Phospfood Liquid is a dietary supplement that maintains a healthy calcium-phosphorous ratio. The balance of these elements is highly essential for normalcy. Many of the normal processes are dependent on these molecules to prevent many diseases and conditions. It delivers phosphorous for the body that automatically balances the calcium levels as well. This helps to prevent or remedy the problems such as kidney stones, gallstones, joint and bone problems, the diseases caused by the excess deposition of calcium or phosphorous, headaches etc.


The Phosfood Liquid is easy to take and has found to accelerate the functions of many glands. It is also beneficial for the blood viscosity and better circulation.

Standard Process Phosfood Liquid reviews

The majority of the Phosfood Liquid reviews show that the supplement has helped improve the health from kidney stones, digestive issues associated with liver and gall bladder, and is good for bones.

Pregnant women have used it to alleviate the morning sickness. Relief from headaches, allergy, sinus problems etc is also seen in the reviews. It is helpful in alkalizing the body and part of the cancer treatment. It can also be used as part of the general detoxification or flushing of liver and gall bladder to eliminate sluggish digestion.

In short, Phosfood Liquid is one effective supplement that can be a faster remedy for so many problems. The only trouble would be if you are taking it as part of a self diagnosis. Talk to your doctor and get the assurance before you start on it.

Standard Process Phosfood liquid For Kidney Stones

Phosfood Liquid can be useful as part of the liver flushing, for relief from pain, nausea, vomiting etc associated with the various calcium stones in the body.

Standard Process Phosfood Liquid Dosage

The daily dosage of Phosfood Liquid is 10 drops, taken thrice. A squirt would be full dropper that is provided. Take a squirt and drop the liquid into a glass of filtered water. Mix it well and drink this each time.

You need to rinse the mouth after taking Phosfood Liquid. Take in another glass of water and swish it around the mouth and swallow it. This will take all traces of the liquid into the system and clean the teeth as well.
Having Phosfood Liquid in the teeth can affect the tooth enamel negatively.

  • Phosfood Liquid and Kidney Stones: Phosofood helps in toning down the pokey stones in the kidney. The stones would be gradually smoothened out and become spongy, so that the kidneys will be able to pass them through. Take about 20 drops mixed with a glass of water and drink it 3 times a day.
  • Phosfood Liquid for gallstones: The gallstones would be dissolved slowly but steadily with regular use of Phosfood Liquid. It leeches the calcium out of the stones and dissolves them in the process. Start with 10 drops, thrice a day to see if there is any difference. If the dose is low, take 15-20 drops three times a day for best results. It flushes out the liver, gallbladder and kidneys equally. You may also mix 60 drops in a quart of water and drink the mix throughout the day.

Phosfood Liquid ingredients

The only ingredient in Standard Process Phosfood Liquid is phosphorous that comes from the ortho-phosphoric acid. There also are traces of inositol and riboflavin.

The benefits of Phosfood Liquid include the better bone health, cellular energy, metabolic processes etc.

  • The phosphorous that is delivered to the body will work on to bring the calcium level balanced that benefits the bones and teeth health.
  • Phosphorous is also part of many enzymes that take part in the metabolic activities. There are fatty acids that are attached to phosphorous during their metabolism and without this element, their utilization will be incomplete. It plays a bigger role in the general balance between calcium-phosphorous-magnesium in the body that controls most of the metabolic activities.
  • The cellular energy is dependent on phosphorus as the ultimate energy packets ATPs contain phosphorus. Without phosphorous, there would be no ATPs. ATPs are the beginning and end of all energy producing cycles and processes.
  • The riboflavin will improve the cellular oxidation by being the co-factor for the process. It improves the cellular energy and healthy blood circulation.

Phosfood Liquid Side effects

There are no side effects of using Phosfood Liquid. In fact, it alleviates the common signs of indigestion such as vomiting, nausea, and pain associated with the digestive system organs. It works faster and results can be seen within minutes of taking the dosage.

But there has been rare cases where the person suffered nausea or vomiting after taking the supplement.
The major trouble could be for the oral health where the tooth enamel is eroded. If you forget to rinse the mouth after taking Phosfood, you are bound to end up with no enamel, sooner or later. The suggestion is to take the liquid sublingual that prevents much of the tooth erosion and gastric troubles.



Phosfood Liquid can be useful as part of the liver flushing, for relief from pain, nausea, vomiting etc associated with the various calcium stones in the body. It can also be your go-to remedy for the vomiting after food poisoning. It works faster and gets you relief almost instantly. It can simply sit in the medicine cabinet for all the “just in case” usage.

The single bottle supply can last for a month or so, depending on the usage. It is always better to get it after the medical advice to avoid any untoward effects. Otherwise, Phosfood is one good supplement that can make the health better.