How to stay fit with Nutrition

Are you one of those health-conscious people who need their daily nutrition along with other health benefactors such as exercises, diets etc.???? Well, here’s a look at how our body responds to nutrition. Consumption of proper doses of nutritional foods not only helps you stay fit physically but mentally as well. A body needs it daily dose of nutrition which can be achieved via fruits, water, veggies, green leaves, oils and other benefactors such as walnuts, whole grains etc. Lack of nutrition leads to malnutrition which is a major issue in Africa. Most medical doctors fail to achieve the fundamental cause – deficiency in consumption of nutritious foods. These ignorance leads to many diseases such as arthritis, allergies, fatigue, ulcers, restlessness etc.

What is nutrition?

In simple words, any product which nourishes you body (be it vegetables, fruits, grains, oils) is a nutritive food. Our human body itself is a science. Minerals serve the main purpose of segregating the vitamins while digesting our foods and maintaining the body’s PH balance, strengthening our immunity and many more without which WE CANNOT SURVIVE…..Harmful fertilizers and pesticides have plagued the world and the crop production thereby inducing greater risks on our health.

The drug manufacturers benefit due to this as we unknowingly fall prey due to serious health issues rooting from these basic factor. If you notice closely, millions of people are getting addicted to ‘fast foods’ which in fact slow our digesting power and are void of any health benefits. Companies like Burger King, Mcdonalds thrive on satisfying people’s craving of greasy, calorie filled, fatty foods. But rarely do people or the brand realize the harmful effects on a human body.

Nutratose – Homeopathic Nutritional Supplement

Nutratose provides our body the much required nutrition. While joining hands with a strict diet and exercise, Nutratose provides our body with complete nourishment that is required in our day to day lives.

Symptoms of nutrition deficiency

  • Deficiency in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, copper causes weakness in bone, fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, nervous weakness etc.
  • Vitamins – Vitamins A to Z one way or another nourishes our body in ways you cant even imagine. For eg: Vitamin C deficiency can cause arthritis, eye related disorders, parkinsonism etc.
  • Fatty Acids – Essential fatty acids are required for the nourishment of the body. Lack of this nutrition can cause changes in personality, kidney problems, hepatitis, cancer etc.

What can you do – Diet – Nutratose

  • Foods such as milk, yogurt, broccoli are rich in calcium.
  • Stop eating processed carb foods or foods that are cooked in high temperatures like french fries etc. Unprocessed carbohydrates like fruits, whole grains, nuts are quite nutritious. So munch on them whenever you feel like one.
  • Dark fruits such as prunes, raisins, blueberries are rich in Vitamin E and therefore beneficial for risk factors like Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Maintaining nutrition in your body is of utmost importance but at the same time it is quite difficult to munch on all the nutritional foods in a day. A dietary supplement can help you maintain the energy level even if you miss out on some important nutriment. Though a dietary supplement is not mandatory if you have a healthy life, however, people who reach old age can benefit from a dietary supplement.

Hellolife has come up with a product called as Nutratose that provides our body the much required nutrition. While joining hands with a strict diet and exercise, Nutratose provides our body with complete nourishment that is required in our day to day lives.

Nutratose is blended with superfood ingredients such as enzymes, probiotics, vegetables, herbs etc. which are required to serve our daily needs. So even if you miss on one nutrition, Nutratose will help you gain it back. It is a complete homeopathic product and is produced under FDA registered facility. As it is free of any side-effects, kids and adults can use Nutratose as mentioned in the product though it is recommended to consult your dietitian/physician if you are under medication.