Pherazone For Sale, Reviews & Testimonials, Price, Uses

Drive your partner wild with Pherazone that is designed for men, women and gay people. Pherazone offers you lab-certified pheromones that have been studied to deliver effectively. This proprietary blend of pheromones are combined with designer fragrances can give you great results. Check out the Pherozone review.

What is Pherozone?

Pherozone is a company located in Glendale, California that manufactures assorted collections of pheromone-infused perfumes and colognes.

The price of Pherozone is not cheap and is a bit expensive as compared to other pheromone brands. This is because pherozone comes with heavy concentration of pheromones that deliver real results. It is also available in scented and unscented version so that you can use the unscented pheromone with your favorite scent.

The website of Pherozone is well-designed and features all the information required about pheromone hormone and how pherozone works in increasing sexual attractiveness.

Pherazone For Men
They are designed to work for both men and women to attract people of opposite as well as same-sex upon the person’s discretion.

While some call it “chemistry”, Pherozone likes to call it ‘pheromones’.

How does Pherozone really work?

Pherozone comes with a blend of human pheromones that are associated with sexuality, masculinity, femininity, and dominance. These human pheromones work in your favor by triggering an immediate attraction on the opposite person thus infusing a trustworthy feeling.

NOTE: This pheromone is not for those who are looking for cheap dates. Use this if you are looking for a genuine and healthy relationship.

It also works in boosting the physical and emotional intimacy between couples which is the base of the relationship. If you are dealing with low libido, this pheromones can heighten your sexual urgency and give you the upper hand in sex and love.

Formula of Pherazone

Pherazone has 36mg of pheromones per fluid ounce and 108 mg in their flagship product. You can start with the entry-level to know how it works. You can choose between scented and unscented formula.

While your daily cologne has just 5 mg of pheromones, Pherazone is very much powerful and has 7 different pheromones blend together in the bottle.

Suitable for men, women, and gay people, here are the different pheromone ingredients of Pherozone.


Has the following effects: Making women sexually aroused, intimidate them, get respect from men and at times aggression as well. Androstenone is a famous pheromone that is known for its sexual effects. It is also known to give out a sexual vibe and boost attraction.


Effects include feelings such as status, trust, reliability, authority, wisdom etc. Androsterone can make a people feel empowered. Androsterone does not carry any sexual effects like Androstenone but it can certainly help in breaking the ice and make anyone feel comfortable around you. Most of your initial encounters with women will be sexual.


Effects on others include: become more sociable, open, friendly and overall positive feeling. Other people will find your fun and outgoing. The heavy concentration of Androstenol gives you the power to look and feel sexual, dominant, and masculine. It increases your raw magnetic appeal giving you the courage to pursue the woman of your dreams.


Effects on women include feeling affectionate and in love. Women love the comfort and happiness they feel around you. As a matter of fact, Androstadienone has been reported to reduce the side effects of menstruation as well such as cramps, mood swings etc.

Each application will last up to 8 hours. This is much more than other brands in the market. Another advantage is that one bottle of pherozone will last more as you need to use less.

Other ingredients include Beta-epi-androstenol, Beta-androstenol, 5-alpha-androstenone, and 5-alpha-androstenol.

Pherazone products

Here are few of the best-selling products of Pherazone.

Super Concentrated Pherozone For Men

Become the center of attraction with Pherozone for men. It comes with 38mg of pheromone per fluid ounce. It makes it 5x more powerful than other brands. Available in a sleek frosty bottle with aluminum brushed cap, it has an atomizer nozzle. Just 2-3 sprays on the pulse point are all you need with this pheromone.

After the initial success of the original pherozone, they increased the formula with Pherazone Super Concentrated that provides you with double the concentration. One spray is all you need to pick up girls.

Reviews say that women become touchy and flirty while talking to men. The citrus fragrance also turns a lot of heads and makes men irresistible.

Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated

The Ultra Super Concentrated is the latest upgraded cologne that offers you 108mg of pheromones per fluid ounce in a redesigned fragrance.

This is for serious pros that contains so much concentrated pheromone that the effects can backfire. This means girls fighting for you, guys getting envious and becoming the ultimate alpha male.

