Paleo Recipes & Paleo Meal Plan

Paleo diet is an ancient diet that involved only the available food resources with no dairy products or processed food. It is considered similar to that of ancient people who never had the luxury and had to do with whatever is available in the nature.

Paleo Plan is an online subscription that allows you to eat healthy with Paleo recipes and meal plans and Paleo workouts. The subscription allows you access to the new world of healthy diet and lifestyle that matches that in the ancient time when people were less prone to diseases due to exposure to harmful chemicals and the same frothier diet

Paleo recipes and meal plan is a health program that helps you lead a life that has more to do with the ancient people than the modern. It is as good as living the paleo life in this ultra modern world. Signing up at Paleo meal plan enables you to conveniently follow the paleo diet and indulge yourself in some paleo workouts to keep the body health and fit than any meal plans ever. The meal plans will be done for you every single week and you are also provided with the shopping lists, recipes and all that is needed for a healthy living.

What Is Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet is an ancient diet that involved only the available food resources with no dairy products or processed food. It is considered similar to that of ancient people who never had the luxury and had to do with whatever is available in the nature. The paleo diet mainly includes the fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat.

The importance of paleo recipes diet plan is that simply eating healthy food does not make you healthy. It should not have any additives or preservatives of any kind, because, the slightest of these components when supplied regularly could cause serious diseases inside the digestive system or any other parts.

Paleo diet is not just a diet; it is more like a lifestyle to be followed religiously. The Paleo meal plan is here to help you get started, get used to it and continue this healthy lifestyle for as long as you want. With this Paleo diet plan recipes, you will never have to guess what to cook for each meal as all the plans have been done for you, well ahead.

Benefits Of Paleo Diet

  • No inflammation or disease: The main advantage is that there would be less or no inflammation in the digestive system. Occasional inflammatory diseases and other discomforts might be common with majority of the people. They can easily blame it all on their diet. You don’t know there are few food items that you THINK is healthy but can cause you harm unknowingly. Diabetes, cancer, degenerative diseases, obesity, adrenal fatigue, joint pain etc are all related to food that you would have ever thought possible. This paleo diet can be the first step towards preventing these diseases.
  • Support the environment: Paleo diet includes only that is available in the nature and there is no processing or other adulteration with anything. You eat what is available directly from the nature. In turn you give it whatever is needed without much of the chemicals. Paleo diet can be the closest of minimal carbon print. Many of these food items in Paleo diet can be growing by yourself. You will be able to return the nature whatever you have taken from it.
  • You don’t know: The real benefits of paleo diet, you would not know until you try it. For one thing, you do not know how miserable or unhealthy you had been until you switch to paleo diet and see the difference for yourself. Paleo diet can also be an elimination diet to see what had been bothering you for long.
  • Awesome: Simply, it could make you feel awesome. The negative food can take negative thoughts as well. The underweight, overweight or any other weight issue could be rectified with paleo diet. Why? Because you are eating right with Paleo diet. It is believed that ancient people were less prone to diseases, at least immune to all the most fashionable diseases of our time. It makes the skin glow bright and healthy. The paleo diet is elimination diet that you have to remove certain food items from the diet for ever. This helps in detoxification and thus helps with fewer breakouts and other skin related issues.
  • For family: It is not everyday day that you can come across a diet plan that is suitable for one and all. Most often people switch to certain diets to achieve personal goals. Here the goal is common, health for all. So Paleo diet can be followed by one and all and is common for all the members in the family. The age, gender or nothing can come in the way of Paleo diet in the family.

Why Use Paleo Diet Plan?

For our ancestors they had no other way or choice so they stayed healthy. The paleo diet is about whole food in its real form. There need not be any reason at all for you to start the Paleo diet. You don’t not need a reason to stay healthy, is there? So why should there be any reason to start this healthy diet? None at all! It can also be any reason.

Weight loss, weight gain, for good, to prevent any diseases, the reason can be any or to simply make yourself happy. If your loved one needs a healthy diet, you following it can make the whole family healthy. A whole body detox is another reason why you should have the paleo diet. With no harmful ingredients getting inside the body and the body getting constant nourishment from proteins and other essential nutrients, the body only has a reason to stay happy and healthy.

Whatever the reason behind starting with this paleo diet plan, you will not be disappointed, since the body will sure show the positive results sooner. The detoxified body and lack of cravings should enough be the reason to use paleo diet plan.

