The PolyGlycopleX (PGX) products that are used for blood sugar support are the PGX Daily Singles, PGX SlimStyles, PGX WellBetX Softgels and capsules. Basically all these products serve the same purpose of providing enough fiber content into the body and support the blood sugar balance. The composition of these products is almost the same with slight difference.

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The PGX Daily singles, PGX SlimStyles, PGX WellBetX softgels and the PGX WellBetX with Mulberry are all popularly used in weight management. They all can regulate the blood sugar level and urges the body to locate and utilize the stored fat. All the products contain more amount of dietary fiber that can reduce the cravings, make you feel fuller that results in eating less than usual. It makes a very convenient form of weight management which can also lead to better health and also helping with pre or post diabetics.

About Slimstyles PolyGlycopleX – PGX

PGX is the short term used for PolyGlycopleX a polysaccharide blend. The polysaccharides in this blend are taken from herbs. The blend is made with Xanthan gum, and other polysaccharides sodium alginate and Konjac mannan. These are soluble fiber and can absorb 600 times more water than its weight. It can curb the hunger for a longer while it may even be used as a meal replacement. It makes a viscous mass inside the intestine and makes the brain feel fuller. PGX blend is available in powdered form, as granules, soft gels and capsules. All the varieties can absorb large quantities of water and the person is required to drink as much excess water as possible after taking the PGX.

The PolyGlycopleX (PGX) products that are used for blood sugar support are the PGX Daily Singles, PGX SlimStyles, PGX WellBetX Softgels and capsules. Basically all these products serve the same purpose of providing enough fiber content into the body and support the blood sugar balance. The composition of these products is almost the same with slight difference.

The ability in controlling the appetite and making the person eat less makes the PGX products a powerful tool in weight management. PGX not only helps in weight loss but also keeps the excess weight away for as long as it is taken. It can also contribute to regulate the blood sugar levels and insulin levels. It is also able to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. These products can be used by anyone who wishes to maintain or lose weight and those who are diabetics.

How PGX PolyGlycopleX products work

PGX (PolyGlycopleX) is a patented fiber complex made of natural polysaccharides. These polysaccharides when absorbs water can become a viscous mass. This viscous mass will fill the stomach and slows down the digestion. It releases the sugar very slowly. The feel of fuller stomach lasts for a longer time and meanwhile, the slow digestion will control the blood sugar level.

Usually it happens that soon after digestion the release of sugars cause a spike in both sugar and insulin in the blood. The insulin will soon remove the glucose and causes the feel of hunger soon enough. With the PGX inside the small intestine as a viscous mass, this situation is averted. It sends out signal to the brain that you are satiated and do not need food for a while. This will reduce the food cravings and the mid-meal snacking.

The PGX WelBetX ultra matrix softgels are made with an MCT matrix- medium chain triglycerides matrix. This matrix when mixed with the stomach acid forms a viscous matrix faster than its other forms. This is considered as an acid induced viscous matrix that happens within minutes of consuming the PGX softgels and feel of fullness is also faster.

Since PolyGlycopleX contains soluble fiber, it will not add to the calories and can make a healthier low-calorie diet to replace any of the meal. The lack of carbohydrates in this blend can urge the body to find alternates in the stored fat, thus helping with weight loss.

The PGX viscous mass in the small intestine will prevent the re-absorption of the cholesterol from the food. This way it helps in regulating the blood cholesterol as well. In the same way it prevents the carbohydrate release into the blood.

PGX is also known for improving the insulin resistance. By reducing the production of insulin and lowering the release of sugar into blood, the insulin sensitivity is considerably reduced.

The effects of PGX usually last for about 3 hours. By that time the feel of ‘fullness’ will be gone and the hormones that makes you feel hungry will be back in action and so will be the insulin production. PGX is best taken before the meals. Taking PGX 10 minutes before the meals will reduce the appetite and you end up eating less. It can work to its fullest within 30 minutes, by absorbing the water and filling the stomach.

Features of PolyGlycopleX – PGX blood sugar support and weight management supplements

PolyGlycopleX – PGX Daily singles

  • PGX daily singles contain the fibrous polysaccharide blend that can lower the glycemic index in the blood. It makes you feel less hungry and fuller faster.
  • PGX daily singles come in individual packs in powdered form that are easily dissolved and absorbed by the body. It can be sprinkled on to the food or added to the drink.
  • The polyglycoplex blend in the powdered form has more fiber content and can control and balance the blood glucose levels.
  • It has no particular flavor and does not alter the taste of the food or drink it is added to, so that you may add it to any of your favorite drink or food.
  • PGX daily singles is an appetite suppresser that helps you eat less and makes weight loss or weight maintenance easier.
  • One packet of PGX daily singles contain 2.5 gms of the PolyGlycopleX

PolyGlycopleX – PGX SlimStyles granules

  • PGX SlimStyles granules contain 5 mg of the polysaccharide blend.
  • It works to balance the blood sugar level and control the appetite by fast filling the stomach.
  • The feel of fuller tummy lasts for longer period so that there are fewer cravings in between the meals.
  • PGX SlimStyles can be sprinkled on to any wet food. Cereals, yogurt, soups, salads etc can be used as a base to have the PGX SlimStyles granules.
  • The granules have no particular taste and easily blend with the food or drink.
  • Adding it to the daily meals will also make you eat less, as the granules are easily absorbed by the body and make a great filling in no time.
  • Daily intake of PGX SlimStyles helps improve the daily dietary fiber amount.
  • It also contains some amount of calcium and sodium as well.

