AdaptoZen is a natural way to promote balance and calm to face any difficult situation.

  • This medicine supports good adrenal function.
  • Energy levels are maintained.
  • Immune system functions are regulated.
  • Stamina and endurance are enhanced.
  • Hormonal balance is very important for a calm state of mind. AdaptoZen supports a good hormonal balance in the body.


Hormonal imbalance, poor health conditions, is all factors for irrational response to stressful situations. The natural ingredients used to make AdaptoZen is packed with adaptogens that can revitalize a body, support good adrenal functions, boost immunity, bring about hormonal balance and give energy throughout a day. These ingredients are: Asian Ginseng, Cancer bush and Wu wei zi. The Native Remedies medicines are manufactured using GMP and in FDA certified facilities. A team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and pharmacists overlook the whole procedure.

The AdaptoZen capsules have to be swallowed whole with small amount of water or juice. 1 to 2 capsules have to be taken twice a day. Energy, health and vitality will provide a peaceful state of mind. When reacting to situations, these can this state can affect you decisions. This medicine is a 100% natural one that is safe and non addictive. It will help the body respond to stress with calm and balance. Adaptogens are substances that help to maintain healthy and vitality. This medicine has natural ingredients filled with the substance. It also helps the body’s normal response to physical, chemical and biological stressors. The medicine is present in a capsule form that is easy to ingest. The full spectrum of bio-availability if the herbs are preserved in the medicine.

Buy AdaptoZen for healthy performance of bodily systems

AdaptoZen is an effective homeopathic remedy for supporting the body’s response to stress with calm and balance. It is formulated by a group of experts known in the field of natural medicine by supporting hormonal equilibrium, energy levels and overall immune system functioning. AdaptoZen is a 100% safe herbal supplement that is non-addictive and assists the body in adapting to stress.

AdaptoZen from Native Remedies supports your body’s capability to address health and balance within itself. There are number of changes that occur in one’s body daily. The body is in a constant stage of adjustment and thus, the more stable the system in the body are, the more our body organs function. Like for instance, if the body is hot, sweat is produced and if the body is cold, you start shivering. Adaptogens are nothing, but therapeutic properties present within some plants. it is considered to help the body cope with stress. Adaptogens are used in Chinese as well as Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to boost energy and adjust with stress

Ingredients of AdaptoZen

AdaptoZen is a 100% homeopathic herbal supplement that contains powerful ingredients that are safe to use for coping with stress and balancing your body. Following are the ingredients of AdaptoZen:

  1. Asian ginseng – it is one of the effective botanicals used in Chinese medicines to help the body in fighting against the effects of stress. Asian Ginseng is also referred to as adaptogens because they help you to adapt or cope with stress. Asian ginseng has also been used to increase feelings of energy. It improves physical and mental performance. On the basis of clinical studies, Asian ginseng has found to offer significant benefit to people suffering from anxiety and stress.
  2. Cancer bush – cancer bush is also known as Kankerbos and has been used for centuries in the medicinal field to treat cancer and a variety of other ailments. Cancer bush possess powerful immune boosting properties and has been classified as an adaptogen. The use of Cancer bush has been well known for coping with cancer, anxiety, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, high fever, hot flushes, influenza, ulcer, TB and AIDS and mental depression and lupus etc. Cancer bush is also used as an appetite stimulant.
  3. Wu wei zi – this active ingredient of AdaptoZen is literally known as ‘five-flavor berry”. Its a woody wine native to Northern China and the Russian Far East. Wu wei Zi or Schizandra is an excellent herb for reducing stress. When the body is stressed, kt releases a stress hormone called cortisol. When you are stressed for some time, the amount of cortisol released is not a big deal. However if you are stressed for a long term, the amount of cortisol can cause variations such as heart disease, a suppressed immune system, obesity and even shrink your brain. Studies show that people who consumed Schizandra revealed reduced effects of stress and cortisol level in your body.

How to use AdaptoZen

Adaptozen from Native Remedies come in capsule form. You can swallow AdaptoZen capsules whole with a small amount of water or juice. For adults, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules two times daily.

For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, AdaptoZen should be avoided.

One bottle of AdaptoZen lasts for 15-30 days depending on dosage.

If you see any abnormal symptoms after using AdaptoZen, please do consult your nearest doctor for medical assistance.

Reviews of AdaptoZen

Customers who used Adaptozen felt really good after using the product. One customer who was suffering from Crushing’s Syndrome felt really good after using AdaptoZen. Today, he is able to live with high cortisol levels because he can manage the symptoms with the help of Adaptozen.

Another user who had severe pain due to the removal of crowns with their heavy metals from the teeth, started taking AdaptoZen on a regular basis to get relief from this stressful situation. She said that there was no pain at all after using AdaptoZen. The numbness that she had after the removal was now worn off.