount of food you eat daily, there should be less than 30% fat. Your risk of cardiac arrests, high blood pressure and diabetes are higher as you age and a healthy fiber content in food can keep much diseases at bay. Sugar and salt usage must be reduced and also limit that drink.

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