PhytoMulti is a blend of useful multivitamins in association with some plant nutrients. The need of vitamins we do know, but the phytonutrients might be new to many.

Phytonutrients are those nutrients that can reach the cellular function and can communicate with the cells. It contains a selected few herbal extracts that are known to improve the DNA stability and overall optimal health. The nutrients in PhytoMulti come from 13 different herbs that are found to have bioactive compounds in it. The effects of these phytonutrients are optimized by the vitamins and minerals added. Sometimes there is also the addition of iron for those who really need it.

PhytoMulti with Iron

The PhytoMulti with Iron is the same as the PhytoMulti, except for the fact that this contains the mineral iron. The product comes in tablet form of 60 tablets in a single bottle. The bottle will last for 4 weeks when used as per the recommendations. The iron in this multivitamin supplement makes it complete to fulfill any iron deficiency. This serves well for anemic people who also need some extra boost with other vitamins and minerals. Since excess iron is not so good and with the option of a PhytoMulti with and without iron one can choose the one they need and avoid the other.

Metagenics PhytoMulti Multivitamins With Iron

The PhytoMulti can help with recharging the body with more energy, nourish the body with the needed nutrients, and can also take part in the natural body defense. The nutrients in PhytoMulti come from 13 different herbs that are found to have bioactive compounds in it.

Why should I take PhytoMulti or PhytoMulti with Iron?

Daily diet is the usual way to get the needed nutrients for the body. These vitamins, minerals and the herbal extracts are needed to perform any kind of metabolic activity, to produce the enzymes, hormone, or even to keep the heart beating. Today’s fat life and fast food leaves nothing much in the diet to have the enough nutrients from. It is not surprising that people are easily prone to even simple diseases, against which they should have been resistant.

Both are taken as additional supplements to cover the deficiency of the nutrients in the diet and also to help the nutrients reach their destination without fail. Just taking the multivitamins is not enough; one must assure that it reaches where it should be. In fact, both contain those herbal extracts that can make sure that the nutrients do reach the destinations. If you are to have a multivitamin package, do choose PhytoMulti tablets or capsules.

The PhytoMulti can help with recharging the body with more energy, nourish the body with the needed nutrients, and can also take part in the natural body defense. The ability of the phytonutrients to be able to communicate with the cells makes it more useful. They can act multi dimensionally to provide wider support.

Ingredients of PhytoMulti and PhytoMulti with Iron

PhytoMulti products contain almost the same ingredients except that the latter form will have iron added as an extra. There are vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts as part of the active ingredients and there also are some inactive ingredients as well.

  • The vitamins: One can find all the essential vitamins needed by the body in Phytomulti supplements. The added vitamins are, Vitamin A, choline, vitamin C, inositol (vitamin B8), vitamin D3, lycopene- the precursor of vitamin A, vitamin E and K, Zeaxanthin, thiamin, resveratrol, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12, biotin, and pantothenic acid.
  • The Phytonutrient blend in the supplements contain the extracts taken from Green coffee bean, pomegranate whole fruit, grape seed, blueberry fruit, Green tea leaf, bitter melon fruit, prune skin, watercress herb, Indian gum Arabic extract, rosemary and artichoke leaf extracts, along with cinnamon powder, and citrus bioflavonoid complex.
  • The minerals added in the PhytoMulti are iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum. In the PhytoMulti with Iron, there is the addition of iron also.
  • The other ingredients are cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, croscarmellose, stearic acid, and for the coating of the tablets there are medium chain triglycerides, sodium copper chlorophyllin, hydroxypropylcellulose, hypromellose and water.

By adding 13 herbal extracts, there is wider availability of the nutrients. These nutrients are mostly those missing links in many of the metabolic and otherwise processes. The ready availability makes these processes faster and can promote better health easier. This way there is no need to rely on so many supplements to get the optimal health. The presence of herbal extracts also serve as natural remedy that can be used to cure some minor disorders also.

What are the benefits of taking PhytoMulti with iron or without iron?

PhytoMulti with iron and without iron, tablets or capsules are beneficial in the same way the natural vitamins does. The aim is simple, to keep the body functioning, healthy and alive. Each ingredient has its role in the metabolism. Women with iron deficiency can also cover up other unknown deficiencies, especially after menopause. Elderly people can also benefit from getting better energy and healthy body functions. The vitamins also help develop immunity. The athletes and people who work out more will also get nutrients to build their muscles and helps with tissue or muscle repair. Both mental and physical wellness will increase with PhytoMulti. It can also help in relieving stress.

There are antioxidants like reseveratrol taken from the Polygonum cuspidatum root extract and calcium, along with vitamin D3 to ensure the absorption of this mineral. It ensures better bone and joint health and strengthens them. The vitamin D3 is added in the required amount per each capsule or tablet for their best effects.

The presence of lutein and zeaxanthin ensures better vision. They can prevent the macular degeneration and cataract risks. Lutein works along with lycopene to prevent cancer and also improve the skin health.

Inositol and choline are good for brain health.

Who needs PhytoMulti?