A Guide To Paleo & Non Paleo Food Items

The paleo recipes has certain acceptable and unacceptable food items. The list for both is quite long. It is categorized for easy reference. The acceptable food is mainly divided into vegetables, fruits, meat and egg, nuts, fats, beverages. The food that are to be avoided are, grains, dairy, legumes, high omega-6 oils, anything refined and artificial attached to it, factory farmed meat and eggs, etc.

Acceptable paleo food items

  • Vegetables: Any vegetable that is local or organic are fit as a paleo food. They can also be cultivated at home as well. All you need to check is if there is a longer transit between the farm and reaching you. Do note that the veggies are fresh and has more nutrients when taken at the earliest from the time of their harvest. This is why local and homegrown vegetables get more preference in paleo diet. Try as much as to get the veggies fresh for the day and not bought ahead and refrigerated. Homegrown veggies can be the best a you know very well what and how about their growth.
    Sea vegetables: Sea vegetables like seaweeds, algae, wakame and kombu etc are also acceptable as paleo diet.
  • Fruits: All kinds of fruits also get the green signal. The rules are the same as the veggies. Local, organic, and homegrown are the most preferable. There are no restrictions on the type of fruit. Fruit is simply a fruit with all its nutrients and antioxidants in it. As long as there are no chemicals added to it for any means, it is fit and fine for the paleo diet. The only restriction is when you are trying to lose weight. In that case, limit the intake of fruits and load more on the vegetables. Fruits contain more sugar than in veggies. The only rule is to alternate the fruits and vegetables.
  • Nuts: the nuts, seeds and the flour made from any nuts, including the coconuts are acceptable. The only nut that is not a NUT is peanut. Stay away from, it. Although there is a suffix-nut added to the name, peanut is a legume and legume is not on this ok to go food list. Peanuts and peanut butter are not acceptable. The dry seeds like flaxseeds, melon seeds, sesame etc can be taken in moderate amount of 1-2 ounces the best. Keep up with this quantity especially of you are trying to lose weight as they can have more calories.

Additional Foods on list

  • Fats and oils: Fats in the diet is mainly the oils added for cooking. It also includes the fat from the meat as well. The fat sources that are okay with paleo recipes are the rendered beef fat, lard from pork, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut manna, extra virgin olive oil. Walnut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil. Hazelnut oil etc. The point here is to have the good fatty acids from them. Although the oil was not really in the ancient time, it is still as good as any other.
  • Beverages: Beverages are unavoidable and there are a few items that can be added to this category in the paleo diet. Filtered and spring water makes the first and foremost of all, followed by herbal tea. The many benefits of these two are endless. Coconut water with all its electrolytes and nutrients is the next in the list. The juice taken from all fruits and vegetables in the list. As for the common items that we relate to the beverages category, we will come to that later.
  • Coconut is one of the whole fruit that is acceptable in any form that it available. Coconut milk, water, powder, oil, butter, manna, sugar, nectar anything from thus fruit is good to go with paleo recipes.
  • Salt: Salt is acceptable but only if it is unrefined sea salt. The powdered and white salt that we commonly used is refined and is processed that does not come in the paleo category. The unrefined slat as it is taken from sea is the purest form. Iodine might be good for health but the iodized salt is not what you need. So avoid the refined salt, especially the iodized salt for your good.

Meat Food

  • Meat and eggs: Meats and eggs are acceptable but there is a catch. Choose the meat from those animals that are vegetarian. They should be fed on grass and organic feed. The same is applicable for the eggs as well. Also stay away from the processed, preserved meat that has more nitrites. The acceptable variety of meat are pork, game meat, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, goat and eggs from duck, chicken, emu, quail etc.
  • Fish: Fish is another category if acceptable paleo recipes. All variety f fish are acceptable, sea fish or not. The only thing to be sure about is that they are not fed with artificial feed. The fish with heavy metals in it can cause more harm than any benefits. So know the fish that you are eating. If you know the source and how they are grown, the better it is. the smaller fishes are the best choice since they have less of the heavy metal accumulation in them and are also not high in the omega fatty acids.

The Borderline Foods

There are a few foods that are neither acceptable but not avoidable. They are good as long as they are taken in few or moderate amount. The common beverages like coffee, tea, and alcohol are not in the acceptable list but they need not be avoided. You can have it in moderate and controlled quantity. A cup of tea or coffee is not bad. Alcohol can also be taken 1 glass a day or once in a while. You just should not overdo it.

