Dental hygiene is one of the very important aspects of everyday routine. Maintaining proper oral care is essential for strong and healthy white teeth as well as to keep dental diseases away. Slight ignorance to this routine job may lead to very painful cavities or severe periodontal diseases in the future. Thus, Periogen Company launched its deep cleaning tartar dissolving oral rinse to help relieve causes of discomfort in your mouth. Read on to know about the complete Periogen Reviews.

About Periogen For Dental Care

Periogen manufactures and sells products related to Periodontal and Dental care. Headquartered in Chula Vista and San Diego, Periogen offers an oral rinse to dissolve tartar buildup in the mouth. Since 2006, Periogen has provided a gingivitis oral rinse treatment to remove plaque and tartar from teeth at home. This clinically proven formula prevents tartar/calculus build-up 45% more effectively than brushing alone as measured even after 6 months of using Periogen.

Studies show the link between oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar (dental calculus), gingivitis and gum disease. It interrupts this cycle by removing existing plaque and tartar from teeth, prevents the mineralization of the plaque on your teeth into tartar and thus, preventing and reversing gingivitis.

This simple addition to home oral care is proven and effective for keeping plaque and tartar off teeth. This oral rinse comes in a powdered concentrate. Use it just as a mouthwash or delivered via an oral irrigator. Just as brushing and flossing are important daily, use Periogen every day.

This formula is non-acidic with a healthy 7.5 pH. It contains no alcohol, bleach, or triclosan. It is safe to use and will not harm enamel or dental appliances. One 3 ounce bottle’s powdered concentrate makes 3 gallons of rinse, perfect for 45 day supply.

Periogen Dental Care Features

  • No other product in the world will safely and progressively remove and prevent dental tartar and plaque buildup like Periogen.
  • This is a safe, tested and effective oral cleanser.
  • This product can remove the hard porous dental tartar material that resides bacteria to thrive and grow.
  • Unlike, typical mouth rinses, herbals, and oils attempt that kills bacteria, the Periogen effect is long lasting and won’t allow bacteria to come back.
  • It is useful to remove dental tartar buildup and red, sore or bleeding gums, gingivitis and gum disease.
  • Naturally, whitens teeth by removing discolored tartar.
  • It adds longevity to your dental implants and orthodontic appliances
  • Studies confirm a 45% reduction in plaque and tartar buildup when compared to brushing alone.
  • Proven to reduce new calculus formation by 45% even after 6 months
  • This tartar dissolving oral rinse comes is a Powdered form.
  • One bottle contains 3oz powerful, powder, sufficient to use for 45 Days
  • Recommended by Dr. Paul Keyes, Former US Dental Director, NIH
  • Safe and has no adverse effects
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Cost effective, One 3 ounce bottle makes 3 gallons of rinse at 8 cents per liquid ounce

Periogen Ingredients

As mentioned on the bottle label, this product contains –

  • tetrapotassium pyrophosphate,
  • sodium tripolyphosphat,
  • sodium bicarbonate,
  • citric acid.

An additional active ingredient – sodium fluoride 0.04%

This patented formulation contains only safe, proven, food and dental industry ingredients:

  • STPP – sodium tripolyphosphate,
  • TKPP -tetrapotassium pyrophosphate,
  • baking soda (maintains a healthy 7.6 pH),
  • citric acid (product delivery and pH control) fluoride .04% (40X less than toothpaste).

Note –

It does not contain –

  • bleaching agents,
  • alcohol
  • titanium dioxide.
  • Triclosan free oral cleanser.

Periogen Directions

Use Periogen once daily. Firstly, brush your teeth with your favorite toothpaste, and then apply Periogen.
Swishing Method – In a cup, dissolve ½ spoonful Periogen in ½ cup warm water. For heavy or stubborn tartar accumulations, use up to 1-½ spoonfuls per ½ cup water. Swish this solution in mouth for 1 minute or more. Spit and add more of this solution as needed until the cup is empty.

Brushing Method – Mix ½ scoops Periogen per 4 oz. warm water in a cup. Dip the brush into the mixture and brush.

Periogen How to Use?