  • PhytoMUlti will benefit everyone but there are a few who might get more benefits.
  • The people who should use PhytoMulti are the ones with a weak immunity and suffer from frequent diseases or allergies.
  • Elderly people who get less nutrients
  • People who are constantly on a low calorie diet will have less nutrients in their body and they will need the help of PhytoMulti
  • Anyone who is recovering any kind of diseases and especially diseases like cancer
  • People who have food allergy and cannot take all kinds of food
  • Picky eating people who have a longer list of the food that they dislike
  • People who are on certain types of medications

Dosage for PhytoMulti and PhytoMulti with Iron

The dosage for the tablets and the capsules are different. The tablets are to be taken 1 or 2 in number with the meals every day. The capsule form of PhytoMulti is taken 2-3 capsules once with the food.

The PhytoMulti with Iron comes only in the tablet form and the dosage is 1-2 tablets with food or as directed by the doctor or health practitioner.

As per the recommendations, this dietary supplement is fit to use by anyone except pregnant women and nursing mothers. The main reason is that the excess vitamin A can cause birth defects in the babies. PhytoMulti products do have a high concentration of this vitamin, more than what is allotted during pregnancy and is a threat to their safety.

Does PhytoMulti supplements cause any side effects?

Upset stomach, nausea, headache, unpleasant taste in the mouth are common side effects of multivitamins. Upset stomach complaint has been placed by a customer of PhytoMulti. The side effects usually arise after an overdose.

Serious side effects possible can be allergic reactions; especially if the person is allergic to any of the herbs used in the formulation. There could also be breathing difficulty, swellings of the facial parts or even throat etc. In these cases one must cease the use of PhytoMulti and seek medical attention immediately.

One may reduce the dose of PhytoMulti on his own, but think twice or thrice before increasing the dose. General overdose is harmful as it is, but PhytoMulti contains herbal extracts which makes it more cautious than other multivitamins.

Consumer Reviews

The customer reviews of PhytoMulti and PhytoMulti with iron are overwhelming. The satisfied customers are more than happy to vouch for the effectiveness of these products. Both the products had been recommended to them, mostly by their nutritionists, nurse, physician, friends and family etc. People who have got positive results had recommended it to others also.

There are so many new users as well as old users who have come back again and again to use the benefits of PhytoMulti. The long term users are also there. The duration of usage runs from one year to as much as more than 5 years. Stuart and Glo are few of them who have been using PhytoMulti for years. There is hardly any complaint about the effectiveness of the products.

The main complaint against PhytoMulti supplements is their price. The price is widely regarded as expensive for the small bottle provided. But users like Kelly, who got the expected results, are of the opinion that the product is worth every penny spent on it.

Kristina is satisfied with the product and she has also found a way to avoid the side effects like upset stomach by having the tablets along with the food. Another user has also got relief from psoriasis because of the presence of the herbal extracts.

Why the difference, PhytoMulti with Iron and that without?

Iron is an essential mineral needed for blood health. The same can be harmful when present in excess. Iron can interfere with the absorption of certain nutrients. The excess iron is also connected to some health issues such as heart disease. Iron is something that should be taken only if it is badly needed. People who are anemic are the only ones who truly need PhytoMulti with Iron. The others need the PhytoMulti to have their health needs.

About the Folate added in PhytoMulti with Iron

Folic acid is available in many forms and the same inside the body is again converted to many forms until it reaches the correct one. Calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate is the most useful form of this compound. The same is the one used at the cellular level of DNA reproduction. Instead of just adding folic acid in the composition, PhytoMulti uses the most useful form of the compound that has maximum absorbency and can bring maximum benefits.

It is also for the benefit of those who cannot convert the folic acid into its useful forms because of some genetics. It is not just this folate, but most of the vitamins and minerals added here in these products are their best form by which they are easily utilized by the body.

What is the mode of storage?

PhytoMulti dietary supplements can be stored in room temperature at a cool and dry place. It must be kept away from heat. Refrigeration is not compulsory.

Are there any contraindications of PhytoMulti supplements?

Taking PhytoMulti with iron along with other multivitamins can bring unpleasant interactions. It may show interactions with antacid, antibiotics, diuretic drugs and the medications used for high blood pressure, heart or liver diseases, or anti-inflammatory drugs etc. The drug interactions may cause fluctuation in the blood pressure, formation of gallstones, block the bile duct, sleep disorders and anxiety. Take PhytoMulti with iron or without iron only after getting the doctor’s approval, if you are currently on any kind of medication.

Why PhytoMulti is available in different forms?

PhytoMulti comes in different forms of tablets and capsules. The PhytoMulti with iron is only available in tablet form and the other PhytoMulti is available as tablets or capsules. From different reviews it is considered best to try the capsule form than the tablets. The reason behind this is that the tablets have coatings over them, which is lacking in capsules. The capsule shell is complete vegetarian and there are no extra chemicals added over it.

Where can I buy PhytoMulti supplements from?

Both PhytoMulti tablets and capsules supplements are available widely on many online stores. It is also sold in association with many medical practitioner stores as well. It is easily available from Amazon and eBay. There also are other easy online stores where you can get the products with some discounts also.

PhytoMulti is also available directly from Metagenics, the manufacturer’s site. Evitamins, helathpalace etc are the other popular stores. These are the same sites from where the products are available in other counties like UK, Canada and Austarlia. In UK, there is also the Functionalnutritionalsupplements. New London Pharmacy is another place where these products are available in UK.