Sesame seeds, dry fruits, and chocolate (dark chocolate) are also in this borderline. They contain more calories and should be strictly controlled when you are trying for weight loss.

Sweeteners of any kind are also in this same category. Use them but in moderation. It is applicable to honey, stevia, coconut sap, maple syrup etc. Sugar is nowhere in this acceptable or borderline list.

Non-Paleo Food Items – Do Not Include In Your Paleo Recipes

  • Grains like rice and the flour, especially the refined white flour are unacceptable under any conditions. They contain high calorie and takes longer to get digested. Quinoa, corn flour, buckwheat, rye, and even oats are not among the paleo diet. So no cookies, muffins, pasta, pizza, tortilla, or the conventional bread for the paleo diet. Weight loss can happen sooner with none of these grains in the diet and so would be the relief from skin problems like psoriasis.
  • Dairy products of any kind are to be avoided. Milk, cheese, ghee, butter, and even yogurt must bid adieu. Whey protein is not on list of paleo recipes and neither is the sour cream. Dairy, even in its dry form is not in the list. Life is not easy with no dairy, especially in the initial days, but you sure can get over and it and get used to it.
  • Legumes: Legumes like soy, peanuts (as mentioned earlier), red bean, black beans or beans of all kinds must e avoided from the diet. Only acceptable beans are the green beans and peas.

Additional Ingredients…

  • Omega-6 oils: Omega fatty acid might be beneficial for the health. But they are of 2 kinds’ omega-6 and omega-3. Both ate beneficial but the omega-6 is inflammatory or can promote inflammation when taken in large amount. So why take this risk. Avoid it before it can harm you. The food items that are high in this oega-6 fatty acids are thee oil from sources like sunflower, soy, cottonseed, safflower, corn etc. Also stay away from any oil that had ‘hydrogenated’ mentioned anywhere in the label.
  • Refined and artificial: Any food item that is refined and has a glimpse of anything artificial in it must e avoided. Among them is the refined sugar or refined sweetener. Sugar, corn syrup, corn sugar, malt syrup or that has anything with a prefix- “dext” added in it are to be avoided. They can contribute to fat formation and make you grumpy rather than awesome and healthy. Any other man made sweetener, sugar-free or not should be taken away from your diet.
  • Factory farmed: No acceptable paleo food item from the sources that are factory farmed are acceptable. Meat from the flock that are fed with chemical feed- NO, eggs from chickens fed of artificial feed- NO. Farming now has a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

The whole idea about the paleo diet is to avoid any kinds of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other kinds of animal abuse brought into the food. A daily diet devoid of any of these harmful items is the secret to healthy health. For anything more on this subject of food, you will get it from the e-book provided along with the paleo recipes diet plan subscription. All the reasons, whats, whys, and hows about the paleo food are well explained.

Paleo Plan Subscription

The whole paleo meal plan is to help you avoid any kinds of havoc that might happen with the meal planning process. Some people might have food allergies, others are not in favor of a particular food item, or you are repeating the same thing again and again or worried about wasting the food. All of these are solved and made with appropriate changes for your benefit with the Paleo meal plans.

The meal plans are available for beginners and then later as weekly or monthly plans with more benefits. There is also the paleo fitness plan that combines with the meal for effective weight loss and other benefits. You would also get access to a paleo e-book that is know-it-all for anything and everything about this paleo diet meal. You are also provided with many paleo recipes that helps you cook like a pro and stylish as well. Let us see what all that is about.

Beginner’s Paleo Meal Plan

The beginner’s paleo meal plan is a 14day risk-free trial. You pay for whatever meal plans that you choose. Use it for 14 days to see what really it is all about. In case you are not happy or satisfied with this paleo meal plan, you are free to cancel the subscription within the 14 days. You get the 100% money back guaranteed.

The beginners plan with the 14 day trial is available with all the meal plans or the meal ^ paleo fit plans. The payment is applicable for only the 14 days of the trial period. The unsatisfied customers can go to the cancellation form and cancel the subscription within the 14 days. In that case, no payment will be charged and you get the money back.

If you are satisfied with the paleo diet and decide to go ahead, choose the appropriate meal plans and you will be charged accordingly. The charge for this 14 day trial period would be at a rate of less than $10 per month. The trial period is also available for the meal and paleo fit workout plan where you have access to both the meal plans as well as the paleo workout regime.

Weekly Paleo Plan

The weekly Paleo plan includes a complete menu for the week for 2 persons. The menu is for 3 meals a day with a snack. The menu is accompanied by an already tested and easy to make recipes, that is created together by the chef and nutritionist.

