AfterBirth Drops

  • The AfterBirth Drops support the body of the mother after the birth of a child.
  • It helps in recovery after childbirth.
  • It supports the health of the uterus and normalization.
  • The third stage of labor could be hard as well. It requires a lot of care. This medicine soothes the body of the mother during the time.
  • Postnatal recovery is made simple if you use AfterBirth Drops.




After baby, comes, the body of the mother has to receive continued support in order to turn back to normal and also to nurture the baby. Most mothers look forward to enjoying their new baby and relaxing after the stressful process. AfterBirth Drops will provide the required support to the systems of the body so that the mother can be care free during the time.

Afterbirth Drops Ingredients & Dosage

The natural ingredients contained in the drops are Black Cohosh, which can soothe nerves and support relaxation, Cramp bark, which supports the female reproductive system and uterus, Pasque flower, which reduces nervous tension, promoting stable mood after childbirth and Fennel seeds which are generally used to calm the digestive system. To ingest it, 5 to 10 drops have to be mixed with ΒΌ cup of boiled water and allowed to cool. Water, juice or milk can be used as a medium.

It contains completely natural ingredients that support the natural process after labor.

The manufacturing process assures that the whole spectrum method of herbal extraction is used. This ensures the bio-availability of the ingredients. It also eliminates the possibility of side effects. The natural process of complete labor can be supported using this. After childbirth, it can take about an hour to completely deliver the placenta. This process is helped by the ingredients of AfterBirth Drops.