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Panplex 2-Phase for Intestinal Digestive Support

Food is of no use to us if it is not digested properly. This process of digestion happens in 2 phases and each phase requires certain enzymes to complete it. The Integrative Therapeutics Tyler Panplex 2-Phase is a dietary supplement that supplies the required digestive aids for both these phases.

The phase 1 of digestion requires stomach acid- hydrochloric acid and mainly pepsin enzyme. The phase 2 of digestion happens in the intestine where it needs a variety of enzymes for different types of food molecules. All of these, including the HCl, are included in the needed amount to sustain a healthy digestion. Since this dietary supplement supports both the phases of digestion it is termed as Panplex 2-Phase

Who Needs Panplex 2-Phase?

People with poor digestion or those who suffer from various digestive ailments may need an extra dose of the digestive enzymes. These extra enzymes ensure that their food is digested properly and the body could absorb maximum nutrients from it.

Integrative therapeutics Panplex 2-Phase

The Integrative Therapeutics Tyler Panplex 2-Phase is a dietary supplement that supplies the required digestive aids for both these phases. It has helped them with various kinds of digestive problems.

Healthy digestion takes a back seat as the personages. For them, their acid may become alkaline and that affects their smooth digestion. Getting the digestive acid and enzymes like that in Panplex 2-Phase may help them a lot.

Some people naturally have less stomach acid production that can affect their general health itself. The digestive aids can be a great help to them as well. Similarly, people with liver diseases also need these supplements as they would definitely be lacking some vital digestive enzymes to complete the process in the intestine.

Ingredients Of Panplex 2-Phase

The list of ingredients in Panplex 2-Phase is categorized according to the Phases.

Phase 1 includes –

  • Betaine HCl,
  • Pepsin,
  • L-glutamic acid HCl

Phase 2 has got the pancreatin USP that includes –

  • Amylase,
  • Protease,
  • Lipase,
  • Ox bile extract.


  • Betaine HCl is a powerful digestive aid that can benefit those with poor digestion and lack of enough nutrition. The poor state of the digestion has a lot to do with the nutrition efficiency and having Betaine HCl will improve both the digestion and thereby better nutrient absorption from the food. The low stomach acid or lack of enough stomach acid production could be remedied by this ingredient in Panplex 2-Phase.
    It is also a fact that a person ages, the slow pace of enzymatic activity lower and that affects the production of stomach acid and other digestive enzymes. Betaine HCl can be a natural solution for this condition. It is found natural in beets, spinach etc.
  • Pepsin concentrate: Pepsin is an essential enzyme that digests the protein. Protein needs pepsin to divide the molecules into polypeptides. This is the initial digestion of these molecules and without pepsin, they are very hard to break down in the intestines.
    Pepsin is also useful for releasing the digestive juice bile from the liver. The bile reaches the small intestine where these already broken polypeptides are further digested to become peptides and amino acids. These amino acids are what are useful for the body and that can be absorbed.
    Pepsin is also needed by the body to absorb certain key vitamins from the food. Without pepsin, the body could suffer vitamin deficiency of some kind.
  • L-Glutamic acid HCl is another way to counter the low stomach acid condition. The body will be better able to digest the food with this ingredient. It also makes a great assistance to the betaine HCl.
  • Pancreatin: Phase 2 of the digestion process needs the enzymes mainly produced by the liver and pancreas. The enzymes from the pancreas are called the pancreatin. It is a group of enzymes that include amylases for starch digestion, lipases for fat and the enzymes that digest protein- proteases. Digestion of these major food molecules ensures that the whole process goes smooth and functional. It also enables the body to absorb nutrients. The lack of enough pancreatin causes the malabsorption of nutrients.
  • Ox bile extract is a strongly concentrated bile that is more powerful than the bile from our bodies. This can ensure the proper digestion of fat molecules. Upon reaching the intestine it can work on the hard to digest molecules such as fat molecules, dairy products, meat, oils etc. This bile extract can also contribute some minerals and other body salts. It also increases the chances of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

The other ingredients include –

  • Modified cellulose,
  • Dicalcium phosphate,
  • Cellulose,
  • Calcium carbonate,
  • Stearic acid,
  • Magnesium stearate,
  • Cottonseed oil,
  • Silicon dioxide

Panplex 2-Phase Dosage And Safety Measures

Panplex 2-Phase in recommended dosage must be 1-2 tablets taken with the 3 meals of the day. Take 1-2 tablets with each of the meals. The tablets are to be swallowed and not chewed.

The supplement comes in a bottle that contains 60 tablets. A single bottle could last for a month or two, depending on the dosage.

Panplex 2-Phase contains no artificial ingredient or the common allergens such as gluten, dairy products, sugar, soy, corn, wheat, yeast etc.

Panplex 2-Phase Side Effects And Safety Tips

There are no side effects on using Panplex 2-Phase. The only problem could be an overdose. Because of the presence of ox bile and two types of HCl, it may cause heartburn or ulcer formation. Otherwise, the Panplex 2-Phase dietary supplement is quite safe.

Safety tips

Panplex 2-Phase is NOT safe for those with peptic ulcer, heartburn, or gastritis. These symptoms could be worsening with the use of this supplement. It is also not fit for pregnant and nursing women.

Doctor’s recommendation before use is highly recommended. If there is an over-production of stomach acid, this dietary supplement Panplex 2-Phase can make things worse.

Panplex 2-Phase Customer Reviews

Bristol benefitted from Panplex 2-Phase with the digestion after the gallbladder removal. The cramps and inability to digest the fat molecules were cured with this dietary supplement. 2 tablets before each meal alleviate the problem. The user is more than happy to have the life back!

Yvonne is another user who had the gallbladder removed and found the Panplex 2-Phase the solace to all problems. The helping hand here is the Ox bile extract. The other digestive enzymes make a great supportive team or them.

According to Val, Panplex 2-Phase by Integrative Therapeutics is excellent for digestion and absorption of fats. It came recommended and ever since there has been no trouble with the digestion of any food. The user takes 1 tablet 20 minutes prior to each meal and done!

Heather takes the same dosage in a similar manner. She got rid of her irritating gas and had better bowel movements. The food gets digested properly which help regulate the bowels as well.

Mary suffers from IBS and this Panplex 2-Phase came as a blessing. She now has made it a habit that made her digestion proper and bowels regular and clearer.


The majority of the users find this dietary supplement effective. It has helped them with various kinds of digestive problems. The only issue is that the bottle contains only 60 tablets which could last for a month. Many suggest having a larger supply with at least 180 tablets to have a better stock of the supplement.

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