Several simple methods to use Periogen are as below. It is important for you to select the easiest method that you can follow on a daily basis. Some users prefer the swishing method. However, you can also brush with Periogen; or apply it through an oral irrigator. For all methods mentioned here, brush with your regular toothpaste first, and then apply Periogen.

  • Swishing Method – In a mug, mix the powder with water as per the directions for Swishing Method (mentioned above). Then, slowly rinse all quadrants of your mouth with the solution, with your lips tightly closed. Swish for three 20-second intervals, spitting after each interval. For best results, refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking for 30 minutes after you rinse.
  • Brushing Method – Prepare the Periogen solution as directed (mentioned above.) In this easy method, you just have to dip your toothbrush into the solution and brush your teeth. With the remaining solution if you like, use as swishing.
  • Oral Irrigator Method – Oral irrigators, also called water flossers, have reservoirs that typically hold about 2 cups (473ml) of liquid. In this reservoir, mix Periogen powder with water as directed. Then, thoroughly irrigate all quadrants of your mouth. Run the tip along the margin between each of your teeth and the gum. Pay special attention to the back sides of the rear molars as these areas critical and should not be missed.

Periogen Indications

Consider this product if you have red, sore, or bleeding gums and/or those seeking optimal oral health.

Periogen Warnings

  • Not for use by children 6 years old and younger
  • As with any mouth rinse, do not swallow
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Allergy Warning – People allergic to any of Periogen ingredients should not use it.
  • After use, if mouth sensitivity, redness or rash develops, discontinue use immediately and seek medical help, if needed.
  • Contain ingredients/ chemicals which someone may be allergic to or chemicals whose use needs to be strongly controlled and regulated. Therefore, consult your dentist before starting to use.

Periogen Customer Reviews

It has received 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The company is proud to offer this excellent product that actually works. Users say it definitely removes tarter, stops gums bleed and the difference is noticeable in just a few days of use. However, some people complain saying it is just another baking soda product which does nothing well. Read below what real customers are saying about it/

  • Gary says this product with the Waterpik flosser gives him that dentist clean tooth.
  • TLD says it is great for oral/dental health. He experiences a noticeable improvement in a week of regular use.
  • Kngskid says it gives fresh breath, as well as help, reduces tartar and plaque.
  • Chan is not using it with a Waterpik but is brushing and swishing as directed for nearly a month now and sees no change or positive effect.
  • Demenace says this product made her teeth very sensitive after using for just 2 weeks. It didn’t work and she will now have to get deep cleaning done somewhere else.
  • Brian used this product every day for four months with Waterpik and disappointing that his pockets went from 4mm to 6mm. He adds this is absolutely no help for gums.

Periogen Frequently Asked Questions

Can Periogen hurt enamel?

No, it cannot damage any type of tooth surface that are made of calcium phosphate. It dissolves only tartar, which is comprised of ionic calcium phosphate salt.

Can I use Periogen to dissolve tartar off my pet’s teeth?

There are no studies yet conducted to indicate this product’s effectiveness on animals. Not to use.

This product contains fluoride. Why?

It contains a very small percentage of sodium fluoride ions (.04%) just to have a guaranteed ion source to assist tartar dissolution. However, typical fluoride toothpaste contains about .24% sodium fluoride, or 6 times as much.

Can I use/ mix Periogen with other products?

No, do not mix it with other products. This may be unsafe due to a reaction of ingredients from other products. Periogen is self-sufficient and requires no other product to eliminate germs and dissolve tartar.

What does Periogen taste like?

This product is described as either flavorless or being like a slightly citrus spritzer.

Periogen Conclusion

This product is ideal for people who develops tartar build up or works great as an oral cleanser. However, if you are suffering from intense tartar issues and gum problems, then first consult with your dentist before going for any medicated product. Otherwise, also you should use Periogen in conjunction with regular dental visits to keep gums healthy.

Periogen – Oral rinse treatment & remove tartar from teeth

Periogen has provided a gingivitis oral rinse treatment to remove plaque and tartar from teeth at home. This formula is non-acidic with a healthy 7.5 pH. It contains no alcohol, bleach, or triclosan. It is safe to use and will not harm enamel or dental appliances.

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