  • A complete shopping list for all the ingredients needed for the said recipes are also included with the weekly meal plans. The shopping lest saves you from any guesswork and the time spend on shopping.
  • Rest assured that all the recipes use only those food items that are in the acceptable list. The recipes are also free of gluten, grain, and dairy free.
  • The menu also includes a flexible option in case the ingredient is not acceptable for the person.
  • If you are among those diet cheaters, you have provision for that too with the Paleo meal plan. The bonus flex allows you to cheat on the diet with some room for the extra.
  • The meal plans, paleo recipes, and the rest are all sent to the inbox. There is no physical copy of anything.
  • Overall, the weekly plan includes 21 meals and 7 snacks for the 7 days of the week. Do note that the 21 meals of this weekly Paleo meal plan are for the measure of 2 persons.

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan for the Paleo diet is also in accordance with the weekly. The only difference is that the price charge here is on monthly basis rather than weekly. The meal plans are the same with 3 meals and a snack for 2 persons. If you have more than 2 persons in the family you can make the math accordingly. The monthly plans are for

Monthly plan is with the payment done for every month. The subscription is auto-renewed until you decide to cancel it. This plan is available with the 14 day trial for the first 2 weeks and will be renewed automatically o you do not cancel it within that time period.

The next option is payment every 6 months. You pay for the 6 months in advance and enjoy all the benefits of the paleo meal plan. Here the added benefit is that the, per month charge would be lower than the weekly and you save a lot more money.

12 months subscription is the other options. You pay for the 12 months in advance and enjoy more discount at the per month value.

Cancellation of the monthly, 6 months or 12 months subscription could be done any day. While you cancel it, you will be charged for the months that you have used the facility and the money for the remaining period will be returned to you.

The workouts are interesting to keep you stick to it. They do not exhaust you. They are just short and cute for fitness and health.

Paleo Fit Plans

The Paleo fit plans are available for monthly, 6 months, and 12- months’ subscription. The trial period is applicable for all of these subscriptions. The monthly charges are less than $10 per month and that would also be lower when opting for the 6 months or 12 months subscription. Longer the subscription higher would be the discount.

Paleo Fit And Paleo Meal Plan

There is another meal plan that includes the paleo fit workouts also. Paleo diet, especially for weight loss, needs regular workouts sessions. In this paleo fit and paleo meal plans, the options are same with monthly, 6 months, and 12-month payment.

The drill is the same for the payment methods and cancellation process. The only difference is that the charges per month are higher than the meal plans. Obviously you are getting the added advantage of getting the suitable workout patterns as well.

Here also, a 14-day trial period with 100% money back guarantee is available for the beginners. The trial period is applicable for all of these 3 paleo plans.

The main advantage of this paleo fit and paleo meal plan is that everything about your health is thought well ahead for you. All that is left for you is to follow the instructions to enjoy a healthy meal every time and see for yourself that you have lost the weight.

Paleo e-book

The Paleo e-book is a quick start guide on the Paleo diet. This e-book is available for download upon purchase. The book includes the weekly meal plans for a period of 6 weeks to come, which means you don’t have to plan a meal for the next 6 weeks. There also are the necessary meal plans, shopping lists and more than 10 recipes for you to try.
This e-book is not part of the meal plan subscription but have to be purchased separately. It is a onetime investment. The book is available for download immediately after the purchase, no waiting.

This Paleo e-book is also includes a full refund policy. Those who are not satisfied with the e-book or find it lacking in any kinds f necessary information may apply for a refund.

Paleo Fit Workouts

Paleo fit workouts are to be used along with the Paleo diet for the best results. The workout plans for weekly basis. These workouts do not require a gym or any equipment.

  • The workouts are anywhere, anytime that are quick to do and highly effective.
  • The workouts are full length and include 3 types for a single week. You don’t have to spend hours to shed those extra pounds and neither do you need to spend tons on the gym or on the equipments.
  • The workouts are sent as video to your inbox that show the movements accurately and clearly. There are also options for pause and rewind for you to get used to it.
  • Each workout session is of 20 minutes duration.
  • The Paleo fit workout plan is also available with the 14- day trial period.

Paleo Recipes

The paleo diet must have its own recipes to go with it. With the not so limited acceptable food items you might find it difficult to make recipes on your own. This is why these Paleo recipes are here.

