Panplex 2-Phase BY Integrative Therapeutics – Review

Magnus Panplex 2-Phase BY Integrative Therapeutics - Review

Do digestive supplements actually support healthy digestion? How does Panplex 2-Phase supplement from integrative therapeutics aid in healthy digestion. It is just hype or something real that people can trust. Digestion is after all the basic process that regulates the human body. It is through this process that human beings get all the vital nutrients to keep going.

Fully broken food is obviously more useful to the body than half-digested food. Panplex 2-phase claims to help the digestive system with its unique enzymes and unlock all the nutrients that would otherwise go waste without any benefits. Want to know more about this product then stay tuned.

What is Panplex 2-Phase?

Panplex 2-phase is a digestion support supplement that works in two ways.

  • In phase I, it supplies hydrochloric acid and pepsin for the stomach
  • In phase II it supplies pancreatin and bile salts

Digestion occurs in both the stomach and intestines; therefore, panplex 1-phase aims to supply the essential enzymes and acids in two-way modes. The enzymes and acids are chemical-free and follow a delayed –release matrix.

Keeping in mind that fully broken food is more useful to the body, the makers of Panplex have added the right ingredients into this supplement, it contains a variety of enzymes and essential components that aid to break down the food into simple substances. These simple substances are absorbed into the body easily and every single nutrient reaches its destined place.

Are digestive enzymes and supplements like panplex 2-phase important for our health? How do these supplements work?

The food we eat goes into the digestive system and later the nutrients are absorbed into the body. For this, the food is broken down into small pieces of nutrients. To list a few, like amino acids, fats, cholesterol, sugars, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. The essential nutrients are absorbed into the cell walls and supplied to the entire body in the form of energy. The digestive enzymes carry out the whole process of breaking and cutting the food into smaller compounds. Do you know where they come from? The small intestine and the pancreas are responsible for releasing the digestive enzymes into the stomach. Certain digestive enzymes also come from the salivary glands and the stomach. Together these enzymes lead a fierce battle against the food and plunder all the nutrients.

Imagine what happens if we have an “out of stock” condition when it comes to digestive enzymes. It simply means that we will not get enough nutrients or we cannot break down the food that we eat. No matter what you eat without digestive enzymes, you cannot absorb any nutrients.

Integrative therapeutics Panplex 2-Phase Digestive Enzymes

Panplex 2-phase is a brilliant remedy for aiding in the digestion process. It helps to recover from the enzyme depletion stage and enhance the digestive functions. It helps to break down the food and absorb nutrients into the body.

Causes of “out of stock” digestive enzymes

Many causes lead to the depletion or uneven production of digestive enzymes. Various ailments like pancreatic issues like fibrosis, cancer, acute or chronic pancreatitis may lead to such problems. Other known causes are, brush border dysfunction, Crohn’s disease, and other chronic conditions. When any of the above ailment strikes the body then it hardly hits the digestive tract and its functions.

Apart from diseases, other causes of hindrances are Inflammation caused due to allergies, infection, or intestinal permeability. Stress is also the main factor that causes depletion of digestive enzymes. When we are under stress the body mainly concentrates on the flight or fight modes. It stalls all the digestive process and gives it a complete rest until things get better. Therefore, in the meanwhile, our digestive enzyme production is also halted which leads to severe depletion.

Another factor is aging or getting old. It is common to have impaired digestive functions, as you get old. At the end, you need to die and that is how it works. Therefore, nature has its own set of ways to achieve the goal.

Will panplex 2-phase help to restore normal digestive functions?

Panplex 2-phase contains essential enzymes and acids that help to break down the food. It works inside your stomach as well as the small intestine to break down as much as food possible.

Again talking panplex 2-phase as a supplement will definitely help you to achieve a healthy digestive tract and absorb as many of nutrients possible. However, remember to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. Overeating and eating unhealthy combinations of food can upset your digestive tract and harm the homeostasis state. It is wise not to take fish and yogurt together to avoid digestive imbalances. Also, try to avoid junk foods and overloading your stomach with high sugar content. Fixing the gut bacteria by taking in natural probiotics and periodic detoxification of the body is important to achieve a healthy digestive system. Taking panplex 2-phase supplements surely helps to ease off most of the problems in a smoother way without any Panplex 2 phase side effects. In addition, those who have a habit of taking the unwanted stress and tension, beware that your health is important above all.

Who should take panplex 2-phase supplements for better digestion?

Ask yourself the following questions and you will have your answer:

  • Do you have Gas and bloating after having meals?
  • Do you feel fuller after eating a few bites?
  • Do you find undigested food in your stool without any medical conditions?
  • Do you find floating stools in your poop frequently?
  • Do you have skin problems like eczema?
  • Do you have foul smelling stools?

