Airx incentive Spirometer

The Airx Incentive Spirometer helps people are at increased risk of breathing problems. It lets them know much air they can inhale and it gives a visual demonstration. This product is designed for both inhalation and exhalation process when the unit if turned up and down. This product comes with a built-in gauge to adjust the resistance and works great with a mouthpiece.


Airx incentive spirometer helps people especially after undergoing a surgery. It helps to solve breathing problems and lead a normal life. People who smoke, those who have lung disease can use this product for enhancing the lung capacity and breathing.

This spirometer is disposable and a great tool to exercise the lungs. It helps to measure the volume of airflow. You can exercise your lungs to boost your lung volume by adjusting the instrument’s inhalation-sensitive ball suspended while inhaling. The flow passages vary in diameter size, influencing the effort needed to raise the suspended ball. The ball stays suspended only that much time as long as the patient maintains his or her efforts. The flow indicator dial is also adjustable and shows flow rates in mL/second.

Construction of Airx Incentive spirometer

This product contains the following: spirometer housing, a removable base plate,12″ segmented corrugated tubing with 22 mm OD and mouthpiece.

Who should buy Airx incentive spirometer?

Those having lung and breathing problems can buy this device after consulting with a health care expert. Whether you are in a pre or post-operative phase, you can seek the help of this device to perform breathing exercises.

Customer reviews: Airx incentive spirometer seems to be a popular choice among many health care specialists. In particular, I could not find many reviews about this product online except for a few positive reviews. I guess it is better to have a word with an expert before using any such device and maybe he or she can help better.

Conclusion: Airx incentive spirometer seems to be a useful tool for patients suffering from breathing problems. It helps to improve lung capacity by demonstration the airflow rates.