The paleo recipes at Paleo plan are divided into 18 categories for easy access. They are breakfast, snacks, smoothies, soups, salads, appetizers, side dishes, casseroles, breads, salad dressings, sauces, chicken, meat, lamb, pork, fish/seafood, desserts, and pot. Apart from those free paleo recipes in these categories, you can also get some 10 bonus recipes upon sign up. Here are a few sample Paleo recipes for you to try.

Paleo Recipe 1 – Chocolate Chips

This chocolate chips recipe for the Paleo diet is made with pumpkin spice and almond flour. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare a baking sheet ready. Mix in 1 ½ cups of blanched almond flour, 1 tsp of baking soda, and 1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice in a small bowl. Take ½ cup pumpkin puree, 3 tbsp of almond butter, ¼ cup raw honey, ¼ cup coconut oil, 2 tsp vanilla extract in a food processor and mix it well. Now take the dry ingredients into this and mix well. Add in the ½ cup of chocolate chips as well. Take the baking sheet and drop in one teaspoon of the mix evenly over it and bake for 10-12 minutes. The cookies will be soft initially and will harden as it cools down.

Paleo Recipe 2 – Coconut Chicken

Mix together ¼ cups of almond flour, ¼ cups of shredded coconut and needed sea salt in a bowl. Beat a large egg in another dish and dip the chicken breast in egg. Oil it in the dry mix and fry it over medium heat in coconut oil. Fry it until well cooked and turning as needed. Alternately, you can bake the chicken covered inside the foil and in the oven at 350 degrees as well.

Paleo Recipe 3 – Sardines For Breakfast

Last on the paleo recipes is Sardines. They Sardines are those nutritious fishes that do not get as much attention as salmon or tuna do. Full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and other nutrients, they are mostly seen as canned food. You can have them as long as there are no harmful ingredients in it. They are as good as any granola bar and can be an easy snack for breakfast. If you are cooking it, use olive oil, tomato sauce, freshly made by you (not the one loaded with sugar) or lemon juice for best results. Use it as a salad topping, with some homemade mayo etc.

Paleo Recipes For Holidays

Holidays are the toughest time for any diet plan. Paleo diet is no different from this. The only solace is that there need not be much compromise on the fun during holidays as there are quite a few recipes that can be tried during the holidays which is clearly called paleo holiday recipes.

Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, you can sure have fun with the food and make it delicious. Do refer to the holiday paleo recipes provided at the Paleo plan official site. There are desserts, main course and much more for joy!

Paleo Friendly Make-Up

When you are on paleo diet and enjoying every bit of the paleo healthy meals, you cannot compromise it with the cosmetics you use. The cosmetics are a junk of chemicals and harmful compounds that gradually erode you off your natural beauty. Never worry; there are solutions for the paleo meals with the paleo friendly makeup products.

The name of this Paleo friendly make-up brand is arAza natural beauty. The Araza products are wide range with options for eye makeup, foundation, concealer, powder, lip gloss, lip balm etc. All of these liquid materials have a coconut oil foundation and eco friendly. There are n harmful chemicals or heavy metals used. These products not only enhance your beauty but at the same time nourish and protect the skin as well. It is suitable for all skin types.

Paleo Plan Side Effects

No, these are not real side effects. It is only the negative effects of the Paleo diet plan on the toxins in the body. As the toxins are released from its hideouts and starts expulsion from the body, the body shows some signs that are not comfortable for us. These discomforts would last for a few days and then subside for once and all. It is nothing but the detoxification symptoms.

Since you are omitting a lot more of the food items that your body us used to, it shows some withdrawal symptoms like intense cravings, headaches etc. The toxins are currently running in the blood stream until it is eliminated. This presence causes some problems which are again, temporary.

Just like you clean the home and the dirt gets accumulated for a while before it is completely washed out, these toxins are also bound to go through the same. Only the body is not as tolerant as us to deal with the situation.

It may very well take from 3 days to as long as 3 weeks for the complete detoxification of the body, depending upon the amount of toxins in the body. The common detox symptoms that are seen with Paleo diet are, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, mood swings, nausea, intense cravings, sinus discomfort, diarrhea or constipation, flu, brain fog, frequent urination, increased appetite and thirst etc.

The reward that you get at the end of 1-2 months is worth all the trouble that you may have to endure during these initial days of the paleo diet.

What Is Tallow? What Is Its Significance With Paleo Diet?