Women can not only get excited but if they show physical attraction, things will move pretty fast for you.

Benefits of using Pherazone for men

Pherazone effects on women can be extremely powerful. It immediately attracts you and if you are a player, they will fall even harder for you. If you are aiming for a woman who was giving you a hard time, then this is the best.

Sexual Vibe

Pherazone hits women hard and fast giving you control to open many opportunities. With this, things can move quickly in the bedroom. Now we won’t claim that she will be sleeping with you the moment she lays her eyes on you. It just doesn’t work like that.

But yes, if you want to have more sex, it can give your hormones a boost and makes every woman succumb to your charm.

Quick results

The high concentrated pherozone ingredients give you instant attention from women. We don’t say that women will throw themselves on you but with a bit of flirt, confidence, and charm, you can surely gain their trust and make them go weak in the knees. Sex is not the advantage but it will also help you feel good about yourself.

Improved self-confidence

You might dress nicely, feel your personal best but still find it difficult to get woman’s attention. Might be your confidence. Pherazone contains manly hormones that boost your self-confidence and help you to get out of the “Friends Zone”. You know when you get really close and suddenly you will be more than a friend for her.

Memorable Experiences

You won’t be the one to wake up and forget. Pherazone will give you a long-lasting powerful impression. There are reviews where men say that Pherazone helped them in better erections, increased libido, and increasing sexual vibe.

Women love how men talk to them, respect them and how you make them feel. When you can work on these things, it becomes part of your personality and makes you more attractive.

Pherazone perfume for Women

Make men fall for you with Pherazone for women!!! A sister perfume of the hugely successful male pheromone cologne, Pherazone, Pherazone for women is the first best that offers great results for women.

It comes with 18mg of pheromones a bottle making it the highly concentrated female pheromone perfume in the market.

The product comes with a blend of pheromones that include Androstenone and Copulins.

Pherazone pheromone for women lasts 4-6 hours average based on what they are doing – work, partying etc. Based on these observations, it is one of the stable pheromone perfumes available for sale.

Pherazone for women smell is similar to that of Calvin Klein One that sells unisex fragrance brands.

The product has been rated #1 by 3 2014 Internet Surveys. This says a lot about the quality and the results of the product.

Benefits of Pherazone for women

Here are few of the reasons why you should buy Pherazone for women.

Greater sex

Be it your spouse or your boyfriend, you can enjoy fantastic sex as your partner will be unable to keep your hands off you. The sensual pheromones stimulate an aphrodisiac effect on your partner making you irresistible and tempting.

Center of Attraction

Without a doubt, you will be the center of attraction!!! so play your cards well and soon you will have him all over you. Be it parties or social events or workplace, Pherazone will increase the attraction of men while boosting your confidence to go indulge in a good time with anyone you want.

Well, almost!!!

While it can certainly garner men’s attention, it won’t work on all men. Just be cool, confident and with pheromone, things will surely turn to your favor.

Confidence boost

Those who want men to woo you the old way will certainly find Pherazone helpful. Plus, it also gives you the confidence that a woman with confidence is seductive, dangerous and is certainly not for weak men.

With men craving for your attention, you get the power to decide to choose.

Pherazone for gay

Attract the same sex and get more dates with Gay Pherozone!!! No more frustration due to lack of dating or inactive sex life. With Pherzone, you can dramatically increase your sex appeal and get more dates.

While these pheromones are naturally occurring in the body, they tend to get washed away during bathing, usage of antiperspirants etc. This depletes the natural role of pheromones in your life.

The proprietary blend of pheromones combined with your favorite scent can give you maximum results without even trying hard.

How to use/apply Pherazone

Too be greedy and use too much as it will backfire and people might ignore you treat you like a leper. Too little can also be boring.

Here are the sweet spots where you can use Pherozone.

For Men

  • Adams Apple – use it on your neck as it produces a lot of heat and gives out great self-effects.
  • Sides of jawline – close to the nose, it is a great application spot.
  • Chest – a great open area that disperses a load of pheromones. This is great if you are wearing a button up or T-shirt.
  • Elbow Pit – the small crease between the arm and forearm because it diffuses well.
  • On clothing – pheromones can stick well to the fabrics and last longer as well. It also helps in spreading the pheromones more effectively.

