Oats is one of the fad things these days in the developing countries where diabetes and cholesterol are taking a toll.

Oatmeal Weight Loss & Other Features

Americans have been used to oats since ages but they try to avoid it when its compared to wheat and other grains. Oats has its own range of benefits. Did you know why doctors recommend oats for breakfast in the western countries? Did you know why most weight loss professionals recommend oats as one of the few grains as opposed to wheat and rice?
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Science may be good in some ways after all and all the research which goes into certain grains and vegetables have found to be beneficial for the mass.

Oats for instance, is one of the few researched products (thanks to Quakers who try to put their product to the front, though for monetary benefits) in the grains variety. Oats is found to be rich in Fiber, High in Complex carbohydrates and required iron and protein. What does all that mean?

Complex carbohydrates are slow digesting sugar. Unlike your kitchen sugar, Complex carbohydrates makes it hard for your body to digest it and get the sugar out of it. The process of digesting complex carbohydrate is much much longer than digesting kitchen sugar (the white crystals we use in tea and coffee). Since the process of digestion is way slower, you dont feel hungry for a longer period of time. The amount fibre makes it hard for the digestion too.

The slow digestion process in turn makes the person NOT feel hungry for a longer period of time. its like going on a diet even if you dont want to. You dont feel like eating because you are full!

Oatmeal On Your Breakfast Benefits

But why Breakfast? Well most people start their day with a light breakfast or a breakfast which can be easily digested. You tend to feel hungry with in the next 3-4 hours tops. So if you were at work by 8 after a breakfast you would end up feeling hungry by 11 or 12. most people end up eating whatever they get their hands on when they are hungry and what you end up with is sugar filled doughnuts or a burrito (which is not all that bad). But if you were on oats, you wouldnt feel hungry till 1 and you would end up eating a lighter lunch than if you would have had a wheat or rice based breakfast.

Oats has all the nutrition required including iron and protein. You wouldn’t be starving your body and you would do yourself only good.

The fact that oats helps in Reducing cholesterol and diabetes cannot be overlooked at all!