Tallow is the end product of the raw fat, taken from any grass fed animal other than pork, melted. You can make the tallow at home as well. All you need is the fat scraps from the butcher or take the fat yourself from half cow. You remove the meat and blood and you are left with the raw fat. Cut it down in a food processor or into real small pieces.

Place it in a large pot and on the fire. Use medium heat or low heat and cover the pot. The fat will start melting down and within a few hours for the whole fat to melt. Keep storing the mixture regularly. Once all is melted, you will have some leftover in the pot. The leftover meaty parts would be brown in color and easy to separate. Strain this mix once it cools down and you have the filtered tallow with you.

The freshly filtered tallow will be golden colored which will turn white or yellowish white when cools down. You can use this tallow for cooking in place of oils. You could refrigerate it or freeze depending on the frequency of use. It is very much stable and can last longer.

Tallow Significance

As for its significance, the tallow has skin nourishing property. It can heal dry chapped skin and lips. The skin damage done by sun exposure could be rectified by rubbing the affected part with tallow. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not give a greasy effect. It is also suitable for all skin types.

You can use tallow in any kind of skin care preparation a home, whether it is homemade soap, lotion, or cream, tallow is suitable for all.

Paleo Plan Customer Reviews

Mindy who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis showed a lot more improvement in het health than before. Although she was already having gluten-free diet, by avoiding so many other food items from the diet has done the trick. It was not easy at the beginning but once she got the gist, everything was fine. She got real support from the Paleo Plan team and the recipes were loved by her whole family.

Cvaz tried it for weight loss and found success, by losing 9 lbs in 14 days. The weight loss could have been more if he didn’t lag behind in the workouts. The weekly plans helped with the morale and will power to go ahead with the program to be successful.

Ben and Jen who wanted a real meal plan for a healthy lifestyle stumbled upon Paleo recipes and then have been real happy about it. The meal planning is what got them in. the thrilled couple has also encouraged their friends to try the same.

James Lee, the proud owner of team CrossFit has included Paleo Plan as part of the gym sign up. The easy to follow diet and paleo recipes goes well with the gym workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average calorie of the Paleo Plan diet?

The Paleo plan diet is about daily diet that has a calorie amount of up to 2000 calories per day. This works well for those who are average height and weight with some regular workouts. The calories can also be adjusted to be higher or lower according to the size of the person or by the requirement as weight loss.

If I am a vegetarian, am I on a paleo diet already?

Yes, you are almost as good as Paleo diet. The only change you may need is to avoid the dairy and other legumes from the diet and include eggs in the diet of you haven’t done so yet. Even if you do not prefer egg, it is alright. Paleo diet is all about eating from the nature as it is and the veggies and fruits should be good enough for this.

Is goat milk or milk from other sources fit as paleo diet?

NO, milk from any animal is to be avoided for the Paleo diet. Although almond milk and coconut milk may be used, Soy milk is to be avoided by all means.

Can I use paleo diet for my 6 year old child?

Definitely, in fact, you should start the diet right from the tender age. Paleo diet has no age bar and can be used by one and all. The very idea is to have a healthy body with no additives from the food items and the earlier it is started, the better it is for the person.

Are bananas paleo?

Yes, of course! Any fruit on the earth is part of Paleo diet. After all, the paleo people had nothing but the fruits and vegetables to eat for them.

Is Paleo diet for a diabetic patient?

Yes, Paleo diet can help control the cravings and deal with the blood cholesterol for the diabetics. Moreover, there is nothing that can affect the blood sugar directly and immediately so diabetic patients will have a better time with Paleo die than with any other diet program.

Can I cancel my Paleo Plan anytime I prefer like?

Yes, you can. You can log in to your account and check the home page where you will be directed to the active subscriptions and then with a option to cancel it.

How does the week numbering system work?

All the weeks have been numbered by default and it stays the same for all. The starting week is the first week of January and that is by default. The week numbering has nothing to do with the week that YOU have started.

How long does the weekly plans available online?

The plans are available only for the 2 weeks, later that it will be updated with the next weeks. You can always save the plan, grocery list, and recipes for future reference. The links that have been sent to the emails also work but only for a month or two. So saving the lists would be better options for future.

What if I don’t a particular recipe provided in the meal plan?

The meal plan, grocery list, and recipe have complimentary numbers that matches. So in case you don’t want a particular recipe, you can cross all those numbers and go ahead with the plan. It is only that you might have to repeat another one with that or from a previous list. But make sure that you have all the ingredients right for it.