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PolyGlycopleX – PGX WellBetX Ultra Matrix Softgels plus Mulberry

  • PGX WellBetX Ultra Matrix Softgels plus Mulberry contains the mulberry leaf extract, medium chain triglycerides, and PGX blend. The mulberry leaf extract can reduce the insulin spike after the meals. It can promote certain enzymes that help with the digestion of the starch and sugars. It reduces the use of insulin and prevents the sudden plunge in the sugar level that happens later.
  • The purpose of these PGX softgels are also the same as the other PGX products mentioned above. It helps regulate the glucose levels and also controls the appetite for a longer period.
  • These softgels are easy to consume and can easily cut more calories from the diet.
  • The PGX WellBetX Ultra Matrix Softgels plus Mulberry helps block the carbohydrate absorption by the body and lowers the insulin secretion.
  • It can also serve to reduce the insulin sensitivity by the cells.
  • IT can promote more fat burning and makes weight loss faster.
  • PGX WellBetX Ultra Matrix Softgels plus Mulberry is also effective in reducing the blood cholesterol and triglycerides amount.

PolyGlycopleX- PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules

  • PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules is the same as the softgels. The ingredients are almost same except that the PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules does not have medium chain triglycerides in it.
  • PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules is effective weight management supplements that are high in dietary fiber and less calories. It urges the body to control the blood sugar levels and avoids the sudden spike in the blood sugar after the meals.
  • It reduces the production of insulin and prevents the carbohydrate absorption.
  • PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules makes an excellent choice for those who use low calorie or low carbohydrate diet for weight management programs.
  • PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules is convenient to consume and control the appetite before meals.

The Ingredients of PolyGlycopleX – PGX supplements

The common ingredient in all the four PGS supplement varieties is the PGX proprietary blend. It is made of extracts taken from Xanthan gum, Sodium alginate from Laminaria digitata and Konjac-mannan from the Amorphophallus konjac root. These are polysaccharides that also have dietary fiber content for daily intake. The difference between the 4 PGX products mentioned here is the amount of PGX blend in each of them.

  • PGX daily singles contain 2.5 gms of PolyLGlycopleX in powdered form. There is no other ingredient in this dietary supplement.
  • PGX SlimStyles granules have 5 mg of PGX blend, some additional dietary fiber, calcium sodium and some amount of carbohydrates.
  • PGX WellBetX Ultra matrix softgels contain 800 mg of PGX blend, 600 mgs of medium chain triglycerides oil and 25 mg of Mulberry leaves extract. The non active ingredients are gelatin, glycerin, carob, purified water, titanium dioxide, annatto, yellow beeswax and lecithin for the gels.
  • PBX WellBetX capsules with Mulberry have 1000mg of PGX blend, 50 mg of Mulberry leaf extract, 21 mg sodium, 6 mg calcium and some additional fiber and a little carbohydrate as well. The inactive ingredients in the PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules are gelatin and purified water for the capsules, rice powder and magnesium stearate for the mix.

Dosage of PolyGlycopleX – PGX Supplements

PGX daily singles comes as a pack that contains 30 individual smaller packs. Each small pack has the powdered form of PGX Daily singles that can be opened and mixed with the drinks. It makes the mixing easier with no hassle in measuring every time. The convenient pack allows you to take it along with you on trips or vacation. The PGX daily singles is easily dissolved in the medium used. Take one or 2 packets every day for best results. Mix one packet in 375-500 ml of cold water or other liquids and drink. Also take plenty of excess water after the PGX daily singles mix as it can absorb water many a times than its actual weight. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration or constipation.

PGX SlimStyles granules come in bottle. The recommended dosage is one scoop full of the granules mixed in 12 oz of cold water or other cold liquids. During the initial days, start with only half a scoop and increase the dose gradually. Drink additional amount of water, at least 8 oz, after taking PGX SlimStyles granules.

PGX WellBetX ultra matrix softgels are taken as 1-2 softgels before each of the meals, during the initial 7 days. Take the softgel at least 5-10 minutes before the food. Take the softgels with a glass full of water. During these 7 days slowly increase the number of gels taken per day, to allow the body to get adjusted with the new addition in the diet and also helps reduce the digestive discomforts it may cause. By the end of 7 days, the dosage will reach the recommended level of 3-6 softgels per meal.

PGX WellBetX with Mulberry capsules are taken 2-4 in number. The required number of capsules is taken with 8-16 oz of water. Have the capsules 5-10 minutes before the meal time. Here also, start with only 1-2 capsules per meal and gradually increase the amount to 4 capsules per meal. It gives the body time to get adjusted and avoid any digestive complications.

