The pancreas plays a major role in the digestion process and they are the ones who supply all the needed enzymes. These enzymes help to digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. No wonder why pancreas is termed as an exocrine and endocrine organ. Pancreatrophin pmg is a natural supplement that helps to support pancreatic functions and maintain the good health of the organ. This product contains Protomorphogen extracts from nucleoprotein-mineral extracts and they support cellular health. It also contains Bovine pancreas PMG extract that keeps this organ in perfect condition.

Pancreatrophin pmg is a dietary supplement that lends a hand to support the proper functioning of the pancreas. This product is from “Standard Process” a reputed dietary supplement manufacturer. As mentioned earlier the pancreas does both the roles of an exocrine and endocrine organ. Therefore, it needs special support to maintain healthy cells and prevent damages. That is why pancreatrophin offers glandular or protomorphogen based support.

Royal lee is the man behind Standard Process and he is the one who came up with the concept of protomorphogen (PMG). PMG is also considered as growth factors and they mainly contribute in repairing specific tissues. The concept is simple and that is if you have a particular illness or a problem with a body part, then eating the same part from a bovine or pig will prove to be useful. I know this concept sounds weird but this supplement works and customers back the results. In this case, this product contains pancreatic PMG extracts that help to treat the pancreatitis problem of the cat. This is applicable for both humans and pets alike. Initially, I was confused with the reviews as for why both animals and humans are using this product. Now that I know that, this product is for all and works exceptionally well.

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Ingredients of Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG

  • Supplement Facts
  • Serving Size: 1 Tablet
  • Calories 2
  • Sodium 20 mg <1%
  • Each tablet supplies approximately 95 mg bovine pancreas PMG extract.

Pancreatrophin PMG contains the following set of high-quality ingredients backed by clinical trials and research:
Proprietary Blend – includes:

  • bovine pancreas PMG extract,
  • dried alfalfa (whole plant) juice,
  • nutritional yeast,
  • porcine duodenum
  • defatted wheat germ,
  • dried buckwheat leaf juice
  • buckwheat seed

Other ingredients:

  • Sodium,
  • Arabic gum
  • Calcium stearate

Pancreatrophin PMG Does It Work?

Pancreatrophin PMG has the ability to maintain the cellular health of the pancreas with its unique working mechanism. The PMG extracts (protomorphogen) initiates cell division of the pancreatic cells for replacing the damaged cells. The proprietary blend triggers production of cells and neutralises antibodies that damage the cellular health. These capabilities have been demonstrated in numerous studies and clinical trials.

Apart from maintaining healthy pancreas, this product also helps to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system.

The ingredients help to carry out smooth digestion and encourage the growth of healthy intestinal flora. It also helps to detoxify the intestinal walls and promotes a healthy body. When the digestive system is on track then the immune system also functions smoothly. This product has some serious benefits that no other product has to offer. If you had noticed in the ingredients list carefully, you would not have missed the nutritional yeast.

This ingredient promotes friendly bacteria in the intestines and is one of the best sources of natural amino acids. Overall, to talk about the effectiveness of the product, many loyal customers are ready to vouch for this product.

Moreover, every individual is different and so are the results. Even though the whole concept of PMG seems to be a bit weird, it is offering serious results. Holistic practitioners are recommending this product like nothing before. Those who are looking for an FDA clearance for this product, take a note that: FDA approves none of the dietary supplements. These products simply help to manage various conditions and do not intend to treat or cure any problems.

Pancreatrophin pmg dosage

One tablet per meal is the recommended dosage. Therefore, you have to take 3 capsules a day and do not consume more than the recommended dosage. For further queries, you can consult with your health care practitioner.

Pancreatrophin PMG for cats

Cats often suffer from abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhoea due to varied reasons. Pet owners overlook the problem most of the times considering it to be hairball issue. Sometimes cats have a series of vomiting episodes and most of the times the real reason behind the problem goes unnoticed.

These issues can arise due to irregular functioning or damage to the pancreatic cells. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin and digestive enzymes. When there is a problem with the pancreas then it affects the digestive process as well as the glucose metabolism. Severe damage to the pancreas can cause chronic digestive disorders and diabetes.

Buy Pancreatrophin PMG

Pancreatrophin PMG comes at an affordable price and is available online with and I would suggest you buy from as they offer discounts and promotional offers. This product does not come with a money-back guarantee or a free trial. If you want to buy this product from a local outlet then you can buy it from health practitioners. Each bottle comes with 90 capsules that last for a full month.

Pancreatrophin PMG Customer reviews

Pancreatrophin has huge positive reviews and everyone seems to love this product. Most of them opine that it works and provides effective results. They highly recommend this product and say that it offers ample support to the pancreas. If you wish to improve your digestive system and have, healthy glucose levels then correct your pancreatitis problem with pancreatrophin pmg.

“my holistic vet expert recommended this supplement for my pet dog back in 2008. I would grind this capsule in my dog’s food and feed him thrice a day. It helped him to soothe his chronic diarrhoea problems and nausea feeling. A similar case with my cat also recently and I thought she would have eaten something that did not go well with her stomach. But she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Thankfully, I used this same supplement and she now feels better. I guess she is recovering and her vomiting tendencies have decreased.

“A naturopathic doctor recommended this supplement for me. I use this thrice daily as recommended and I feel so relaxed with my digestion. Earlier I had nausea, diarrhoea, and sometimes severe abdominal pain. I guess my whole issue is clearing up and I will use this product until I feel completely better.”


The whole concept behind this product seems to have a different take in tackling the pancreatitis problem. It is not unheard off but many are skeptical to try this product. This product contains a powerful proprietary blend that works as promised. Apart from the proprietary blend, this product provides essential nutrients and supports healthy digestion. This product is from a reputable brand and highly recommended choice for customers.

Standard Process Pancreatrophin Pmg

Pancreatrophin pmg is a dietary supplement that lends a hand to support the proper functioning of the pancreas. The ingredients help to carry out smooth digestion and encourage the growth of healthy intestinal flora.