If you feel like you have any of the above symptoms then the best part is that you have a ready-made solution in the form of panplex 2 phase. This digestive support supplement is safe and convincingly cheap when compared to other alternatives. It improves your digestion without any side effects.

Panplex 2-phase in detail

Panplex 2-phase is a brilliant remedy for aiding in the digestion process. It helps to recover from the enzyme depletion stage and enhance the digestive functions. It helps to break down the food and absorb nutrients into the body. When the digestive system starts functioning properly rest, other organs and bodily functions come into the track. Panplex 2-phase comes in a bottle with 60 capsules. It is one of the cheapest supplements available in the market that is effective and has a reasonable price. It is affordable for the common lot and is from a reputed brand like integrative therapeutics.

Magnus Panplex 2-Phase BY Integrative Therapeutics - Review

Panplex 2-phase Ingredients

Panplex 2 works by releasing enzymes in a delayed fashion. It aids help inside both the stomach and intestines, which helps to maximize the breaking down of foods. The phase one mainly targets the stomach and the phase two targets the intestines. It contains chemical free ingredients and enzymes extracted from natural sources. It does not contain soy, wheat, dairy, gluten and other substances that can cause allergies. Panplex contains essential enzymes and bile extracts with apt dosages in each tablet.

The PHASE I ingredients include –

  • Betaine HCl 320 mg,
  • Pepsin Concentrate 220 mg
  • L-Glutamic Acid HCl 200 mg

The PHASE II ingredients include –

  • Pancreatin USP 6X Concentrate168 mg,
  • Amylase (25,200 USP units)
  • Protease (25,200 USP units)
  • Lipase (2,016 USP units)
  • Ox Bile Extract

Dosage of panplex 2-phase

Take one or two tablets along with your meals thrice a day. You can have a word with your healthcare professional to decide on the dosage if needed.


  • Swallow the tablet and do not chew them as it may destroy the enzymes.
  • This product is a not a good pick for those suffering from ulcer, heartburn, and gastritis.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers should stay away from taking supplements without the prescription from your healthcare professional.
  • Keep this away from children and pets.

Is it safe to trust digestive enzymes and supplements like panplex 2-phase? Do I really need to take them?

Digestive enzymes are nothing new and I guess many of you would have heard about it. The majority out there actually do not really know how it works or is it good. There are different brands and varieties available, but not every supplement does the job for you. You have to take into consideration various factors like ingredients list, the reputation of the company and customer reviews before you even try them. It would also be better if you have a word with your health care professional. Talking about panplex 2-phase supplements, these are simply awesome supplements and doctor recommended. Hundreds of testimonies out there online claim their effectiveness. Moreover, panplex 2-phase does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients that will prove detrimental to your health in the long run. The verdict is that this supplement is safe and the better alternative available.

Panplex 2 phase reviews

Digestion supplements are selling huge online and this shows how many people suffer from improper digestion. To play the blame game there are many factors like lifestyle, food habits and much more. However, we humans do not pay attention but rely on instant solutions. There are various instant solutions available and not all are a healthy choice. Among various supplements, panplex 2-phase stands apart due to its effectiveness and digestion support. This digestion support supplement has received .4.2 stars out of 5 at the Amazon portal. The majority of the customers who bought this product actually love the way it works. There are overwhelming positive reviews written by customers on various online forums.

Below are a few integrative therapeutics reviews which you might want to take a look at,

“I am using panplex 2-phase integrative therapeutics for many years now. I knew about this supplement from a naturopathic doctor whom I visited when I had a severe bloating problem. He understood that something is not well with my digestive system and he recommended this supplement for me. This supplement really works and I feel that my stools are normal. I feel like am digesting every single food without any gas or bloating issues. Now I can eat a wide range of foods without any gastric issues. I take a single tablet prior to my meals whenever I feel the need.”

“Lends a hand for absorption and digestion, panplex 2-phase helped me to get over with gas and difficulty going to the toilet. I feel relaxed and happy that I do not have to spend long hours inside the toilet. It was embarrassing and I used to miss my schedules most of the time. I follow the recommended dosage and it helps me to break down my food properly. No more gas and bowel issues, totally a relaxed man.”


The Digestive system is the most important part of our body and there is no doubt regarding that. It plays a vital role in maintaining the body in a proper condition by supplying essential nutrients. Without nutrients, we will not be able to produce energy that is necessary to carry on with daily routines. The digestive system enables all the organs, including our skin to function in a healthy manner. When there is a problem with our digestive system, it directly results in many health issues. Do you know that having a clean and smooth functioning digestive system will help to have a clear skin? yes that true and there is an old proverb which says,” You are what you eat”. Panplex 2-phase supplements are the best available in the market and from customer reviews, this product is worth a try.

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