PolyGlycopleX Side Effects and Contraindications

PGX is backed by many pre-clinical and clinical trials for over 10 years. The research has been conducted widely in many countries including the United States, Germany, and France. The studies show that PGX is 100% safe. It is a natural product and non-addictive. It does not cause any kind of side effects.

But there could be discomforts in the initial days of consuming PGX daily singles, PGX Slimstyles granules, PGX WellBetX Ultra matrix softgels and PGX WellbetX with mulberry capsules. The PGX blend in all these products can absorb large amount of water and may cause certain digestive discomforts when it is newly introduced. So always start at smaller dosage and increase the quantity gradually.

The gradual increase in the dosage helps the body and digestive system to get adapted to the PGX and there will be fewer discomforts. After every increase in dosage, wait until the body shows no more symptoms, before moving on to the next dosage level. If the symptoms prevails, continue the current dose. The discomforts that might be seen in the initial days of PGX products are gassing, bloating, diarrhea etc.

PGX products demand to take excess water along with it. Failing to take excess water may cause stomach pain, or constipation. It contains no gluten, artificial ingredients such as preservative or flavoring agents. It is manufactured in conditions that are free of dairy products or traces of corn, wheat, yeast etc.

Contraindications of PGX products

PGX and medications may not go well with each other. PGX can can slow down the absorption of medications. So always keep at least an hour between the PGX and the medications. You can either take it one hour prior to the meals or at least 2-3 hours after.

The ability of PGX products in regulating the blood sugar levels may affect the diabetic patients. Those who take blood sugar controlling drugs or insulin may need to reduce their dosage accordingly. So they have to consult their doctors before starting with PGX products. It may cause a sudden decrease in the blood sugar level.

If you are taking any other medication, it is advisable to consult the doctor before starting with any of the PGX products.

People who need to take medications just before the meals or along with the meals need higher caution and need the approval of their doctors to take the PGX products.

PGX products are not meant for children and must be kept away from them.

PGX products critical reviews – PolyGlycopleX Reviews

The PGX daily singles have got a majority of positive reviews commenting on the fuller fell and controlled diet. But the same has a major set down in many users, who did not feel any difference but had to suffer major bouts of indigestion and discomforts. Many have also felt the difficulty in mixing the powdered form as it became gel like while mixing itself. In actual terms, the issue behind this gel formation and lumps is that it should be mixed in ‘cold water’ . Any food item that is in room temperature, warm or hot can make the powder gel like. Many users have found that they had better chances with the powder form with yogurt but not with other food items.

The negative remark against the PGX WellBetX ultra mtrix softgels is that they do not bring any major change in the appetite or has any effect in weight management. Many felt that the softgels are bigger to be swallowed easily.

Frequently asked question about PGX products

How do I know if my PGX daily singles is working properly?

As long as you do not feel a forceful urge to eat something to have your appetite under considerable control, you can rest assured that your PGX daily singles are working. For people who will feel more hunger may have to increase the dose if they still feel hungry or suffer food cravings. The PGX WellBetX ultra matrix softgels can show almost instantaneous results when taken in the right quantity. The PGX granules and capsules may take a little longer than these.

Why do I still feel hungry after taking PGX?

The appetite level of each person differs. Some may need only the minimal dosage and others may require higher dosage. Until the optimal dosage level reaches, it is quite natural to feel hungry even after taking PGX daily singles, PGX SlimStyles granules, PGX WellBetX ultra matrix softgels, or PGX WellBetx with Mulberry.

How are PGX products different from other diet control programs for weight loss?

PGX products are dietary supplements that are taken prior to the normal meals. It does not restrict any kind of food items from the diet. There are no diet or calorie restrictions as well. While other diets control the weight by reducing the supply of sugars and carbohydrates, while the PGX products restrict the release of the carbohydrates into the blood and regulates the food cravings. While other diets increase the metabolism and improve the digestion. PGX products control the digestion to slow down the carbohydrate release.

Is it safe to take PGX daily singles, PGX SlimStyles granules, PGX WellBetX untra matrix softgels or PGX WellBetX with mulberry capsules, along with other supplements?

Yes. You may take any of the PGX products along with other supplements. The supplements that are safe to take along with PGX are essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Is it ok to cut the softgels in half as they are a little bigger in size?

No, the PGX WellBetx ultra matrix softgels must not be broken or taken as pieces. They must be consumed as it is in its whole shape. The softgels contains an oily matrix that will spill out if the gels are broke open. If you find the PGX softgels are inconvenient to consumes, then switch to the other options like the PGX daily powder, granules, or the capsules. The granule form would be the convenient form to mix and also for controlling the dosage. The granules form can also be advantageous as they make the highest viscosity fiber in the intestine and provides longer fullness feel.

Where to buy PGX products?

PGX products are available for purchased through many of the online pharmacies, popular stores such as Amazon and eBay. They are also available in the pharmacies, grocery stores or other health care centre. The PGX daily singles, PGX SlimStyles granules, PGX WellBetX ultra matrix softgels and the PGX WellBetx with Mulberry are all available all over the United States and Canada. They are also available through the associated heath care stores as well.

From the PGX official site, you can enter your locality to see the nearby stores from where you can purchase the products. The PGX products are available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription and are easily available.