Papa Steve’s Bar

Buy Papa Steve’s Bar at Magnus. Papa Steve’s Bar, the weight controller, is absolutely free of additives or artificial flavoring agents that are major contents in 99% of the food products today. Check out on the complete product details by a click here.

Magnus Papa Steve's Bar

Magnus Papa Steve's Bar

Papa Steve’s Protein Bar

Papa Steve’s Protein Bar is a name that is gaining popularity among the protein bars. Papa Steve’s protein bars contain no gluten, wheat, or soy. It contains no dairy products also.

Papa Steve’s Bar are not just protein bars that are readily available in the market. Papa Steve’s Bar are made out of organic foods such as dates, coconut, apples and peanuts that aid in giving you the required protein you need for the day.

Weight management with Papa Steve’s Bar

Now here’s a product which can help you manage your weight or gain weight. Papa Steve’s Bar is specially designed for athletes or women who want to gain/lose weight. For athletes who want to gain weight, grab a protein bar of Papa Steve’s between meals for increasing your metabolism.

The effect of Papa Steve’s Bar is not just limited to weight management. These protein bars aid in boosting you immune system, improve the blood levels, reduce damage of liver, lessening the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome etc.

Papa Steve’s Bar is made out of actual ingredients such as coconut, almond, cocoa, peanuts, apples as per the flavors with the base ingredient known as Whey Protein Isolate. Whey protein is extracted from cow’s milk and whey protein isolate powder contains low lactose and more protein which is vital for your metabolism. The chocolate chips are not made dairy or soy and does not include refined sugars.

Do not worry about increasing your calories as Papa Steve’s Bar contains only limited amount ranging from 270 to 290 calories. It is absolutely free from gluten, wheat or soy. Various products such as rice puffs, freeze dried fruit etc. are rich in anti oxidants and contain fatty acids which improve your overall health by lowering your cholesterol by benefiting the vitamins such as C, E, D and B complex.

Papa Steve’s Bar is absolutely free of additives or artificial flavoring agents that are major contents in 99% of the food products today which are used to increase the shelf life and enhance the flavor respectively. This reduces the shelf life of Papa Steve’s Bar which is highly organic and made out of actual products. To serve this purpose, please refrigerate the product immediately after you receive them.

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