For Women

  • Pulse points – Apply or spritz on the wrists, behind the ears, around your neck and back of your knees. Apply either on the wrists or the knees but not in both the places.

Pherazone Cologne Reviews

There are many reviews available online regarding Pherazone. There is no such perfect product and hence, Pherazone too has received its share of positive and negative reviews.

While one group says that the products of Pherazone work just as claimed, another group did not see any results and claim it as a scam. The main problem seems to be the price that is very much expensive than other brands in the market.

Here are few of the positive and complaints of Pherazone.

Pherozone Testimonials

  • PNServices – “Those comments about how bad the product is. It works for me every time. I ordered another bottle and this is my third or fourth bottle. I wish I could give it 10 stars.”
  • Ken – “Super fast shipping. The product is long lasting and smells great too.”
  • JP Cook – “This is a great product. Women open up to me and talk to me. I don’t even have to make a move and they just start a conversation with me. It’s so flirty. This stuff works but the price is too expensive. But then it’s worth every penny.”

Pherazone Pheromone Reviews – Complaints

  • ChaCha325 – “Ad indicates that it is a 1 oz bottle. But it’s the only ½ ounce. I will not order anymore due to the small amount and high price. It also does not work as the manufacturer claims.”
  • Francisco J Alvarez – “Has a nice smell to it. But it doesn’t last long. Guaranteed to boost sex….not even in your dreams.”
  • Amazon customer GPB – “I notice an effect on me than my date. Felt more confident. May work on some females but not the ones I am with. Was worth a try though.”

Shipping and Returns

The company ships pherozone anywhere in the world. That’s right. They offer to ship no matter where you are. This includes countries like UK, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, and Philippines.

However, shipping is FREE anywhere in the USA.

Pherozone comes with a 30-day return policy. This means if you don’t see any results, you can return them within 30 days and get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Pherazone in India?

The price of Pherazone in India is around 27,000 INR.

Is Pherazone available in retail stores?

No, you can purchase Pherozone online only at a few sites.

Where to buy Pherazone for men and women online at wholesale price?

You can order Pherazone from Amazon, eBay etc. It is also available at the official website.

Where to find Pherazone coupon codes online?

There are many sites such as Groupon that offer pherozone discount codes online.

Where is the Pherazone company located in the USA?

The company of Pherazone is based at 3747 Foothill Boulevard, Suita #B – 1013, Glendale, CA 91214.

What is the cheapest Pherazone available?

All the products of Pherazone are a bit expensive and are not available at cheap price. Choose the one that works best for you.

What are the side effects of Pherazone?

There are no side effects of Pherazone. It contains clinically studied pheromones that are naturally occurring in the body.

Is Pherazone free sample available?

Yes, contact the customer care and you will be provided with a free sample.

Is Pherazone a fake or scam product?

No, pherozone is a legit product. It contains actual natural hormones that have undergone clinical studies to deliver good results. The company is located in California so you can visit the manufacturing unit and check out the products yourself.

Which is the best – Pherazone Vs Phero X Vs Nexus Vs Max Attraction Gold Vs Xcite Vs Chikara Vs Pherx Vs Pherlure Vs Edge Up


PherazonePhero XNexusMax Attraction GoldXciteChikaraPherxPherlureEdge Up
Ingredients7 pheromones9 pheromones7 pheromones3 pheromonesIs a body wipe filled with pheromones7 pheromones4 and more pheromones4 pheromones3 key pheromones
Side effectsNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Price$197.00$49.95$49.95$60$0.67 per wipe$59.95$39.95$49.99$99.95
ShippingFreeFreeFreeN.A.Small Shipping FeeFree$5.99FreeFree
Return Policy30 days60 days67 daysN.A.N.A.60 days60 days30 days30 days

The Final Verdict

Pherazone is an excellent pheromone that offers you great results. Though the product is obviously expensive, the results are certainly worth the cost. It can be used to create a long and short-term relationship with the opposite sex.


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